8 August

When you realize there is something you don’t understand, then you’re generally on the right path to understanding all kinds of things.

Jostein Gaarder, born on 8 August 1952, Norwegian author (Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy), Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces.

A joker is a little fool who is different from everyone else. He’s not a club, diamond, heart, or spade. He’s not an eight or a nine, a king or a jack. He is an outsider. He is placed in the same pack as the other cards, but he doesn’t belong there. Therefore, he can be removed without anybody missing him.


Other personalities born today:

Bob Smith, born on 8 August 1879, American founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.



Holidays & Observances:

Western Christianity: Saint Dominic, priest – Memorial (RC), Dominic de Guzman (CoE), founder of the Dominican Order. Cyriacus, Hormisdas, Largus, Mary MacKillop, Smaragdus (and companions) (RC).

Eastern Orthodox: Saint Emilian of Cyzicus, bishop and Confessor (815), Venerable Gregory of Sinai (1346), Saint Myron of Crete, bishop (350), Saint Gregory of Kiev Caves, wonderworker (14th century), The twelve ascetics of Egypt, Saint Philaret of Ichalka, Ivanovo (1913).

Paganism: The Eve of the Festival of Venus was celebrated annually on this date by the ancient Romans. On this night, the goddess of love and beauty was honored and invoked with prayers, love songs, libations, and passionate lovemaking. It was also a time when sorceresses performed all forms of love magick and marriage-mate divinations.

Other Holidays: Earliest day on which Melon Day can fall, while August 14 is the latest; celebrated on the second Sunday in August. (Turkmenistan). Farmer’s Day or Nane Nane, Swahili for “8-8”. (Tanzania). Father’s Day or Bā bā Day (爸爸節), Bā Bā is Mandarin for “father” and “8-8”, or August 8. (Taiwan). Flag Day, namesday of Queen Silvia. (Sweden).