2. Duodecimal and Decimal Subdivision Classification

2. Duodecimal and Decimal Subdivision Classification

My Dear Boy, the real Earth seen from above is supposed to look like 12 pieces of skin sewed together. (Socrates)

PTU divisions are based on a duodecimal scheme of classification. Since antiquity this classification has been widespread in all cultures, and besides being used for describing outer, intermediate and inner spaces, including the measurement of the visible sky and its association with all aspects of existence represented by the 12 zodiac signs, it also constitutes the structure for time division (12 months, 12-hour clock), thus integrating third dimensional with fourth dimensional elements.

The duodecimal classification, unlike the decimal, can be divided by a larger number of basic divisors, such as the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 6. It also allows the entire structure of the Paheka Rubhe, the 144 binaries in the Epic of the Sacred Cone, to be identified.

Binary divisions comprise the 144 combinations between the Sun and the Moon position in the 12 Sectors of the traditional Sacred Cone Circle. The 12 Sectors are associated with the 12 zodiac signs and houses given in their natural order: 1 Aries, 2 Taurus, 3 Gemini, 4 Cancer, 5 Leo, 6 Virgo, 7 Libra, 8 Scorpio, 9 Sagittarius; 10 Capricorn, 11 Aquarius, 12 Pisces.

The combination is described by putting together the number of the Sun’s Sector followed by the number of the Moon’s Sector, separated by a hyphen for PTU, a point for the Provisional Natal Code (PNC), a semi-colon for Provisional Alphanumeric Code.

PTU applies only to territorial subdivisions and is unrelated to the birth data of people, states and other institutions. PNC relates to the natal information of people, states or any institutions. PAC is an alphanumeric cipher encrypted according to astrological associations (see below). Hence, a human being or sovereign state born or established with Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries has a 7.1 PNC, whereas 7-1 refers to a given PTU Region strategically representing Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, and 7:1 to words, including places, starting with the letter G or T and ending with A or N (for example: garden, Gerona, Taunton).

The binary division is the psychoactive matrix of the Human Arbitrary Configuration (HAC), and the emanation point of all the substances and devices that alter human moods, behaviour, perception, or mental functioning. In astroshamanism binaries are ingested as core psychoactive essences. Their intake is a vibratory experience occurring either through natural exposure – when the condition of the binary is spontaneously generated by the environment (for example: during the days of the related Sun-Moon combination, chance encounters with people holding a given binary code) or virtual exposure (for example, when a binary division is purposefully selected by the recipient through practices such as the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone or via a meeting with someone holding that, or a resonating, binary code).

The ternary division includes the binary division plus the zodiac sign of the Ascendant. The position of the Ascendant follows the Sun-Moon combination. For example, a human being or sovereign state born with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo with Ascendant in Leo is described with PNC 3.6.5, whereas a PTU 3-6-5 refers to a PTU Province strategically representing Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo with Ascendant in Leo. PAC 3:6:5 corresponds to any word, including places, starting with the letter C or P, ending with F or S, and having a total of 5 letters (for example: class, chief, Paris).

To sum it up, the first number is the Sun’s position, the second is the Moon’s position, and the third is the Ascendant’s position. When numbers are separated by a point it is a PNC, when they are separated by a hyphen they are PTU.

The quaternary, quinary and senary divisions extend the division to a second ternary cycle, which then moves on to a third ternary cycle with septenary, octal and nonary divisions, and so on with a fourth and final cycle.

Unary, binary and ternary divisions generally correspond to, or consider, current geopolitical administrative divisions in Medium Earth, though these are adapted according to multiples of 12, which are rarely used in Medium Earth administrative divisions. In certain circumstances geographical, historical, energetic, divinatory or other strategic options are used to define PTU divisions.

Whether ordinary administrative divisions match the PTU duodecimal division or not, both divisions are acknowledged within the PTU classification. This is in view of the notion that each level of administrative division strategically corresponds to a specific System Keeper, a strategic genius loci or Spirit Keeper of the place, representing the matrix aspect of whatever and whoever resides in a given space-time configuration.