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On the Way Home

This world can be described as the place where those who do not know who they are come in order to find out who they are. And they will come again and again until they are willing to release what they assume to be and accept who they truly are. To be alive, without knowing who we are, is like being dead, since living involves being ourselves and aware of whom is indeed living. Ignorance and denial about who I am does not change the nature of my true identity, although it splits the mind into two parts: one who knows the truth and the other that denies or does not know it. And it is this split that all healing paths are meant to cure with the paradoxical awareness that a split mind cannot exist, although it is possible to believe that it does exist and as a result be in sheer pain or ignorance. The ego mind is an ongoing hallucination operating on many levels, yet all parts of the same bogus separated existence. Trapped in the paddock of this mirage our minds are fed with sin, guilt and fear, as they spiral through the … [Read More...]

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