1. Provisional Territorial Units

The Provisional Territorial Units (PTU) can be described as a geomantic healing framework encompassing the entire outer crust of the planet through progressive duodecimal subdivisions based on the combinations of the astrological signs.

The PTU set each geographical area of our planet, large or small, in organised alignment with such combinations with the aim of creating healing multidimensional connections in resonance with the three stages of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone. In this way each area is strategically meant to contribute to each stage, with all its wider integrated applications, and operate in congruent synchronization. This process also involves the operative use of the Provisional Natal Code (PNC), Provisional Alphanumeric Code (PAC) [1] and other functional ciphers.

Since ancient times the external physical crust of planet Earth has been more or less covertly used as an astrological framework for healing purposes and promoting multidimensional links. The PTU aims at tapping into this wide territorial network in order to promote the luminous functioning and development of the Sacred Cone.

The PTU scheme of classification also operates to re-activate, or activate, energise and sustain significant astroshamanic grid points consisting of power sites, gateways, anti-gravity gaps, energy vortexes, power points, magnetic anomalies, ceremonial lands and other non-ordinary zones specifically designed to uphold the multidimensional links of this planet and the diverse levels of administration of the Game of the Sacred Cone.

The Earth Planetary System comprises a vast series of interfaces, circuits and conducts managed by a wide range of grid points or stations, which are vital for the multidimensional distribution and organization of all planetary resources. Clearing some of these points from stagnant energies and corrupted intrusions is one of the main services provided by the operative application of the PTU.

The PTU outlines the arrangement of an alternative geography, a parallel interface residing between the human separate reality, or Human Arbitrary Configuration (HAC), which abides on the external crust of the planet, and the multidimensional realms located both herein and elsewhere. This healing border zone has existed since time immemorial as a strategic bardo and gateway of Game resolution. It is the alleged realm of the radiant wing of the Provisional Order and of those most unmentionable beings who abide in the highly restrictive gaps between HAC and any potential alternative configuration.

Please be particularly aware that the nature of the PTU is purely strategic and tactical according to the agreed implications of these terms. Strategy is meant as the art and science of ordering, combining, integrating and utilising a series of means and resources for planning, orchestrating and directing large-scale and long-range operations aimed at implementing specific intentions and results. The term comes from the Greek stratēgia (general-ship, art of commanding) and in military usage traditionally applies both to times of peace and war.

In the context of this text strategies concern an assumed and all-encompassing setting, identified here with the term Game of the Sacred Cone, or simply The Game, or Pahai Loka,[i] as these terms are covertly described in the Epic of the Sacred Cone. Strategies are therefore presupposed as Game strategies, producing extensive effects both at times and spaces of focused pursuit and apparent inactivity of the Game.

A tactic is a measure or expedient, involving the tangible utilization of resources aimed at achieving a precise operative goal within a given strategy. The term comes from the Greek taktikós (fit for arranging or ordering), which in martial usage relates to the use and deployment of troops in actual warfare. Tactics apply only to contained times and spaces of focused pursuit of the Game.

The so called Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, or Pahai Eneghe Atar, including all its viable equivalents and wide applications, constitutes the basic strategy used in this text

All information concerning the Provisional Territorial Unit (PTU), as they are provided in this text, serves a strategic and tactical purpose strictly dependent upon the perspective of the reader and their Game dynamics at a multidimensional level, whether these are conscious or not. A palpable area of strenuous endorsement within the PTU entails the promotion of Game resolutions aimed at expanding awareness and implementation of healing multidimensional intentions within the Earth Planetary System (EPS) and its tripartite configuration, with particular reference to Medium Earth.