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Alkir is located in the central east coast area of the peninsula and constitute the Capital Nation of the State of Akirwa. The State Capital, Al Kirware, the seventh largest metropolis of the Handorian States System, spreads throughout the Bay of Al Kirware, encompassing Nike and Asier.
Alkir has dominance over Umbria, Marche and France.

Alkirian Names: Nike, Asier, Altair, Nir, Alpir, Avior, Nekkar, Adze, Ambrose, Altiger, Abir (courageous), Adar (fire), Amir (rich), Ankur (star), Antar (inner), Anwar (glorious), Arshir (straightforward), Nadir (excellent), Noor (light).

Provordo Names: Adhar (foundation), Asar (hope), Abhar (weightless), Agar (house), Ajar (always young), Ambar (sky), Anvarat (continuous), Azar (great), Nirvikar (innocence).

Journeys to Alkir:

On the approach to Al Kirware, I noticed a large area of dark skyscrapers that were smothered in a cloud of grime. The buildings although made of a clean dark glass material looked old and worn. As we moved closer to the Proport, the atmosphere changed and I could see huge parkland areas with abundant vegetation and obvious vitality.Upon arrival in Al Kirware, I saw that many of the other passengers on the Shuttle were lizard creatures – some had lizard heads whilst others were more like crocodiles. The arrival hall looked very similar to the one in Hann, yet much darker. I saw a number of African animals running through the hall, including zebra, lions and elephants. I connected with an Agent and acknowledged the Centre. I was met by a beautiful blonde woman dressed in a white gown, who introduced herself as the PDB Captain. Her left breast was exposed. I felt deeply relaxed and peaceful in her company and set a restore point. She immediately asked me what my intent was and after telling her, I was guided to the exit. As we entered a seemingly endless wide street, I noticed it was packed with many beings and creatures. A Native American looking group of people were dancing, as were a number of African tribal people. As we moved down the street, my attention was drawn to a circle of lizard beings. They were taking it in turns to run around inside the circle. They asked me to join them, which I did. After some time, I wanted to continue the journey, but the lizard beings wouldn’t let me leave the circle. They kept pushing me back in when I tried to break through their joined arms. It suddenly came to me that I had to sing and the words YA TA YAY burst from me. I saw the whole landscape ripple and shake and the air was filled with a mass of the words contained in the chant. The circle fragmented and I continued with the PDB Captain down the street.We reached a dark glass pyramid and she told me this was where I would receive guidance relating to my intent. I moved inside alone and discovered that the pyramid was filled with trees and many varieties of shrub. It was also heavily populated with a mass of different snakes. A large one approached me and asked me my intent. When I had shared it the snake told me this was the Pyramid of Sound. I was told that the trees are the keepers of the connection with the Original Sound and that I was free to eat and even gorge myself on the abundant fruits on offer. The only condition was that I must savour every mouthful.And so I ate my way through the range of fruit, pausing to focus on the taste and texture of each one. I allowed myself to enter a gentle frenzy of mastication. When I felt complete, I realised I had to go to the toilet and found my way to a place where such deposits were made. A snake informed me that the waste material was a means of replenishing the vitality of the trees and shrubs. As I made the exchange, I felt purged of toxins.I thanked the snakes and the vegetation and left the pyramid. The Captain was waiting for me outside and we headed straight back to the Proport. When we reached the departure area, she told me her name was Leewer and that I was to connect with her during the recording session later in the day. This would open a direct connection with Akirwa and allow the chants to be authentically representative of that State.