0. Foreword to the Provisional Territorial Units

0. Foreword to the Provisional Territorial Units

This planet, as we humanly perceive it, is paralleled by other planets and multidimensional realms. Our current human perception is heavily conditioned by beliefs based on separation, which prevent public and ordinary awareness of parallel worlds and universes. Such beliefs are not necessarily antagonistic and serve a specific purpose within the multidimensional awareness of existence. This planet per se is as multidimensional and connected with the web of life as anywhere else. The questions here are: Are you aware of this? Do you intend to move beyond the perception of living in a separated world? Are you open to expanding your perception and taking pragmatic steps in order to do so? And what would happen to you and the world if you did?

Before reading any further please be particularly aware that the nature of the following text is purely strategic and tactical according to the agreed implications of these terms. Strategy is meant as the art and science of ordering, combining, integrating and utilising a series of means and resources for planning, orchestrating and directing large-scale and long-range operations aimed at implementing specific intentions and results. The term comes from the Greek stratēgia (general-ship, art of commanding) and in military usage traditionally applies both to times of peace and war.

In the context of this text strategies concern an assumed and all-encompassing setting, identified here with the term Game of the Sacred Cone, or simply The Game, or Pahai Loka,[i] as these terms are covertly described in the Epic of the Sacred Cone. Strategies are therefore presupposed as Game strategies, producing extensive effects both at times and spaces of focused pursuit and apparent inactivity of the Game.

A tactic is a measure or expedient, involving the tangible utilization of resources aimed at achieving a precise operative goal within a given strategy. The term comes from the Greek taktikós (fit for arranging or ordering), which in martial usage relates to the use and deployment of troops in actual warfare. Tactics apply only to contained times and spaces of focused pursuit of the Game.

The so called Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, or Pahai Eneghe Atar, including all its viable equivalents and wide applications, constitutes the basic strategy used in this text

All information concerning the Provisional Territorial Unit (PTU), as they are provided in this text, serves a strategic and tactical purpose strictly dependent upon the perspective of the reader and their Game dynamics at a multidimensional level, whether these are conscious or not. A palpable area of strenuous endorsement within the PTU entails the promotion of Game resolutions aimed at expanding awareness and implementation of healing multidimensional intentions within the Earth Planetary System (EPS) and its tripartite configuration, with particular reference to Medium Earth.

On a more substantial and legitimate level this text is specifically designed to assist the actual Delegate and Corporate expressions of the Provisional Order (PrO), or any equivalent strategic or tactical embodiment of such institutions, in the effective inception, discernment, execution and completion of their various tasks and capabilities.

It is exceptionally complex and misleading to outline a definition of the PTU scheme of classification through the limitations of ordinary human tongues. Consequently, since the mandate of the first edition of this text firmly prescribes abstaining from any forlorn attempt at delineating the underlying implications of this scheme by means of contemporary written ordinary human languages, we will exclusively deal with the bona fide technical exposure of the strategic and tactical categorization of the PTU, including fractional references to Power Sites, Sacred Cone Inceptions, System Hierarchies and Divisions, Provisional Alphanumeric Code, etc.

This implies that all information regarding the meaning, purpose and operative applications of the PTU, the Sacred Cone and the intrinsic nature of the Provisional Order and other System Hierarchies will not be disclosed, based on the ground that such information may cause major misconstructions and misuse on the part of readers with no accredited coaching within the Delegate and Corporate expressions of the Provisional Order, or any rightful informal exemplification of such institutions.

Accidental or authorised readers of this first edition wishing to receive further details on the themes outlined in this text may contact the competent authorities, with the preliminary awareness that such authorities will in all probability withhold such information or notify the inquirers to access it through a series of extensive corporate procedures.

Nonetheless before proceeding to outline the above mentioned categorisations, we include herewith previous overt yet forlorn attempts to describe the PTU, together with functional guidelines on how to use the current text. In the appendices we despondently endeavour to outline meagre details on the nature of Power Sites, System Hierarchies, Keepers and Divisions, the Sacred Cone and its related applications and themes.

Due to the prospective and intrinsic perils of such information, as well as the entire content of this text, the editor releases responsibility for any detrimental effect caused to readers devoid of appropriate coaching within the related rightful institutions.


How to Manage this Text

Section One of the text includes an epigrammatic description of the PTU, the Duodecimal Subdivision Classification and the three Levels of System Division. This section also includes a concise abridged version of the PTU Tables, which are fully covered in Section Three.

Further and more detailed information on the PTU and its various applications and themes, such as Level of System Divisions, Power Sites, Sacred Cone Sites, Sacred Cone Gems, Sacred Cone Inceptions, System Keepers and Hierarchies, Grahic components and implants, Earth Grids, including the description of a series of techniques and practices that can be used with the PTU, are provided in Section Two.  It is sensible to examine this section in order to acquire an operational comprehension of Section Three.

Section Three is the larger and final section, featuring an expanded guide and a quick guide to the PTU Tables, the complete Tables of PTU System Division, with a chapter outlining the exemplification of the Tables of PTU Unary System Division for Continent D, also featuring the related Level 1 State System Division, and Level 2 System Division, and 12 detailed chapters, each delineating the PTU Binary and Ternary System with their corresponding Level 1 Primary and Secondary System Division (Rank 1 and 2), and Level 2 System Division.