31 December

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Celebrities born today:

John Denver: (10.12.3) born on 31 December 1943 in Roswell (New Mexico), the city known for the UFO incident, with Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces and with Mars conjunct Uranus on the Ascendant in Gemini, Denver was a most successful country music singer. He was also known for his love for the environment, aviation and sport cars. The Uranus Alien Instrument pattern (Uranus conjunct Ascendant) boosted by Mars stimulated his risk taking and adventurous spirit. He died in a crash in 1997 while flying with his own airplane.

Sándor Petőfi, Hungarian poet (31 December 1823- d. 1849)

Alexander Smith, Scottish poet (31 December 1830-d. 1867)

Giovanni Pascoli, (10.7.5) Italian poet (31 December 1855-d. 1912)

Henri Matisse, (10.9.5) Sun Capricorn, Moon Sagittarius, Ascendant Leo,,French painter (31 December 1869-d. 1954) Icarus, Dance

Max Pechstein, (10.2.4) Sun Capricorn, Moon Taurus, Ascendant Cancer, German painter (31 December 1881-d. 1955)

Carl Dudley, American film director (31 December 1910-d. 1973)

Dal Stivens, Australian novelist (31 December 1911-d. 1997)

Rex Allen, American actor, singer, and songwriter (31 December 1920-d. 1999)

Siné, French cartoonist 31 December 1928

Odetta, American singer (31 December 1930-d. 2008)

Bob Shaw, Irish writer (31 December 1931-d. 1996) science fiction

Edward Bunker, American author and actor (31 December 1933-d. 2005)

Sir Anthony Hopkins, (10.9.10) Sun and Ascendant in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius, Welsh actor 31 December 1937

Mani Neumeier, German musician (Guru Guru) 31 December 1940

Sarah Miles, (10.3.6) English actress 31 December 1941

John Denver, American singer and songwriter (31 December 1943-d. 1997)

Sir Ben Kingsley, (10.12) English actor 31 December 1943

Connie Willis, American writer 31 December 1945 science fiction

Rita Lee, Brazilian Rock Star 31 December 1947

Donna Summer, (10.10.6) Sun and Moon in Capricorn, Ascendant in Virgo, American singer 31 December 1948

Joe Dallesandro American actor 31 December 1948

Susan Shwartz, American writer 31 December 1949

Alex Salmond, Scottish politician 31 December 1954

Steve Rude, American comics artist 31 December 1956 science fiction Nexus

Nicholas Sparks, American author 31 December 1965

Are Kalvø, Norwegian writer and satirist 31 December 1969

Jan Smit, Dutch singer 31 December 1985