15 January

Saints: Feria (RC); Macarius of Egypt, Paul the Hermit, San Mauro, San Diego.

15 January: Saint Remigius, bishop – Optional Memorial (France), Bishop of Reims and Apostle of the Franks, (c. 437 – 533). On 25 December 496 he baptised Clovis I, King of the Franks, leading to the conversion of the entire Frankish people to Catholic Christianity.

ACIM: 15. My thoughts are images that I have made.



Molière, (10.12.8) Sun Capricorn, Moon Pisces, Ascendant Scorpio, French playwright (15 January 1622- d. 1673)

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, (10.10.5) Sun and Moon in Capricorn, Ascendant Leo, French anarchist (15 January 1809-d. 1865)

Ivor Cutler, (10.10.10) Scottish poet (15 January 1923-d. 2006)