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Multidimensional Emergency

A multidimensional emergency can be described as a situation in which our ego identity and conditioned perception of reality falls apart, unveiling what exists beyond our separated reality. It is about releasing the dream of separation and waking up to a new reality, in which we retrieve hidden and denied parts of whom we are. This can either be a most blissful experience or, as it seems to be more often the case, a most devastating one. When there is a multidimensional emergency, you cannot take any physical, emotional or mental luggage with you. No matter how you are attached, whether you feel entitled to hold on or not, you cannot take your attachments with you. Do not waste time accumulating physical, emotional or mental resources and securities. Enjoy them while they are available, yet learn first of all how to release them day by day, so that you are able to manage without them. This is the training. The voyage is both collective and individual. We release the collective attachment to separation, and when we do so we … [Read More...]

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