Full Moon in Aries

full moonOne of the lessons of this full moon in Aries is being totally honest regarding our feelings, especially uncomfortable ones, such as anger, rage, despair. These feelings often tend to be repressed or veiled by hypocrisy or nice spiritual quotes on forgiveness and alike.

Forgiveness is the primary way of healing, yet there is nothing as poisoning as shallow forgiveness. The first step in forgiveness is to be able to acknowledge and forgive our incapacity to forgive, our anger towards people we should theoretically forgive.

Anger is pure healing energy when it is fully accepted and directed vertically, offered to other dimensions capable of transforming it, without harming others. Many shamanic rituals serve this purpose.

The most destructive anger is repressed, denied and underground anger, which hides behind conventional good manners and apparently nice words. This anger, as it accumulates, is regularly bound to explode through wars and random acts of extreme violence.

In order to promote peace and love in the world, speaking about peace and love is useless. Have you ever heard someone talking against peace or love? All wars have always been fought in the name of peace. Anyone can talk about peace. It takes instead people with great courage and huge hearts to acknowledge and own one’s anger, without projecting it on other people.

Let’s unveil our anger on this full moon and allow it to be used as compost for the highest good.
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Photo: Temple at Selinunte, Sicily (mont.)

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Astroshamanism: Healing Voyage Through the Zodiac

This workshop focuses on clarification of your life intent and connection with your inner guidance. Participants are led in working with basic astroshamanic techniques for expanding perception and reawakening authentic purpose. The workshop includes soul retrieval, trance dance, holistic energy work and various opportunities for integrating shamanic work with ordinary reality.

The programme takes place at Casale in Lunigiana (https://www.facebook.com/CasaleInLunigiana?ref=ts&fref=ts), a shamanic healing site, in Lunigiana (Tuscany, Italy) surrounded by the Apuan mountains and inspiring expressions of nature, located on the Via Francigena (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Via_Francigena)

 It is also possible to stay one or more days longer to deepen the experience and/or work individually with Franco.

For detailed info about costs, including accommodation and board, please contact info@astroshamanism.org,

The event takes place at:
Casale in Lunigiana
Via del Piano, 17 località Merizzo
Villafranca in Lunigiana 54028 (Ms)
Tel. 0187420736 (Fisso)
Cell. 3931956931 (Erika)

The course is part of a Training in Astroshamanism and Multidimensional Awareness.

Multidimensional Awareness is based on the holistic experience that all aspects of life are intimately related and part of the same whole. According to this perspective there is no separation and we can find our sense of purpose only if we acknowledge the wider reality in which we exist. This reality also includes what lies beyond our ordinary perception and can effectively deepen the awareness of who we truly are.

Astroshamanism is a holistic system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through the integration of the basic principles of shamanism with experiential astrology, the contemporary revival of archaic mystery traditions.


bona fides1AstroshamanicHealing® Touch is a shamanic bodywork application of astroshamanism and experiential astrology. Its aim is to explore the body’s spontaneous energies of ecstasy, uncovering and directing their healing potentials with integrity and clarity of intention.

Drawing from the practices of ancient mystery schools and the astrological wisdom, Astroshamanic Touch works on the multidimensional body, through the empowering use of shamanic trance, according to clear boundaries and in alignment with planetary rhythms. The horoscope is grounded on the physical body, allowing the richness of the astrological archetype to become alive and provide pragmatic awareness of their nature

The physical body is a dynamic vortex continually relating with a multidimensional field of energy. Yet what we humanly perceive about the body is mainly the product of belief systems based on separation and the denial of our holistic nature. When we are open to release these belief systems and forms of conditioning, new and much more exciting configurations emerge. Once these are consciously and pragmatically experienced, they can be gradually integrated into everyday reality, healing the fragmented self and reconnecting it to its original source.

During our sessions and workshops we explore ways of employing the physical body to foster expanded states of consciousness, retrieve soul parts, reawaken healing talents and allow these to integrate into everyday life.

The intent is to release blocks that hinder our potentials, celebrating the sacredness of our multidimensional body in alignment with the healing flow of energy.

With deep trance bodywork, we share ways of channelling profound passions, transforming and merging them in accordance with our life purpose.
For information contact: info@astroshamanism.org , provordo@yahoo.co.uk

Sessions in AstroshamanicHealing® Touch

How do they work and how to arrange them.

Sessions typically last from one to two hours.
There are two ways to receive an individual session of AstroshamanicHealing Touch.

2) In PERSON: meeting the facilitator in the centres where they work.

A session is preceded by a preliminary exploration of the astrological chart.

The session itself starts with a brief chat aimed at clarifying the intention or issue of the client, followed by the Touch. The astrological chart is explored experientially during the practice through the responses of the body to the Touch. In the end the facilitator will discuss what emerged during the practice. The purpose is to identify what are the main areas of strength or potential, what is unbalanced or weak, finding tools for transformation and healing, allowing a deeper connection with yourself and your experience of the web of life.

AstroshamanicHealing® Touch sessions are mainly distant, via Skype, FaceTime or telephone, and do not involve direct physical touch. The client experiences a deep awareness of their body, and the feelings associated with physical contatc through the use of the astroshamanic work. For this purpose distant sessions can be more revealing and empowering than in-person sessions.

In an in-person session physical touch is voluntary and optional, with boundaries set according to what is safe for each participant, and total exclusion of sexual interaction of any kind.

Fees for a in-person or distant session are income related: Euro 60 or £ 50 (low), Euro 75 or £ 65 (medium), Euro 90 or £ 80 (high). Bursaries and concessions are available.

If you wish to arrange a session, please contact:

please contact provordo@yahoo.co.uk or info@astroshamanism.org


00011sss11_edited-2Astroshamanic Dance is a holistic system of healing based on rhythm and movement, the result of the integration of dance, music, energy work, shamanism and astrology. Its aim is acknowledging, retrieving and integrating the lost pieces of our soul as represented by the 12 zodiac signs.

Each sign has its own vibratory frequency and through dance we can align to its modalities of expression and incorporate them in our awareness. With astroshamanic dance we open to profound archetypal forces connected with stars, planets, animals, plants, minerals, spirits and whatever exists around and within us.

By physically dancing and playing these forces, we reactivate the memory of our ancient communion with them, embracing their rhythm and experiencing their healing energies.

From the astroshamanic perspective all life is a dance and since there are several aspects of life there are also many varieties of dance. There is a dance for each zodiac sign, and there is also a dance for each combination of signs, including triads and larger groupings, making patterns of dance virtually infinite.
Each living being dances a specific rhythm, which may change in the course of one day, month or year, or following a connection with other dancers and rhythms. Every time we wake up and start our day, we also begin to dance with other living beings. Some of them may be moved by the same music, others will dance to a different rhythm. We may meet ideal dance partners, while other dancers may present challenges, or teach us new steps, while we also teach ours.


TD3Astroshamanic dance also works as a superb practice for releasing blocks and grievances, which can be identified by the patterns of astrological aspects and transits. The dancers let go of emotions, feelings and thoughts through physical movement, releasing whatever they experience in that particular moment (excitement, vitality, pain, weakness, restlessness, sexual energy, craziness, etc.) until they reach a space of inner void and stillness. This is the sole environment that allows them to truly receive. Having relinquished what is in excess, dancers are ready to receive vital gifts for healing and transformation.
Various sounds and different types of music can be employed to accompany trance dance. Monotonous sounds (drumming, rattling, waves, etc.) are ideal as they do not influence, or interfere with, the experience of the dancer. Dance can also take place with no external sound at all. In this case dancers can listen to their own internal music or use their bodies as musical instruments (stamping the feet, clapping, breathing out and in, etc.).

Rhythmic or melodic sounds are very helpful when, on the contrary, the intent is to evoke or attract specific energies or experiences, and orchestrate a larger variety of frequencies derived from the archetypal forces of the zodiac signs and planets.
We have produced a series of CDs aimed at assisting astroshamanic work, such as the trance dance CDs Astroshamanic Basic Ritualand Astroshamanic Navigator (please click here for details) by Max Mattoni and Franco Santoro.


00tambourtitled-2We have also created a large astroshamanic dance library with music and sounds associated with each zodiac sign and planet, encompassing many traditions and rhythms. These sounds are combined and integrated during our astroshamanic trance dance events and workshops according to the energy of the participants, the environment, and the seasonal cycles. As a result, just like the pattern in the sky, our astroshamanic dances are always unique events, devoid of routine or repetition, and entirely aligned to the spontaneous flow of energy.
At least one astroshamanic dance is featured in all our workshops (Please click here for a calendar of our programmes).

Excerpts from an Astroshamanic Trance Dance

Excerpts from our Astroshamanic Basic Ritual CD

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORGANIZE AN ASTROSHAMANIC DANCE WORKSHOP, COURSE or ANY EVENT with FRANCO SANTORO, or wish to have more details, please contact Franco at info@astroshamanism.org