8 May


by Giovanni Battista Gaulli

You were born into a state of grace. It is impossible for you to leave it. You will die in a state of grace whether or not special words are spoken for you, or water or oil is poured upon your head. You share this blessing with the animals and all other living things. You cannot fall out of grace, nor can it be taken from you. You can ignore it. You can hold beliefs that blind you to its existence. You will still be graced but unable to perceive you own uniqueness and integrity, and blind also to other attributes with which you are automatically gifted.

Jane Roberts, born on 8 May 1929, Sun and Moon in Taurus, Ascendant in Capricorn, American author and medium.

Today is tomorrow, and present is past.
Nothing exists and everything will last.
There is no beginning, there was no end.
No depth to fall, no height to ascend.
There is only this moment, this flicker of light
That illuminates nothing, but oh! So bright!
For we are the spark that flutters in space,
Consuming an eternity of a moment’s grace.
For today is tomorrow and present and past.
Nothing exists and everything will last

Image: “St. Agnes is Received into Heaven” by Giovanni Battista Gaulli (il Baciccio), born on 8 May 1639, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer.


Gary Snyder, born on 8 May 1930, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra, Ascendant in Scorpio, American poet.

Three-fourths of philosophy and literature is the talk of people trying to convince themselves that they really like the cage they were tricked into entering.