28 December

index“To love someone is to acknowledge the goodness of who they are. Through loving a person we awaken their awareness of their own innate goodness. It is as though they cannot know how worthy they are until they look into the mirror of our love and see themselves.”

(John Gray, born on 28 December 1951, Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Capricorno, Ascendant in Taurus, American writer)


Other celebrities born today:

Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, Nobel laureate, and 34th Governor of New Jersey (28 December 1856- d. 1924)

Mortimer Adler, American philosopher (28 December  1902-d. 2001)

Billy Williams, American singer (28 December  1910-d. 1972)

Johnny Otis, American musician 28 December 1921

Stan Lee, (10.2) American comic book writer 28 December 1922

Guy Debord, (10.5.4) French writer (28 December  1931-d. 1994)

Dorsey Burnette, American singer (28 December  1932-d. 1979)

Manuel Puig, Argentine writer (28 December  1932-d. 1990)

Edgar Winter, (10.12.5) American musician 28 December 1946

Pierre Falardeau, Quebec film director 28 December 1946

Rainer Maria Latzke, 10.5 Sun Capricorn, Moon Leo, German mural artist 28 December 1950,

Twila Paris, American singer 28 December 1958

Herborg Kråkevik, Norwegian singer and actress 28 December 1973

John Legend, (10.9) Sun Capricorn, Moon Sagittarius, American musician 28 December 1978

Frank Turner, (10.8) Sun Capricorn, Moon Scorpio, English Singer-Songwriter 28 December 1981