20 March

indexPeter Caddy, born on 20 March 1917, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius, founder of the Findhorn Foundation community, died February 18, 1994. Early in his life, Peter surrendered himself to the will of God and from this gained an unshakable faith that served him and others throughout his life. He also gave himself completely and unconditionally to life, embracing it with zest, courage and delight. There was nothing otherworldly about Peter. He was a man of action who thoroughly enjoyed taking on a challenge — the greater the better. Whether serving in the wartime RAF, climbing the Himalayas in Tibet, managing a luxury hotel on spiritual principles or running a New Age community, he climbed every mountain God put in front of him. He married five times and fathered six children. As a consequence, his life reads like an adventure novel: it is a ripping good yarn, which is all the more powerful because it is true. He was not a philosopher, nor was he particularly self-reflective. He was a visionary and he believed in people, always drawing out the best in them. Everything he did was on a giant scale. Peter Caddy was killed in a car accident shortly before his 77th birthday: even his death was dramatic…

Ovid (12.1) Roman poet (Sulmona, Italy, March 20, 43 BC – AD 17/18) “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace”

Henrik Ibsen (12.2.5) Sun Pisces, Moon Taurus, Ascendant Leo, Norwegian writer (Telemark, March 20, 1828 – 23 May 1906) A Doll’s House.

Beniamino Gigli (12.12.6) Italian tenor  (Recanati, Italy, March 20, 1890 – November 30, 1957)

Edward Poynter (12.2) British painter (Paris, March 20, 1836 – 26 July 1919)

Michael Redgrave (12 7) English actor  (Bristol, England, March 20, 1908 – 21 March 1985)

William Hurt (12.1) American actor (Washington, D.C., United States,  March 20, 1950)

Carl Palmer, English drummer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) (born 20 March 1950, Handsworth, Birmingham, England)

Spike Lee (12.9) American film director (Atlanta, Georgia,  March 20, 1957)


ACIM: 79. Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

Saints: Feria

Gospel of Thomas: (71) Jesus said, “I shall destroy this house, and no one will be able to build it […].”

Concise Epitome: 9.2 “It’s not going to be that smooth there. The Game is going to be different once you are in the Darkness. (O adorabili fratelli, rettamente la presa di coscienza sorvegliate che oltre l’Ultima Frontiera il Gioco dissimile da quello che procede nelle arene è)