14 April

imagesI love both her and them. I have come to understand that she is what they are. A woman accepts a man, expecting that he will change. A man takes a woman, expecting that she will never change. They are both disappointed. Yet within this very disappointment is the primal source of all new men and all new women.

Bruce Sterling, born 14 April 1954, Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo, American science fiction author

Image: by Henri Lehmann, born 14 April 1814, Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius, German painter.

Other celebrities born today:

Erich Anton Paul von Däniken (1.6.4):  born on 14 April 1935, in Switzerland, with Sun in Aries, Moon in Virgo and Ascendant in Cancer, he is a most popular best-seller author, archaeologist and anthropologist. (Pluto 12° cong. Asc. – Moon Virgo cong. Neptune) Swiss writer (Zofingen, aprile 14, 1935) His books have been translated into 32 languages, and have sold 63 million copies worldwide. His examination of ancient ruins and texts points to evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in human history, indicating that human beings are descendants of galactic pioneers. In his first book (Chariots of the Gods?), published in 1967, he claims that the “chariots” described in ancient texts were actually flying saucers belonging to extraterrestrials and that the God referred to in the Bible was an alien being. In Signs of the Gods, he deals with the Ark of the Covenant, suggesting that it was a container to hold a machine given to Moses by aliens.

Averroes (1.10)  Arab Spanish physician, philosopher and polymath (Cordoba, Spain, April 14, 1126 – December 10, 1198), The world is divided into men who have wit and no religion and men who have religion and no wit.

Victor Borisov-Musatov, (1.6) Russian painter (Saratov, Russia,  April 14, 1870 – November 8, 1905)

Ritchie Blackmore (1.2) English guitarist (Deep Purple)

Adrien Brody (1.6.6) American actor

Robert Carlyle (1.1.12) British actor

Henry Corbin (14 April 1903 – 7 October 1978) philosopher, theologian and professor of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

1709 – Charles Collé, French dramatist and songwriter (d. 1783)

1827 – Augustus Pitt Rivers, English archaeologist (d. 1900)

1868 – Peter Behrens, German architect (d. 1940)

1882 – Moritz Schlick, Austrian philosopher, (d. 1936)

1886 – Ernst Robert Curtius, Alsatian philologist (d. 1956)

1886 – Árpád Tóth, Hungarian poet (d. 1928)

1903 – Henry Corbin, French philosopher and iranologist (d. 1978)

1904 – Sir John Gielgud, English actor (d. 2000)

1924 – Shorty Rogers, American jazz musician (d. 1994)

1926 – Frank Daniel, Czech-born writer, director and teacher (d. 1996)

1926 – Liz Renay, American actress (d. 2007)

1932 – Loretta Lynn, American country musician/singer

1933 – Boris Strugatsky, Russian author

1934 – Fredric Jameson, American philosopher, cultural theorist

1950 – Péter Esterházy, Hungarian writer

1953 – David Buss, Evolutionary psychologist

1954 – Bruce Sterling, American science fiction author

1957 – Lothaire Bluteau, Canadian actor

1957 – Richard Jeni, American comedian (d. 2007)

1957 – Mikhail Pletnev, Russian pianist, conductor and composer

1958 – John D’Aquino, American actor

1960 – Brad Garrett, American actor

1965 – Kirk Windstein, American guitarist (Crowbar, Down)

1966 – André Boisclair, Quebec politician (Parti Québécois)

1969 – Martyn LeNoble, Dutch musician

1970 – Emre Altuğ, Turkish singer

1970 – Shizuka Kudō, Japanese singer

1973 – David Miller, American tenor (Il Divo)

1975 – Avner Dorman, Israeli composer

1976 – Christian Älvestam, Swedish musician (Scar Symmetry)

1977 – Chandra Levy, American intern (d. 2001)

1977 – Rob McElhenney, American actor

1980 – Win Butler, American/Canadian musician (Arcade Fire)

1980 – Kieran Mahon, British musician (The Cooper Temple Clause)


ACIM: 104. I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

Saints: Feria

Gospel of Thomas: (96) Jesus said, “The kingdom of the father is like a certain woman. She took a little leaven, concealed it in some dough, and made it into large loaves. Let him who has ears hear.”

Concise Epitome: 10.4 O venerabili fratelli, mai giocato in questa guisa abbiamo.