Alpaherayd 1-4

alpaherayd1STATE OF AKIRWA

This is the Southern polar opposite side of Akirwa, the Nation of Alkahepad, the venerated saint from whom the capital takes its name. Alpaherayd also includes the peninsula of Alkira, whose main town, Alkiratarford, is the official port of connection with the Domain of Pozdah.

Trinities: 1.4.1 Alpa Highland  (Alpanianhound); 1.4.2 Alkira Lowland (Alkiratarford); 1.4.3 Alkira Highland (Aiq); 1.4.4 Alkd (Alkahepad); 1.4.5 Award (Afield); 1.4.6 Accord (Acford); 1.4.7 Alphard (Alphard); 1.4.9 Alpaland (Alpahead); 1.4.9 Alaniseed (Anisward); 1.4.10 Alkashield (Alkashford); 1.4.11 Alsafeguar (Alasafegford); 1.4.12 Alpa Lowland (Alpan Almond).

Alpaheraydan Names: Alkahepad, Aiq, Alphard, Algad; Amod (happy), Abad (eternal), Ahlad (joy), Amardad (immortality), Amod (joy), Azad (noble), Nand (delight), Nirved (without desire), Nived (good news), Noshad (new joy), Nozad (new born); Amjad (more glorious), Asad (lion)

Epic Grahic Issues: Forced sex or energy work from invasive or antagonistic entities aimed at dominance, implantation or manipulative procreation. Root source of all most denied and pent-up grievances related to human relationships. The positive polarity takes over, taking initiative over energy exchanges and mating, with the negative being expectant and receptive, relinquishing its multidimensional power. Intense proliferation of grahic components due to consensus, programmed and unconscious acceptance of most abusive manipulation of previous natural cycle. Healed through inversion of consensus polarisation, with the negative polarity taking initiative concerning energy work, inviting the positive polarity, who requires a direct request in order to operate.