Anticipation of desire

The most powerful side of your desires, what gives them their maximum strength, is not their actual manifestation. It is the anticipation of their manifestation.

The days, hours and minutes which precede the full satisfaction of a desire are the most powerful and energetic times we can experience in life.

A desire is merely a bait, a gateway aimed at leading you to a space of infinite ecstasy, where you are always and unconditionally satisfied.

When you become aware of this, then there cannot be any dissatisfaction or delusion in your life.

Fully accept all your desires, live every moment as the anticipation of the fulfillment of your daring desires and all your desires will be always satisfied.

These are not abstract or inspirational words.

Test them! Start today.

Choose a daring desire, something that you believe you cannot afford. Be honest with yourself. A desire is a desire! You don’t need to justify or analyse it, find approval and consent. Simply consider what turns you on!

Imagine that in a few hours or minutes this desire will be fulfilled. Live the whole day with this certainty and determination.

Be very attentive… At a certain stage something will happen. You will find that desire ready for you, just in front of you. Keep your eyes open, for when this happens you can either embrace the manifestation of that desire or let it go. You can choose to fully realise it or continue to anticipate it.

In that moment the choice is up to you, and whatever you choose what counts is that you are satisfied.


Franco Santoro