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Beyond our Separate Reality

A typical trait of our ordinary reality is to function as a separate arbitrary configuration. This configuration holds fixed edges preventing free circulation of energy. As a result the limited amount of energy available inside this separate reality is all we can apparently rely on. On the other hand, from a multidimensional perspective, energy existing in this and other universes is basically infinite, and it is only the human separate paradigm itself that inhibits us from accessing it. The customary tendency of most human beings is to ignore major areas of vitality located in the physical body, which could potentially allow us to tap into an infinite reservoir of energies. These areas when properly invigorated could definitely assist in moving beyond the confinement of this separate reality. Yet this is rarely the case since energies from such centres are regularly poured out or kept back by our conditioned mental construct which forces us to succumb to the draining demands of our social identity. This arbitrary identity requires … [Read More...]

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