16 December

index“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away”

Philip Kindred Dick, born 16 December 1928, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius, Ascendant Aries, American science fiction writer)

Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982) American science fiction writer. Novelist, short story writer and essayist whose published work is almost entirely in the science fiction genre. Dick explored sociological, political and metaphysical themes in novels dominated by monopolistic corporations, authoritarian governments and altered states. In his later works Dick’s thematic focus strongly reflected his personal interest in metaphysics and theology. He often drew upon his own life experiences in addressing the nature of drug abuse, paranoia and schizophrenia, and transcendental experiences in novels such as A Scanner Darkly and VALIS
“When two people dream the same dream, it ceases to be an illusion.”
‎”Each of us assumes everyone else knows what HE is doing. They all assume we know what WE are doing. We don’t…Nothing is going on and nobody knows what it is. Nobody is concealing anything except the fact that he does not understand anything anymore and wishes he could go home.”
“For each person there is a sentence — a series of words — which has the power to destroy him … another sentence exists, another series of words, which will heal the person. If you’re lucky you will get the second; but you can be certain of getting the first: that is the way it works. On their own, without training, individuals know how to deal out the lethal sentence, but training is required to deal out the second.”


Other celebrities born today:

Margaret Mead, (9.11.10) American anthropologist (16 December 1901-d. 1978)
Noël Coward, (9.3.7; Saturn Power, Pluto Vessel) (16 December 1899 – 26 March 1973) was an English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer, known for his wit, flamboyance,

Pierre Delanoë, (9.3.5) French songwriter and lyricist (16 December 1918-d. 2006)

Elizabeth Carter, English writer (16 December 1717-d. 1806)

Ludwig van Beethoven, (9.9.8) German composer and pianist (16 December 1770-d. 1827) Ludwig van Beethoven: born officially on 17 December 1770 with Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius and Ascendant in Scorpio, Beethoven had a western esoteric upbringing and also cultivated an interest for the oriental mysteries. His early music instructor was C.G. Neefe, a Mason involved in a branch on the Illuminati. The following inscription hung over his desk: “I am that which is. I am everything that was and is and shall be. No mortal has raised my veil. HE is himself alone, and to this Only One all things owe their existence.” Beethoven produced his famous nine symphonies and then he died. As a result, there is a superstition among musical composers that forbids the numbering of a symphony past the number 9. This number is composed of three trinities and has always been regarded as most sacred. Please find below some Beethoven’s quotes:

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”
“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, it is the wine of a new procreation, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for men and makes them drunk with the spirit.”
“Music is mediator between spiritual and sensual life.”
“Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.”

Flo Rida,(9.8) American rapper 16 December 1979

Jane Austen, (9.7.6) English writer (16 December 1775-d. 1817)
François-Adrien Boïeldieu, (9.7) French composer (16 December 1775-d. 1834)
Liv Ullmann, (9.7.5) Norwegian actress 16 December 1938
Mary Russell Mitford, English writer (16 December 1787-d. 1855)
Antonio de La Gandara, French painter (16 December 1861-d. 1917)
George Santayana, (9.12.7) Spanish philosopher and writer (16 December 1863-d. 1952)
Zoltán Kodály, (9.12) Hungarian composer (16 December 1882-d. 1967)
Olavo Bilac, Brazilian poet (16 December 1865-d. 1918)
Wassily Kandinsky, (9.1.8) Russian-born French abstract painter (16 December 1866-d. 1944) “The more frightening the world becomes … the more art becomes abstract.”
Remedios Varo 1908

Max Linder, (9.4.7) French pioneer of silent film (16 December 1883-d. 1925)
Rafael Alberti, (9.4) Spanish poet (16 December 1902-d. 1999)

V. S. Pritchett, English author and critic (16 December 1900-d. 1997)
Luisa Ranieri, (9.6) Italian actress 16 December 1973

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, English writer (16 December 1917-d. 2008)

Antonio Vega, Spanish pop singer/songwriter (16 December 1957-d. 2009)
Larry Poindexter, American actor and singer 16 December 1959
LaChanze, American singer 16 December 1961
Benjamin Bratt, (9.10.6) American actor 16 December 1963

James Mangold, (9.10) American film director and screenwriter 16 December 1963
Jeff Carson, American singer 16 December 1963
Paul Vogt, American actor and comedian 16 December 1964
Lalah Hathaway, American singer 16 December 1968
Ivana Spagna, 1956, 9.6.9
Mihai Trăistariu, Romanian singer 16 December 1979

Anna Sedokova, Ukrainian singer 16 December 1981
Frankie Ballard, American singer 16 December 1983