3. Europe – Continent D

3. Europe – Continent D

  1. A) Geography and PTU System Division

This text focuses exclusively on Europe, which is one of Medium Earth’s seven continental Provisional Territorial Units (PTU), corresponding to Continent D (Hanrod D),[1] traditionally associated with the Direction of North, the Element of Air, the Heart Chakra, the Sacred Cone Prime Template, or Prime Totem Spirit, Riallah Sadoh, and its emissary Zigalah.

Continent D includes all Medium Earth’s sovereign states fully established in the western peninsula of Eurasia and its adjacent seas. Europe is divided from Asia to the east by the water divide of the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, and by the Caucasus Mountains, the Kuma-Manych Depression, and the Black Sea to the southeast. Malta, Cyprus, European Russia and European Turkey are considered part of Europe (Continent D – Hanrod). Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Asian Russia and Asian Turkey belong to Asia (Continent G – Kopailo) and are not considered part of Europe.

Unary Systems – PTU Areas

Europe is divided into 12 PTU Unary Systems, classified as PTU Areas, associated with the related Lower Earth and Higher Earth divisions, and corresponding to a Unary System Keeper, or Area System Keeper, who is a Level 3 System Keeper (3SK) with Area Rank. PTU Areas are identified with a number from 1 to 12 preceded by the letter “D”.

Each PTU Unary System, or Area, corresponds to a State in the Handorian, or Higher Earth’s, system of division and to a Realm in the Nairodnah, or Lower Earth’s, system of division. For example, Area D1 (Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City) corresponds to State D1, or State of Akirwa, and Realm D1, or Realm of Awrika, in Higher Earth and Lower Earth respectively.

Please find below a list of Continent D’s PTU Areas, with their Level 1 System, Higher and Lower Earth, zodiac sign and Totem Spirit’s references:

AREA D1 – Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City


AREA D2 – France, Monaco


AREA D3 – Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland


AREA D4 – Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain


AREA D5 – Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom


AREA D6 – Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia


AREA D7 – Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Moldova, Serbia 


AREA D8 – Germany


AREA D9 – Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine


AREA D10 – Russian Federation


AREA D11 – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden


AREA D12 – Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey



Binary Systems – PTU Regions

PTU Areas (12 unary divisions) are further subdivided in 144 PTU Binary Systems, called PTU Regions, which are numbered with binary codes from D1-1 to D12-12, and are associated with a Binary System Keeper, or Region System Keeper, who is a Level 3 System Keeper (3SK) with Region Rank.

A PTU binary division, or PTU Region, corresponds to a Nation in the Higher Earth’s system of division and to a Domain in the Lower Earth’s system of division. For example, Region D4-2, or Andalusia (Spain), corresponds to Nation D4-2, or Nation of Desankalb (Qalled), and to Land D4-2, or Domain of Blaknased (Dellaq), in Higher Earth and Lower Earth respectively.

Ternary Systems – PTU Provinces

PTU Regions (144 binary divisions) are subdivided into 1728 PTU Ternary Systems, called PTU Provinces, numbered with ternary codes from D1-1-1 to D12-12-12, and are associated with a Ternary System Keeper, or Province System Keeper, who is a Level 3 System Keeper (3SK) with Province Rank. A PTU ternary division, or PTU Province, corresponds to a Ternary Authority, Region, Trinity or Duchy in the Higher Earth’s system of division and to a Land in the Lower Earth’s system of division. For example, Province D4-6-6, or Toledo (Castilla La Mancha, Spain) corresponds to Trinity D4-6-6, or County of Darims (Junipex, Kallex), and to Land D4-2, or Land of Xamiram (Xepinuj, Xellak), in Higher Earth and Lower Earth respectively.

Quaternary Systems – PTU Districts

PTU Provinces (1728 ternary division) are subdivided in 20736 PTU Quaternary Systems, or PTU Districts, identified with quaternary codes from D1-1-1-1 to D12-12-12-12, and associated with a Quaternary System Keeper, or District System Keeper, who is a Level 3 System Keeper (3SK) with District Rank.

A PTU quaternary division, or PTU District, corresponds to a High District in the Higher Earth’s system of division and to a Borough in the Lower Earth’s system of division, though other terms are also used in both Earths to indicate quaternary divisions.

There are also PTU quinary, senary, septenary, octal, nonary, decimal, undenary and duodecimal Systems, all corresponding to related Higher Earth and Lower Earth’s parallel divisions, and System Keepers with lower ranks.

The above mentioned PTU System Division, or L3 System Division, sets each geographical area, large or small, in organised alignment with the PTU duodecimal classification. This level of System Division, which is strategically acknowledged as Level 3, constitutes a healing template aimed at integrating two other levels of System Division, representing Level 1 and Level 2.

The duodecimal system, unlike the decimal system, can be divided by a larger number of basic divisors, such as the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 6. It also allows the entire structure of the Paheka Rubhe, the 144 binaries in the Epic of the Sacred Cone, to be identified. These are also reproduced by the classic astroshamanic touch usage of the 12 phalanx of our hand (excluding the thumb whose purpose is to direct energy), which allows to count up to 144 (one hand for the unities, the other one for the dozens).

Unary, binary and ternary divisions generally correspond to, or consider, current geopolitical ordinary administrative divisions in Medium Earth (Level 1 System Division, or Human Arbitrary Configuration Jurisdiction), though these are adapted according to multiples of 12, which are rarely used in Medium Earth administrative ordinary divisions. In certain circumstances geographical, historical, energetic, divinatory or other strategic options are used to define PTU divisions.

Whether the Level 1 System division matches or not the PTU duodecimal division, both divisions are acknowledged within the PTU system. This is in view of the notion that each level of administrative division strategically corresponds to a specific genius loci, the spirit keeper of the place, representing the matrix aspect of whatever and whoever resides in a given space-time configuration.

The PTU also acknowledges the Level 2 System Division, or Provisional Order Jurisdiction, and its basic space-time configuration.

The PTU division superimposes an additional hierarchical space-time structure, which can be defined as a Level 3 System Division, aimed at facilitating Medium Earth’s tactic functions of healing interaction between Higher Earth and Lower Earth.

  1. B) Level 1 System Division:

Human Arbitrary Configuration Jurisdiction

Level 1, or L1 System Division, or HAC System Division, relates to the official ordinary geopolitical and administrative division of Medium Earth, as it is acknowledged in the Human Arbitrary Configuration (HAC). All HAC sovereign countries use a system of administrative division, which has different units according to the geopolitical structure, size or culture of the country involved.

A Level 1 sovereign country may be divided into regions or states, further subdivided into provinces or counties, and then into districts or municipalities.

Some countries have as many as four or more units of administrative divisions, for instance France is divided into 26 administrative regions, the regions are further subdivided into 100 departments, the departments are subdivided into 341 arrondissements which are, in turn, subdivided into 4032 cantons, and these cantons are then divided into 36680 communes.

Level 1 System Division change fairly often especially as regards lower divisions. Governments can change them very easily with little time and fewer repercussions. The divisions provided in this text may not be up to date and refer to what was officially operational in 2011. For the strategic implications of the PTU they will continue to remain in effect until the publication of a future, probably rather remote, edition.

Detailed information on Level 1 System Division for Europe is given in Section Three, in the chapter on the Tables of PTU System Unary Division for Continent D – Europe, and in the subsequent chapters on the Tables of  PTU System Binary and Ternary Division.

  1. C) Level 2 System Division

Provisional Order Jurisdictions

Level 2, or L2 System Division, or Provisional Order System Division, corresponds to an alternative configuration, which is here represented by the Provisional Order Jurisdiction.

The Provisional Order Jurisdictions is derived from the ProvOrdo Sagdhana Tabe approved on 2 January 1988 and their basic space-time configurations.

The supreme Provisional Order Jurisdiction for Europe (Provise Shrutimate Iuropiorde Iurizdia) is represented by the Albatta Provise Shrutimate Iuropiorda, or United Order of Europe, operated by the Alga Shrutimate Iurope Pradhan Principala, or Grand Principality of Europe. The Grand Register General of Europe resides within the Grand Register of Great Britain.

The Provisional Order Jurisdiction for Europe consists of five typologies of primary subdivision: Pradesia, Upradesia, Providia, Pradepindia, Prasupaja. Secondary subdivisions traditionally include Districts (Distria), though there are also other multi-layered and non-uniform subdivisions. Europe also includes corporate enclaves pertaining to the Provise Shrutimate Iuropiorde Muruyala, the largest of which is the territory of Switzerland

The Iurope Pratinindhe Pradhikara, or Europe Delegate Authority, consists of two High Delegacies: Dakkiniurope Pratinindha (High Delegacy of Southern Europe) and Uttariurope Pratinindha (High Delegacy of Northern Europe). It is territorially represented by the Savise Hainose Dominia Bogusas, operated by the Savise Mandehe Marekurserorda (Provisional Order of the Great Curse) with delegate enclave jurisdiction in certain areas of the administrative Province of Bologna (Italy) and other generally restricted zones in Northern and Southern Europe.

The PTU System Division superimposes an additional and more uniform hierarchical space-time structure aimed at facilitating Medium Earth’s tactic functions of healing interaction between Higher Earth and Lower Earth.

[1] The Continents are: A-1st chakra (North America), B-2nd chakra (South America), C-3rd chakra (Oceania), D-4th chakra (Europe), E-5th chakra (Africa), F-6th chakra (Itinerant Continent), G-7th chakra (Asia).