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Casale in Lunigiana

Our programmes in Italy mainly tcasale1ake place at Casale in Lunigiana, (Merizzo, Massa, Northern Tuscany, Italy).

Il Casale in Lunigiana is a retreat centre and holistic community home, a place of direct experience and deep healing, entirely surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the Appenine, brooks, on the Via Francigena in the historical territory of Lunigiana. Il Casale is around 30 km from Cinqueterre.

How to get to Il Casale:

By car: take A15 (Autostrada della Cisa) Parma/La Spezia, exit at Pontremoli if you come from the North, or Aulla if from the South. Continue to Villafranca in Lunigiana, then to Merizzo (5,20 km). Once in Merizzo, use as reference the Church of the Archangel Michael. 50 metres after the church turn left at the little parking square then take the only path to the left. After one km you will receive our parking. See: Map

By train: you can arrive to Villafranca-Bagnone railway station with the line Milan-Livorno or La Spezia-Parma. Let us know your time of arrival and we will pick you up.

By plane: the closest airport is Pisa’s Galileo Galilei. Also the airports of Florence and Genoa are close.

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Address: Casale in Lunigiana, Ronco, località Merizzo, Villafranca in Lunigiana 54028 Massa, Italy, tel. (+39) 0187420736


Casale in Lunigiana is a point of light for everybody and All, a support for the multidimensional birth of the new Reality of Love on Earth!

It is a place of development and understanding of true life. Our environment is charged with luminous energies, which help people dissolve their fears, confusion, worries and all types of grievances, through the expression of the Heart, promoting self-trust and the reawakening of our authentic multidimensional nature of  powerful and luminous souls.

Together we are creating a large family to celebrate Sacred Life as a Divine Gift, a most Beautiful and Mysterious Game, a fantastic feast, to live in the here and now, altogether, sharing Light, Love and Joy, trusting our own divinity and the divinity of all in cocreation with Unity.

Casale in Lunigiana and its wonderful lands are filled with powerful intentions of Light and Love, operating for the benefit of the Whole. We live in harmony with an uncontaminated nature, in intimate connection with its rhythms, which we celebrate at all levels, while exploring our own creativity and luminous arts.

(Jorgos Bakalakos)


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