Alrafiab 1-2

alrafiab1 copySTATE OF AKIRWA

Alrafiab, formally Rafiah Pradhinah, is located in the south-west side of the peninsula, including the peninsula of Alkrob.

This is the nation of the first historical settlements and of the most ancient port town, Al Rafio, current capital, which takes its name from the national hero saint, Rafio, the hero who established the first settlements.

In the context of the Akirwa’s rough climatic scenario, Alrafiab is blessed with a mild weather and generous, abundant vegetation, which is also a feature of most of South-West Akirwa.

When the Pioneers emerged into Kirway they met all kinds of difficulties and ordeals. Once they reached the area of Alrafiab, they had the chance to rest and establish the first settlements.

Rafio is particularly famed for its drumming healing and empowering qualities for it was blessed by the Pristine Appearance of Rata Sahe Pah Sadoh, the Totem Spirit of Sector 2. Moreover, this Nation holds the keys of the mysteries regarding all primal issues on human one-to-one relationships. Hence this is the ideal place to journey for those who intend to receive no-nonsense, direct and unexpurgated guidance on the topic.

Code Authority Capital Population
1.2.1 Archduchy of Lower Alkrob Arch of Alkrob 4,600,000
1.2.2 Archduchy of Higher Alkrob Arch of Rafib 6,500,000
1.2.3 Nalparchipelago Naplar Doorknob 1,000,000
1.2.4 Arvo Ammo 5,600,000
1.2.5 Aggro Adlib 3,100,000
1.2.6 Albedo Albedo 4,600,000
1.2.7 Algenib Algenib 4,900,000
1.2.8 Nalrafib Al Rafio 7,700,000
1.2.9 Albononio Alrhubarb 5,700,000
1.2.10 Alraficalb Alcommando 3,800,000
1.2.11 Albireobodo Albireobodo 6,800,000
1.2.12 Admiral Krob Apern Ambuko 3,900,000

Alrafiaban: Arvo, Albedo, Alkrob, Aggro, Algenib, Nalrafib, Rafio, Amiro (rich).

Provordo Names: Abbinavo (always new), Achambho (struck by wonder), Adito (Sun), Advito (matchless), Ageho (with no abode), Ailanto (alone), Amano (no mind), Amito (endless), Amiyo (friend), Anado (without sound), Anandeo (lord of bliss), Acanto (without limit), Adatto (without self), Anugito (resonance), Anupamo (unique), Anurago (devotion), Anuvino (small flute), Apantho (without path), Arbindo (lotus), Aranyo (wild), Arhato (conquerer), Astho (trust), Atikramo (transcendence), Atmo (innermost), Atulyo (incomparable), Avinasho (eternal), Nado (sound), Namito (humbleness), Nandano (happiness), Nartano (dancer), Navino (new), Nayano (eyes), Nazo (gracious), Neeravo (silence), Ninado (nature music), Niravo (silence), Nirguno (beyond qualities), Nirmalo (innocence), Nirupo (without form), Nisimo (without limit), Nitamo (everlasting), Nutano (totally new).