18 April

Harold Saxton Burr (1.9) (April 18, 1889 in Lowell, Massachusetts—February 17, 1973) E. K. Hunt Professor of Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine, Researcher and Teacher of Neuroanatomy and Bioelectrodynamics, known for his “electro-dynamic theory of development”.  The Universe in which we find ourselves and from which we can not be separated is a place of Law and Order. It is not an accident, nor chaos. It is organized and maintained by an Electro-dynamic Field capable of determining the position and movement of all charged particles. For nearly half a century the logical consequences of this theory have been subjected to rigorously controlled experimental conditions and met with no contradictions.

Gabriel Axel (1.5) Danish film director (Denmark, April 18, 1918), Babette’s Feast (1987)

Lucrezia Borgia (2.1.5) Sun Taurus, Moon Aries, Ascendant Leo, Florentine ruler and daughter of Pope Alexander VI (Subiaco, Italy, April 18, 1480 – June 24, 1519)

Ardito Desio (1.8.5) Italian topographer (Palmanova, Italy, April 18, 1897)

Barbara Hale (1.6) American actress  (Illinois, April 18, 1922)

Jan Kaplický (1.4) British architect of Czech origin (Prague, April  18, 1937 – 14 January 2009)

James Woods (1.12.5) American actor (Utah, April 18, 1947)

Pedro Orrente, born 18 April 1580, Sun in Aries and Moon in Pisces.

Cristina di Lagopesole, born 18 April 1942, Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Italian poet and hermit

Non so, Dio, quanto miele tu mi donasti:
certo, dalla coppa, tutto lo bevvi.
Quando ogni goccia era finita
sentii che un’ape m’era entrata in petto.
Da quel giorno mi colorai, mi spuntarono ali:
divenni aria. Mi accordai col vento, le note,
gli Splendenti. Punti luminosi e brillanti
diventarono musica, corpo inebriato, canto


ACIM: 108. To give and to receive are one in truth.

Saints: Feria.

Gospel of Thomas: (100) They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him, “Caesar’s men demand taxes from us.” He said to them, “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give God what belongs to God, and give me what is mine.”

Concise Epitome: 10.8 Wherever it is, we will process and procuret it, and in exchange copious light we will bestow (Ovunque esso sia, noi a prenderlo iremo, e in cambio tanta luce riverseremo).

Provordo: final publication of the Provordo Sagdhanatabe on 18 April 1988.