Akiria 1-1

AkiriaHandorian References:

1-1, State of Akirwa, Nation of Akiria

Akiria, officially Akiria Pradhina, is situated in the lower Northern area of the State of Kirway, bordered on the north by Almanac and Arméil; on the south by Nelfras, Akir Wayak and Alkir.

Akiria incorporates the pristine intent of the State of Kirway and the first audacious enterprises of Akir, the State’s leader and Alparuttama Alpradhikara. Following the administrative reforms occurred at the end of Age 3. Akiria is the largest nation of the State of Akirwa.

This is an extremely undomesticated and deserted area, with minute villages and nomad caravans, honouring the pioneering and warrior spirit of the Kirway people. Another feature of the territory is the presence of strong and often bitter winds. Akiria hosts the First Command of the Handorian Inteforces System (HIS), the primary division of the Akirwa Rahn Alpunya (ARA) and the headquarters of the Akira Alkunya Akir (Akir Prime Guard).

The capital is itinerant, as well as most of the Akirian settlements mainly consisting in nomadic tribes. Akiria is divided into 12 trinities, mainly called Nomadies, and 144 squares, known as Nalcs

Code Authority Capital Population
1.1.1 Nomady of An Akiriane Horn 4,600,000
1.1.2 Adjoined Nation of Alkaidanya Alkaidayn 18,500,000
1.1.3 Nomady of Alma Aln 6,000,000
1.1.4 Nomady of Aken Aken 9,600,000
1.1.5 Nomady of Aiwarn Aiwar 9,100,000
1.1.6 Nomady of Anappia Auburn 7,600,000
1.1.7 Nomady of Algernon Algernon 4,900,000
1.1.8 Nahechoa Alasuran 4,700,000
1.1.9 Nomady of Albanelson Nelson 6,700,000
1.1.10 Nomady of Apianaltura Assumption 3,800,000
1.1.11 Acornomadia Acorn 6,800,000
1.1.12 Atalanomadia Atala 3,900,000
1.1 77,100,000
  • Nomady of An (1.1.1): it hosts the Handorian Interforces System 1st Command, the headquarters of the Akira Alkunya Akir (Akir Prime Guard) and the Seal of Akir with its Grandtemple. It consists of the capital Akiriane Horn and the squares of Amphora, Athena, Alodin, Alotsia, Arjun, Alwota, Adrakapunyan, Nomination An, Seal of Akiria, AAA, HIS Army 1st Command. The main squads are: Horns & Seals, Nominees, Amphora.
  • Adjoined Nation of Alkaidanya (1.1.2): it was previously a nation then changed into a trinity following the administrative reformation at the end of Age 3, yet keeping the official status of nation. Unlike other trinities in Akir, Alkaidanya has only two nomadic clans and all its other centres are residential. It consists of the capital, Alkaidayn, with its own capital district and the main centre in Akiria, and the 12 squares of Alkapenan Ahen, Accordion Ahen, Agrarian Atman, Alfianon Amora, Alrishan Atman, Altiberan Ahen, Almentana Ahen, Adoration Ahen, Alkaidaynan Sea, Arcadian Atman, Alrutondan Mon, Abutilon Atman. Alkaidayn, Adoration, Alfans.
  • Nomady of Alma (1.1.3): it is a relevant nomady of transit for the A1. The capital is the nomadic settlement of Alm. All its squares and centres have a nomadic nature. Aja is the mane squad.
  • Nomady of Aken (1.1.4): it contains a large variety of landscapes, including florid plains, the Archon and Alfa Deserts, and the Area of Awen. The capital is Aken, which is the second largest residential city in Akiria and the headquarter of the most popular and ancient squad in Akirwa. Other relevant squad is Aika. All its squares, with the exception of Aken and Acer, have a nomadic nature.
  • Nomady of Aiwarn (1.1.5): located in the central area of Akiria, this Nomady includes the Aiwarian Empty Area and both nomadic and residential centres. The capital is Aiwar, which is generally the default setting of the national capital of Akiria. The main squads are Aiwareh, Amura, Archa and the Akirian Pennons.
  • Nomady of Anappia (1.1.6): situated in the south-west area of Akiria, Anappia features various maritime centres, the Alatinan Duneland and the Handorian Interforce System Acquisition Area 1. The main squads are Armada, Auburn, Ajasta, Akalka, Nappas, Normans. Its hero is Akampa. Abhika (the fearless), who operates as the security guard of the Provordo Paramandira, comes from this Nomady.
  • Nomady of Algemon (1.1.7): in the south-east of the nation, it comprises the Alban Desert Area. The capital is Algernon. Its hero is Almasta.
  • Nomady of Nahechoa:  (1.1.8) one of the most outstanding trinities in the HSS, the place where Handor and Rodnah met.

Handorian Heroes: Aken, Algemon, Nain (eyes), Almasta (ecstatic), Ajasta, Akampa (unmovable), Abutilon, Aiwarn, Auburn, Ajasta, Armada, Atala, Nelson, Acorn, Nahechoa, Akiva.

Provordo Names: Abadha (free), Aban (water), Abha (light), Abhika (without fear), Aboda (innocence), Adarsha (mirror), Adeha (without form), Adima (from the beginning), Adina (the first), Advaya (unique), Agama (unattainable), Ageya (beyond song), Agenda (king of mountains), Aika (unity), Aja (sunbeam), Ajeya (unconquerable), Akalpita (impossible to imagine), Alaya (dwelling), Alima (powerful), Alka (sacred place), Amana – Aman (no mind), Amara (eternal), Amira (rich), Amiya (friend), Amla (pure), Amoda (joy), Amola (matchless), Amura (wise), Anama (nameless), Annata (eternal), Anjana (offering), Ankura (new shoot), Ansula (sun), Antima (last), Anubha (lightning), Anunaya (request), Anupa (incomparable), Apurva (unique), Aranya (forest), Archana (prayer), Arham (most compassionate), Arhana (deserving), Armaan (longing), Arohan (ascent), Arpita (gift), Arta (blessing), Arun (dawn), Arya (brave), Arzan (worthy), Asima (endless), Asmita (pride), Asra (shelter), Asupta (alert), Atandra (alert), Atula (matchless), Avaran (cover), Azima (infinite), Nadiya (river), Nadeen (ocean), Nageen (precious stone), Naman (salutation), Nandan (delight), Narman (play), Nartan (dancer), Navala (new), Navin (new), Nigama (way), Nilaya (residence), Nilima, Nipun (skillful), Nirala (unique), Nirgun (absolute), Nirvan (liberation), Nirvatan (return to the source), Niyama (discline) Nura (light), Nutan (totally new).