Aim straight at the highest target

1450040_10152047027748711_128558303_nAim straight at the highest target, get out of the smoke zone of your false limitations, open up to the flames of your heart and use fire arrows to hit the centre of your being.

The Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini. The Sun and the Moon reach their maximum distance from each other, and yet the Moon receives from the Sun the maximum amount of light. Hence, let’s get down to business… No matter how remote your greatest dream appears to be, today you can start this week with total trust that there is unlimited light for whatever you wish. In these days you can repeatedly aim at your highest targets, letting go of compromises and choosing simply and only the best. The Light supports you with the Full Moon and the Winter Solstice in two weeks.

There is no limit to the Light we can receive, because this Light is us. Its perennial flame burns in our hearts. Do not allow anything or anyone to hide this fire from your sight. Release your fears and the miserable blackmail of this corrupted world, aim straight at your highest target with fire arrows, and hit the centre of your being.

Franco Santoro

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