10 December

index“She believed in angels, and, because she believed, they existed”

Thomas Cooper Gotch, born December 10, 1920, Sun and Moon in Sagittarius

Image: painting by Thomas Cooper Gotch


Prem Rawat (9.4.7, Saturn cjn Sun) born 10 December 1957, Indian American also known as Maharaji, and formerly as Guru Maharaj Ji and Balyogeshwar. Rawat’s teachings include a meditation practice he calls “Knowledge” and peace education based on the discovery of personal resources such as inner strength, choice, appreciation and hope. The core of Prem Rawat’s teaching is that the individual’s need for fulfillment can be satisfied by turning within to contact a constant source of peace and joy. Rather than a body of dogma, he emphasizes a direct experience of transcendence that he says is accessible through the meditation techniques he teaches.