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Full Moon in Pisces

This Full Moon, taking place exactly at 18:35 GMT on 29 August 2015, in 6° Pisces 6’, confronts us with the opportunity of reconciling two conflicting, yet most complimentary, energies (VIrgo and Pisces) into their original unity. Virgo’s perspective covers the infinitesimal realm, limited to single parts of a specific dimension, while Pisces’s perception embraces the immeasurable and multi-dimensional, with all parts being included and related to the whole. Virgo relies on competence, analysis, precision, rationality, discrimination and is concerned with the ordinary and mundane aspects of life. Pisces is idealistic, indiscriminate, apparently illogical, vague, and chaotic and is aligned with the non-ordinary and visionary realm. Reconciling Virgo and Pisces on this Full Moon involves navigating into spaces beyond the boundaries of our ordinary mind, releasing our assumptions, whatever we believe about others and ourselves. Here we open to the mystery of human consciousness, with a vigilant mind, integrating analytical … [Read More...]

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