Alsadorvam 1-12



Alasadorvam, aka Sadorvahin (1.12) is a vast archipelago situated between the Handorian Sea and the Hangar Sea. It operates as the concentration point of the Navy Task Force of the Handorian States System.

The capital is Alsador Forum, aka Sadhor, located in the homonymous islands.

Other relevant isles are Semiray, Likir, Kiruho, Montakiri, Sadorkiri, Urlapahen, Lidikir and Kirvahin (the largest).

This nation also includes a series of mobile cities as part of the Handorian Task force.

The national hero is Sadhor.

The alignment with the beings of this Nation is extremely useful in order to translate non-HAC into HAC, non-ego into ego, unity into separation. They are the custodians of the mysteries of fragmentation and adept in the art of preserving the entire DNA energetic flow through all stages of separation. They also overview the functioning of multi-dimensional immune systems.

Alasadorvam has dominance over Malta and Finland.

Alasadorvam Names: Alsador, Atum, Alzigalam, Nahim; Akam (with no desire), Anam (with no name), Anupam (unique), Arpitam (offering), Asim (boundless), Nadam (subtle sound), Nigam (with no sorrow), Nisem (infinite), Niyam (discipline),

Journeys to Alsadorvam:
Destination: ALSADORVAM island of Anthem and city of Atrium.Trinity reference: 1:12:6
On arriving at the Al Kirware Proport I met with an Agent and established an instant restore point. I was given a Cone phone by the Agent and then met the PDB Captain. I realised he was my old brother yet with a thick black moustache. I found this to be very funny. The terminal building was full of military personnel. The Captain walked me to the departure point for Alsadorvam. At the check in desk for Anthem I was asked for the password – I instinctively gave the name Franco Santoro and was permitted entry to shuttle. I sat next to another Agent on the shuttle yet was asked to remain in silence, which suited me very much.
On arrival at the city of Atrium, I was met by a PDB First Officer whose name was Kirtain. He had the same face as my younger brother and I felt instantly at ease with him. He asked me what I wanted to do on the Island. I said I wanted to tour the city [a biblical looking place with low, round houses made of a sandy coloured mud] and then explore the countryside. He asked me what my intent was and without thinking, I replied that I needed to connect with the energy of The Warrior. He informed me that we would visit the Grove of the Warriors, a woodland of ancient twisted trees who were a species of tree warriors.
After a brief tour of the city we made our way out into the rural area surrounding Atrium. We soon came to a deep river gorge which was heavily forested. Kirtain led us down a narrow path to the bottom of the gorge where we moved through lush vegetation and small shrubs. I then began to notice the scenery changing, with larger trees and less ground cover. We reached a place where the trees were very old. I understood we had reached the Grove of Warriors. I asked Kirtain if I had to do anything before entering and he told me I had to remove my clothing. He said I must move into the Grove in a state of complete transparency, unashamed of my nakedness.
Once in amongst the trees, I experienced a sense of kinship with the Warriors standing all around me. There was no atmosphere of aggression, or threat; in fact, what was most apparent was that the trees were reservoirs of a deep peace that had resulted from a dedication to discipline, integrity and ruthless commitment to the neutrality of freedom. They told me I was free to connect with them at any time, from any location. Before leaving the Grove, I drank from a pure spring found amongst the roots of one of the trees.
Having joined Kirtain once more, I sang a song of gratitude to the trees, thanking them for their advice and offer of support. We made our way back to the city and I thanked Kirtain for the companionship. I felt very close to him. Back at Al Kirware Proport, I watched the latest updates on large video screens of the various battles and skirmishes taking place in the Handorian State System. I understood that many troops were constantly fighting to protect the system from various forces who wished to engineer its demise. I experienced a brief surge of anxiety when considering the challenges facing me on Earth, yet in acknowledgement of this feeling, I felt ready to respond in a way that would honour the meeting that took place in the Grove of the Warriors.
On reaching the Spirit Circle, I moved to the centre and was joined by my various Guides. We drew close together and I felt deeply connected and supported by them all. A voice then rose above us saying we must work together to end the tyranny. This was repeated over and over until the Guides and myself joined our voices as one in a cry of Kahesha Opa.