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Trance and Shamanic States of Consciousness

The term trance comes from the Latin transire, which means “to go over” or to move from one state to another. Although this word is often popularly associated with unusual or altered states of consciousness, its implied conditions play a vital role for all human beings and extend in all areas of life, from shamanic journeys, meditation, dreaming, day-dreaming to watching television, reading a newspaper or doing housework. The term "shamanism" comes from saman, the Russian transliteration of a word used in Siberia, which means "somebody who sees in the darkness". In recent decades the term "shaman" has been almost universally adopted by anthropologists and mainstream culture to identify people who were previously referred to with other names, such as "medicine man, witch, wizard, magician", and hundreds of other synonyms. A shaman is a human being who, out of his will, is able to enter into an altered state of consciousness to relate with realities that are alien to ordinary human beings and use this connection to get wisdom, … [Read More...]

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