24 December

10885262_10152873019771041_1255179680737090145_nBeyond all consumerism or theological considerations about Christmas, its original essence is Love, God’s Love. We can all become the vehicles of God’s Love in this world. Yet, this is not a solitary enterprise. God and Love are unity, and their manifestation is feasible when we join together, acknowledging the same Love and God in each one of us.

We cannot see God with our physical eyes, yet we can see our brothers and sisters as they truly are. As we see Love in our friends, we learn to acknowledge God expressing through them, and in this way we also learn to become aware of how Love operates in us.

As we enter this holiday season, let’s allow every Christmas tree, every decoration we see in the streets, every time we wish Happy Christmas to someone, or give and receive any other form of holy wishes, to be a confirmation that Love and God abides in us, everyone and all there is.

(Franco Santoro)

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Celebrities born today:

Pietro Carnesecchi, Italian humanist (24 December 1508-d. 1567)

Adam Mickiewicz, Polish poet (24 December 1798-d. 1855)

Kit Carson, (10.5.10) American frontiersman (24 December 1809-d. 1868)

Wilhelm Marstrand, Danish painter (24 December 1810-1873)

Matthew Arnold, British poet (24 December 1822-88)

Elisabeth of Bavaria, (10.8.6) also known as Sissi, Empress of Austria (24 December 1837-d. 1898)

Lydia Koidula, Estonian poet (24 December 1843-d. 1886)

Sigrid Schauman, Finnish painter (24 December 1877-d. 1979)

Johnny Gruelle, American cartoonist, children’s book writer and creator of Raggedy Ann (24 December 1880-d. 1939)

Juan Ramón Jiménez, (10.11.7) Spanish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (24 December 1881-d. 1958)

Michael Curtiz, (10.9) Hungarian-born director (24 December 1886-d. 1962)

Harry Warren, American composer and lyricist (Chattanooga Choo Choo – I Only Have Eyes for You) (24 December 1893-d. 1981)

Ava Helen Pauling, American human rights activist (24 December 1903-d. 1981)

Fritz Leiber, (10.7) American writer (24 December 1910-d. 1992)

Herbert Reinecker, (10.1.5) German writer (24 December 1914-d. 2007)

Ava Gardner, (10.12.4) American actress (24 December 1922-d. 1990)

Lee Dorsey, American singer (24 December 1924-d. 1986)

Mary Higgins Clark, (10.10) American author 24 December 1927

Nicholas Meyer, American author 24 December 1945

Dana Gioia, American poet 24 December 1950

Diane Tell, (10.7) Quebec singer 24 December 1957

Mary Ramsey, American singer (10,000 Maniacs) 24 December 1963

Ed Miliband, (10.4) British politician 24 December 1969

Mark Millar, Scottish comic book writer 24 December 1969

Will Oldham, American singer and songwriter 24 December 1970

Giorgos Alkaios, Greek singer 24 December 1971

Stephenie Meyer, (10.10) American author 24 December 1973

Dima Bilan, Russian pop artist 24 December 1981

Robert Carmine, American singer 24 December 1982