Akir Wayah 1-8


This nation has a large variety of landscapes, including green valleys and planes, deserts, mountains and plateaux, lakes and coasts. The capital is Attah, which hosts the main activating sites of the Sacred Cone. It is an extremely militarized and warrior nation, playing a crucial role in the Handorian Attack System. The State hero, Akir, established its main seasonal camps in North Akir Wayah. It has dominance over Sicilia and Syria.

Akirwayan Names: Attah, Apu, Alpidrah, Assiah, Anneah, Azoth, Amaranth, Adderah, Akash (sky), Abhilash (desire), Abhiruch (delighted), Adarsh (ideal), Alakh (invisible), Amaresh (immortality), Ambu (water), Animish (always alert), Anju (blessing), Ansu (sun), Anu (atom), Anugrah (kindness), Aparigrah (non possessive) Arju (desire), Arzu (wish), Ashu (quicly), Atush (supreme lord), Nandu (joyous), Nitash (cheerful), Nivesh (sky).

Journeys to Akir Wayah:
I registered my intent in the Spirit Circle and travelled to Al Kirware Proport. It was night time and the whole place was deserted. A beautiful orange moon was hanging in the sky.I met the same PDB Captain as on the previous journey and set a restore point. An Agent approached me and told me he would accompany me throughout the journey. We got into a silver hover car and began the journey to Azureyth. Leewer [the PDB Captain] as me not to speak and we travelled there in silence. It was utterly dark and I had no idea what the terrain was like we were moving through.
The destination was reached and I saw a circle of large bare trees lit up by hidden spotlights. Leewer told me all had been prepared and that I was enter the circle, state my name and intent and proceed with holding the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone. I understood the location to be called the Sacred Cone Dedication Centre.I moved into the centre of the circle and did as I had been asked. As the first stage began, first one then many kangaroos moved into the light. They were soon joined by old men in white robes with white beards and then by a mass of different human figures all wearing bright clothing. I drummed and the crowd began to dance. A large snake appeared and moved through the mass of bodies. It seemed to be an honour to be knocked over by it. I began to feel very breathless and invited the snake to help me. It came at me with speed, reared up and sank its fangs into my chest, each one puncturing a lung. A cloud of gas poured out through the holes and I experienced some kind of relief. The snake disappeared into the shadows. One of the human figures rubbed a paste into my chest.As the second stage began, the circle cleared and I was left alone with Leewer. I slipped into a powerful chant which continued until the end of the stage. We stood at opposite sides and began to run around the inside. We ran so fast that sparks were flying up off our feet. A groove in the soil was created and we sank down to about 2 metres. I felt much expanded and experienced a blissful feeling that was also painful and made me feel sick all over my body. Leewer caught me up and pulled a zip at the back of my neck. I noticed she now had my own face, complete with a healthy beard. My human skin fell away and I saw that I now wore a skin tight blue material. I had also become completely transparent.  As we began to move again the sides of the groove began to light up with millions of blue capillaries. I understood the energy being created was feeding the local landscape. When Leewer caught me up again, she disappeared inside me and I experienced a deepening of the painful bliss. I felt afraid yet heard Leewer’s voice encouraging me to endure and develop the quality of discipline through acknowledgement. I was then joined by the rest of the group. We began running around the groove skipping with joy and laughter. I felt such loving support and was grateful for the presence of such friends. Everyone apart from Franco then also disappeared inside me. Franco was joined by a number of small figures who were wearing conical hats and bright colourful clothing. They too eventually moved inside me.As the third stage began, I returned to the surface of the circle and the groove disappeared. I became restless and then saw Leewer again. She told me to be patient and to allow the quality of patience to flourish within. The crowd came back out of the shadows and one by one, touched me on the head, or brushed against me with their bodies. I felt a deep connection with them and laughed out loud with gratitude. I understood that I was The One – the one who could live the challenge of my own life. A spirit of the trees, made of bark and leaves, appeared over me, shaking a rattle. He told me I was fully entitled to the gather the strength needed for this work and feel supported with my endeavours. I moved amongst the crowd and each person I touched became luminous for a few seconds. Leewer than advised me to move out of the circle, into the surrounding landscape, to share what I was experiencing. I understood I would run all the way back to Al Kirware Proport. As I ran through the night, the darkness was total. At one point, I sensed I was standing over a deep pit which I shouted into.As I reached the Proport, Leewer came beside me and told me she would always be available as a source of support. I thanked her and we embraced. On returning to the Spirit Circle, I connected with the Guide and moved to hug the Great Tree. I offered whatever was in excess within me to the Centre and then concluded the journey. (DM)