16 September

francoflamenco-copyWhen we lay aside our prejudices, false certainties and dogmas regarding who we are, our life fills with luminous innocence. When we admit that we don’t truly know where we are going nor where we come from, we intimately align with all living creatures. Then each breath becomes a step towards the unknown, which we take alone and together. And you can rest assured that the unknown, touched by our innocence, sooner or later, is bound to unveil itself.

Franco Santoro, born on 16 September 1958, Sun in Virgo, Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio.

The key to become who you want to be is to understand and accept who you already are.

Human beings could be defined as the keepers of a wall of separation dwelling at the threshold between dimensions longing to meet. As long as we insist being attached to the wall, these dimensions will keep on causing destruction and misery in our life. All human pain and troubles are basically due to our stubbornness in preserving this wall.

 I looked for the Truth and found nothing. I looked for nothing and found the Truth.

We are all part of a loving gestation process. We are here to empower each other to face the journey through unconditional love. This voyage involves stopping over in conditioned configurations, such as our physical reality. Yet, these are all provisional abodes, and every step through this voyage entails becoming more whole, retrieving further pieces of the soul. All human sufferance derives from lack of awareness of this process.

There are moments when you know very clearly that the priority in your life is discovering and giving birth to who you truly are, no matter what it takes. Situations of crisis are often the triggering element. The pain we experience, especially when it becomes unbearable, is the symptom of a multidimensional labour, which can either lead to birth or abortion. When we remain confined in apathy and false safety, slaves of the mechanical conventions of this separated world, we paralyse and suffocate our natural vitality. Perhaps right in this moment there is a voice within which invites you to give space to your authentic vision, making it the priority of your life, while also supporting others in doing the same.

Strictly speaking, there is no possibility of evolution for mankind as long as we continue to limit our perception to gender polarity and any other type of dualism. Issues and conflicts between polarities are the result of the amputation from our consciousness of a Third Pole. This is the linking element between the other two. It abides in the unseen world and our primary task in life is to retrieve It.

The best time to finally be who you are, respond to your deepest calling and do what you truly want, appears as the worst time to be and do what you truly want. So if now seems to be the worst time, this may be your best chance.

Ordinary reality and human life is probably the most extraordinary development of all spaces and times. It shows and proves how the greatest fantasy and absurdity can be the only reality for billions of souls. The great gift we receive from our human reality, when we are ready to accept it, is the capacity to follow its example, allowing all our fantasies, even the most absurd, to become real.

Emotions and thoughts are not who we are, they are merely emotions and thoughts, collective waves of energy moving through the web of life. They never stay as they are or hold the same intensity. They are provisional. Hence no matter how beautiful or horrible they are, they will change, with or without any effort. Just acknowledge and let them go, regardless of what they are, and you will know who you are.

A birthday is a special reminder of the credits we deserve for every day we spend in this world.
Every day is fully entitled to this acknowledgment and every birthday is also ours.
Every day we have the opportunity to be born in this and other worlds, giving birth to something more about our true self and vision.
This is for me the priority of life, together with supporting others in doing the same.
Blessings to all our birthdays!