17 June

If it is notIf it isn’t good, let it die. If it doesn’t die, make it good.

Ajahn Chah, born 17 June 1918, Thai meditation master, Sun in Gemini, Moon in Libra.

Peace is within oneself to be found in the same place as agitation and suffering. It is not found in a forest or on a hilltop, nor is it given by a teacher. Where you experience suffering, you can also find freedom from suffering. Trying to run away from suffering is actually to run toward it.

Do everything with a mind that lets go. Do not expect praise or reward.


Other personalities born today:

Starhawk, born 17 June 1951, Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, Ascendant in Virgo, American author, activist, spiritual teacher.

Magic is another word that makes people uneasy, so I use it deliberately, because words they are comfortable with, the words that sound acceptable, rational, scientific, and intellectually sound, are comfortable precisely because they are the language of estrangement.

Each being is sacred — meaning that each has inherent value that cannot be ranked in a hierarchy or compared to the value of another being.

Sexual integrity means honestly recognizing our own impulses and desires and honoring them, whether or not we choose to act on them. If we value integrity, we must also value diversity in sexual expression and orientation, recognizing that there is no one truth, or one way, that fits everyone.

Sexuality is sacred because through it we make a connection with another self — but it is misused and perverted when it becomes an arena of power-over, a means of treating another — or oneself — as an object.

On some deep cosmic level, we are all one, and within us we each contain the potential for good and for destruction, for compassion and hate, for generosity and greed. But even if I acknowledge the full range of impulses within myself, that doesn’t erase the differences between a person acting from compassion and love, and another choosing to act from hate and greed. Moreover, it doesn’t erase my responsibility to challenge a system which furthers hate and greed. If I don’t resist such a system, I am complicit in what it does. I join the perpetrators in oppressing the victims.


Alice Bailey, born 17 June 1880, Sun in Gemini, Moon in Libra, Ascendant in Leo.

The Mantram of Unification

The sons of men are one and I am one with them.
I seek to love not hate.
I seek to serve, not exact due service.
I seek to heal, not hurt.
Let pain bring just reward of light & love.
Let the soul control the outer form & life & all events
and bring to light the love
which underlies the happenings of the time.
Let vision come and insight,
let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate & outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail.
Let all men love.


Joseph of Cupertino, born on 17 June 1603, Italian saint, died 18 September 1663.