11 August

doior-uk1 copyWe don’t batter down doors. If you keep encountering obstacles, then back up and look around, you might see another door that will open easily for you.

José Silva, born on 11 August 1914, American parapsychologist (d. 1999), author of the Silva Method, Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Gemini.

How much help you get, from higher intelligence, depends on how big your plans are. The bigger your plans are, meaning how many people will benefit, the more help you will qualify for.

May the rest of your life, be the best of your life.

Love one another means to help one another.

There is no such thing as a problem without a solution, only problems for which we do not yet have enough information to know what the solution is. When you have enough information, it is easy to solve a problem.

A spontaneous event with detrimental end results is an accident. A series of accidents tells us that we’re doing something wrong. Either we are not getting divine guidance, or we are being advised that we are going in the wrong direction. A spontaneous event with beneficial end results is a coincidence. This could be good luck, or it could be divine guidance. How can we be sure that it is divine guidance? A series of coincidences on the same subject is surely divine intervention. Nobody working on their own is lucky every time. Divine intervention is what is known as God helping without showing His hand.

All religions are good because they appear to be doing their best at enhancing the spiritual factor of the human being. The only thing that we need to watch out for is their representatives.


Other personalities born today:

Fernando Arrabal Terán, born on 11 August 1932 in Melilla, Spanish playwright, screenwriter, film director, novelist and poet.