Uriah Surahim
Binary 125
15-17½° Aquarius

In the Astroshamanic Binary System, Sun in Aquarius (11) and Moon in Leo (5) constitute Binary 11.5, or Binary number 125.

11.5 (Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo) integrates fixed Air and fixed Fire blending Aquarius’s humanitarian spirit, genius, independence and originality with Leo’s strength, radiance and creativity. This combination generates ardent humanitarian folks, blending detached and enlightened logic with romantic openness and abundant generosity.

The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo form an aspect of opposition (180°), combining two fixed signs opposing each other. This brings about a major magnetism between two adamant natures operating in distinct fields, which can either cause extreme tension or manifest amazing creative achievements.

Moon_fullThis is a Full Moon Binary, with the Moon being on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The Full Moon is the culmination of the intentions set on the preceding New Moon (Binary 11.11 or 10.10). The qualities of both Aquarius and Leo build up, gathering and concentrating energy aimed at prompt creative expression. The Aquarius part stresses the independent, revolutionary and uncoventional side, while the Leo element emphasises powerful and dramatic elements. In this context an intense energy flow covering a vast range of frequencies can strike, and either be released for the general highest good or directed towards specific practical achievements. For details on the Full Moon in Leo and this binary click here.

Astroshamanic Seal: a violet conic shape with a series of yellow patterns representing a galaxy being released through the cone itself.

Astroshamanic Binary Guidance: Everything and everyone is meant to be released from the realm of separation into the reality of unity, and you are the gateway.



5 February: Saint Agatha, virgin and martyr – Memorial

Thomas Merton, born on 31 January 1915, Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, American author and RC monk (d. 1968). He wrote more than 70 books on spirituality and social justice. He was a promoter of interfaith dialogue and a most inspiring being. (11.5)

The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for.
But there is greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer to a question.
You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.
Do not depend on the hope of results. You may have to face the fact that your work will be apparently worthless and even achieve no result at all, if not perhaps results opposite to what you expect. As you get used to this idea, you start more and more to concentrate not on the results, but on the value, the rightness, the truth of the work itself. You gradually struggle less and less for an idea and more and more for specific people. In the end, it is the reality of personal relationship that saves everything.
To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.
Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and a much more perfect purity of conscience.
The light of truth burns without a flicker in the depths of a house that is shaken with storms of passion and fear.
Finally I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am. That I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass myself unless I first accept myself, and if I accept myself fully in the right way, I will already have surpassed myself.



Ernst Fuchs, (11.5.3, Neptune cjn Moon) Austrian artist, born 1930, one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.

Claes Oldenburg, (11.5) Swedish-born artist, sculptor  28 January 1929, best known for his public art installations typically featuring very large replicas of everyday objects. Another theme in his work is soft sculpture versions of everyday objects. Dropped Cone.

Louis Comfort Tiffany (11.5) Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, born February 18, 1848 in New York. American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass.



Michael Apted (11.5) British director 1941, Gorky Park (1983), Amazing Grace (2006), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

Michael Cimino (11.5) American film director, born 3 February 1939, known for The Deer Hunter.

Dalila Di Lazzaro, born January 29, 1953 in Udine, Italian actress and model.

Zsa Zsa Gabor (11.5.6, Pluto cjn MC) February 6, 1917  – December 18, 2016) Hungarian-American actress and socialite. Her sisters were actresses Eva and Magda Gabor.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (11.5.1, Neptune cjn MC) born February 17, 1981, American actor.

Paolo Graziosi, born January 25, 1940 in Rimini, Italian actor.

D. W. Griffith, (11.5.9), Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo, Ascendant Sagittarius, American film director (22 January 1875-d. 1948)

Matthew Groening (born February 15, 1954) American cartoonist and television producer and writer from Portland, Oregon, best known as the creator of The Simpsons.

Marthe Keller (born 28 January 1945) Swiss actress and opera director.

Jack Lemmon, (11.5.4, Pluto cjn Asc, Uranus cjn MC) American actor and film director (1925-2001)

Lee Marvin (February 19, 1924 – August 29, 1987) American film actor.

Isabelle Nanty (11.5.7) French actress, director and screenwriter, born on January 21st 1962.

Oliver Reed (11.5.8) English actor (1938-1999)

Tom Selleck, (11.5.10) American actor, screenwriter and film producer 29 January 1945

Barbara Sukowa, (11.5.5) German actress 2 February 1950

Raffaele “Raf” Vallone (17 February 1916 – 31 October 2002) 11.5.6, two-time Academy Award-winning American actor and comedian, starring in legendary classics such as Some Like It Hot, The Apartment, Days of Wine and Roses, Irma La Douce, The Great Race, The Odd Couple, The Out-of-Towners and The China Syndrome.


Pamela Colman Smith, (11.5) British writer and occultist (1878-1951)

Hugo von Hofmannsthal (11.5) Austrian writer (1 February 1874-d. 1929)

James Joyce, Irish author (2 February 1882-d. 1941), Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, Ascendant in Capricorn.

Beauty, the splendour of truth, is a gracious presence when the imagination contemplates intensely the truth of its own being or the visible world, and the spirit which proceeds out of truth and beauty is the holy spirit of joy. These are realities and these alone give and sustain life.

There is not past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present.

I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, whether it call itself my home, my fatherland, or my church: and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or art as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defence the only arms I allow myself to use — silence, exile and cunning.

Irène Némirovsky, Ukranian novelist born 11 February 1903, Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo.

After all, people judge one another according to their own feelings. It is only the miser who sees other enticed by money, the lustful who see others obsessed by desire.

Alice Walker (11.5.9, Neptune cjn MC) born February 9, 1944, American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist, best-known for the novel The Color Purple (1982). She also wrote Meridian and The Third Life of Grange Copeland, among other works. She met Martin Luther King Jr. and was greatly influenced by Zora Neale Hurston. Walker feminism specifically included advocacy of women of color, she coined the term “womanism” to mean “Black feminism”.



Peter Allen (11.5) Australian singer and actor (1944-1992)

Peter Baumann, (11.5) German musician (Tangerine Dream) 29 January 1953.

Benjamin Biolay (11.4.4) born January 20, 1973, French singer, songwriter, musician and record producer.

Brandon Boyd (born Brandon Charles Boyd, February 15, 1976, in Van Nuys, California) lead vocalist of the alternative rock band, Incubus.

Simone Cristicchi (11.5.8) born 5 February 1977 in Rome, Italian singer and composer. He won the 57th edition of the Sanremo music festival with “Ti regalerò una rosa”.

Henri Duparc (11.5.11) French composer (21 January 1848-d. 1933).

Alex Gaudino (born Alessandro Alfonso Fortunato Gaudino, January 23, 1970) Italian DJ and record producer.

Marianne James (11.5.6) born 18 February 1962 in Montelimar, French singer, writer, actress.

Monty, born Jacques Bulostin on February 18, 1943 in Chezal-Benoît (Cher), French singer, composer and producer.

Graham Nash (born 2 February 1942) English-born singer-songwriter known for his light tenor vocals and songwriting contributions in pop group The Hollies and folk-rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and as a photography collector and photographer.

Brandy Norwood (11.5.7) born February 11, 1979, known professionally as Brandy, American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, television entertainer, actress, and film producer.

Joshua Redman, (11.5.11) American musician, 1969.

Tinashe (born February 6, 1993) American singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and former model. Her name means “God is with us”.

Daddy Yankee (born on February 3, 1977 in San Juan, Puerto Rico), Latin Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican reggaeton recording artist.

Robert Wyatt (11.5) English musician born 28 January 1945 in Bristol, founding member of the Soft Machine, born Robert Wyatt-Ellidge, 28 January 1945, in Bristol.

Nina Zilli (11.5.9) Italian singer-songwriter.


Charlène, Princess of Monaco (11.5.2) born 25 January 1978, wife of Albert II, Prince of Monaco.

Frederick II (11.5.2) January 24, 1712 – August 17, 1786, King of Prussia (1740–1786) from the Hohenzollern dynasty. In his role as a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire, he was Frederick IV (Friedrich IV.) of Brandenburg. He became known as Frederick the Great (Friedrich der Große) and was nicknamed der alte Fritz (“Old Fritz”).

Princess Mathilde (11.5.1) Duchess of Brabant, wife of the heir apparent to the Belgian throne, HRH Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant.

Oscar II (11.5.7) 21 January 1829 – 8 December 1907, born Oscar Frederik was King of Norway from 1872 until 1905 and King of Sweden from 1872 until his death.



Stephen Gaskin (11.5.8) born February 16, 1935, a counterculture hippie icon best known for his presence in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in the 1960s and for co-founding “The Farm”, a famous spiritual intentional community in Summertown, Tennessee.

Carlo Maria Martini, SJ (15 February 1927 – 31 August 2012) Italian cardinal of the Catholic Church, archbishop of Milan from 1980 to 2002 and elevated to the cardinalate in 1983.

Lynne McTaggart (11.5) born 23 January 1951, in New York City, American lecturer, journalist, author, and publisher. She is the author of six books, including The Intention Experiment and The Field. According to her author profile, she is a spokesperson “on consciousness, the new physics, and the practices of conventional and alternative medicine.” McTaggart is an anti-vaccinationist. She promotes this belief in her book What Doctors Don’t Tell You and in other publications.

Matthieu Ricard (11.5.5, Pluto cjn Asc and Moon) born on February 15, 1946 in Aix-les-Bains, Buddhist monk who resides at Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling Monastery in Nepal.


Other celebrities with 11.5:

Robert Lazar, or Bob Lazar (11.5) Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo, (born January 26, 1959, claims to have worked from 1988 until 1989 as a physicist at an area called S-4 (Sector Four), allegedly located near Groom Lake, Nevada, at the location also known as Area 51. According to Lazar, S-4 served as a hidden military location for the study and possible reverse engineering of extraterrestrial flying saucers. Lazar says he saw nine different discs there and provides details on their mode of propulsion.



11.5 - HANN copy

Map of Lhanne

Handorian References:

HSS 11-5
State of Yukal
Nation of Lhanne (aka Hanne)

Area: 25,000 sq km. Population: 29,900,000
Capital: Han City. Government: Polyarchy

Handorian Names: Lhake; Yadgar (remembrance)

The Yukal Nation of Lhanne (Hanne in previous versions) is a multidimensional island situated in the central archipelago of Yukal. It consists of the main island of Hann, the island region of Largyane, and two reserve base smaller islands (Yuj and Yun) under a joined jurisdiction with the Handorian Defense System.

The capital is Han City, one of the most astounding cities of the Handorian States System, whose motto is “You can dive in Han!”. Of particular relevance is the Hannarena, a major multidimensional theatre and Sacred Cone Game stadium.
Lhanne contributed major resources during the pristine developments of the Epic of the Sacred Cone with particular reference to its precious organic quartz. Lhanne, and in particular Han City is one of the major marketplaces for living crystals. The main square in Han City is the Lhanne Trinity Circle, a vast space consisting of three consecutive circles, of 12, 144 and 1728 units, each characterised by a large crystal and precious stone, undoubtedly the most luxurious and extravagant site in the State of Yukal.

Lhanne also hosts some of the main Handorian Squads, together with the Eleventh Contingent of the Handorian Interspace Delegate System.
The Sacred Cone and Provisional Delegate Bureau reference in Lhanne is the Provisional Commissioner based in Han City 5-2-3.

Administrative Division:
Ternary Division: The Yukal Nation of Lhanne consists of 12 Ternary Authorities and the Binary Authority of Han City. Ternary Authorities are called Regions. The Nation of Lhanne officially refused to convert the names of its Ternary Divisions in accordance to version 3, the name in use are those indicated in brackets in the table below, while those preceding the brackets are the names suggested by the State of Yukal.

Code Authority Capital Population
11.5.1 Lavesta (Avest) Aveston 400,000
11.5.2 Yconhano (Conhan) Conhan 500,000
11.5.3 Lhanloc (Hanlock) Hanlo 600,000
11.5.4 Lhankeyd (Hankey) Hank 500,000
11.5.5 Centre (incl. Capital) Han City 10,100,000
11.5.6 Ysands (Sand) Muster 4,800,000
11.5.7 Ydalarnt (Dalarn) Falhan 4,700,000
11.5.8 Largyanh (Argyan) Argy 200,000
11.5.9 Lastocki (Stock) Stockhan 2,700,000
11.5.10 Lhakex (Hake) Pirren 1,800,000
11.5.11 Yuppsy (Upps) Uppshan 1,800,000
11.5.12 Ladaubam (Daub) Dauban 1,800,000
11.5 LHANNE HAN CITY 29,900,000
Hann Flag

Lhanne’s flag

Quaternary Division: All 12 Ternary Authorities each consist of 12 Quaternary Authorities, called Provinces. The Binary Authority of Han City is divided into 12 Capital Districts.

Location: north-central Yukal
Terrain: mainly organic quartz sand plains, with precious organic gemstones (amukarite, hannachite, ukgold) layers and relevant urban areas.
Highest Point: Hanne Rock 900 m.
Gloss:  Pahai gateway

Population: 29,900,000
Density: 1196 (sq km)
Lineages: Hanne, Hardha
Languages: Handorian, Ukarian

Government: Adherence: Age 1
Executive Branch: The President of Lhanne (Chief of Nation); Prime Minister (Head of National Cabinet) elected by the population
Corporate Branch: The House of Hann
Delegate Branch: The Delegate Rector of Hann

Force Branches: Lhanne Police Corp
Defense Branch: Lhanne Defense Forces
Available Units: 10,200,000
Main Squads: Haning; Ladder; Muster Sapphire; Stock City; Hake; Northan Gems; Han Capitals, Point West (Elopen)

How to get to Lhanne:
From the Provordo Paramandira move to Sector 11.
Pass  the Graha Batrazhru and the Graha Ardhura layers, dodging Zerikardhu.
Tumble down, reaching the infamous Access to Quiumakai, enter and move directly to the QCC.
Enter the Mitsupria Portal and emerge in the Graha Ilibisi at Mitsupria Saint Coach Station, take the Zifrihar coach leading to the Mitsupria Pahai Mahamandira.
Take the shuttle to the Handorian Portal in the Sector of the current Sun’s position. Once you have reached the Handorian Portal, provide the following documents and info: valid or expired ordinary passport or identity card of any terrestrial country, Handorian Visa type W, opening sequence of the Sacred Cone, Provisional Natal Code, details on your contact in Handor.
Once beyond the Portal your task is to reach the Yukal Multidimensional Proport, in Ucar City, which replaces the R. Surahar Proport 144 in 5-12-12. Ways to reach it vary significantly depending on the time line you find yourself in.
When you have reached the Proport go to Terminal 11/5 and board Craft UK11-5-5 when announced. You need the following documents: seal of 11-5, Yukal permit, formal invitation by Lhanne Authority. This will get you to Han City Proport and may take an average of 5 minutes. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by the competent PDB Lhanne authority.

Journey to Lhanne:

As you prepare yourself to travel to Lhanne and hold your first expedition there, please be aware of the following:

You are moving into a higher 5th dimensional reality, which is downgraded to a minor 4th dimensional setting so that it can be viable for you. A minor 4th dimensional setting operates as an integration zone between 3rd dimension and 4th dimension. This means that what you experience in Lhanne is the result of a radical conversion of the Yukal State geared in accordance with the limitations of the human mind, though in your case the mind involved is a superior human mind.

I trust that you will feel fully entitled to represent a superior human mind during your visit to Lhanne. Failure to do so may cause most significant problems. Hence if you do not believe to have a superior human mind and your self-esteem is low there are two options. You can either pretend to have a superior human mind, acting as if you are totally entitled to operate as a human authority, or cancel your visit.

Whatever you will experience in Lhanne is the result of a conversion, which means that things are not happening in the way you experience them and have been adapted so that they can fit with your background HAC experience, conscious and unconscious. At the same time, as you expose yourself to Lhanne, you will take in major non-HAC elements, which will gradually allow to expand your experience in Lhanne if you proceed with further visits.

When you are in Lhanne, it is important to be aware that there is a crucial difference between HAC 3rd dimension and non-HAC 4th dimension, although as you operate in Lhanne you may not perceive such difference. Together with the six familiar 3rd dimensional directions (east, south, west, north, high, below), the 4th dimension has an operative experience of the 7th direction (the centre, or middle point). Whereas in the 3rd dimension this centre is not an actual direction for it appears fixed and not leading anywhere, in the 4th dimension the centre is an area where it is possible to move and cover the same distances you may cover if you would move north or above in an infinite universe.

The centre direction, to put it extremely rough, allows you to move through time, while simultaneously being related with the other six directions. Please be aware that you are not at all expected to master the operative understanding of this centre. All you need to do is simply be aware that there is this centre direction, even if you don’t make any sense of it. This awareness will protect you, even if you don’t appear to have the actual experience of the centre itself. On the contrary, if you strain to experience the centre, you may encounter major or even fatal problems.

Whatever and whomever you experience in Lhanne will adapt to your 4th dimensional mode, which encompasses a synthesis, as it applies to the specific space-time line you found yourself during the voyage, of your emotional state in all stages of your life, past, present and future, including the collective life of all humanity. The adherence to your Intent and Function will allow you to integrate your 4th dimensional mode, no matter what it is.

Although at the beginning you may experience some shifts regarding what you see, after a while you are invited to stabilize your vision and prevent it from changing all the time. The invitation is to remain in one single frequency for most of your voyage.

Beings in Lhanne and Handor in general comply with the above. Please be aware that beings in Lhanne, as they appear to you as a result of the conversion into lower 4th dimensional, have a ternary nature. This means that they encompass three genders: male, female and neutral. The same being can manifest into three different forms, and use them also simultaneously, though in human terms they may appear as totally different individuals.

Before the performance, you will be invited to attend a Sacred Cone Game contest in the Hannarena, which will be then followed by your performance. An agent of the Provisional Delegate Bureau (PDB) will accompany you to the arena and sit next to you during the whole contest. This agent, who may change according to circumstances, will accompany you during the whole voyage and will operate as an interpreter for you. As part of the agreement you are requested not to venture alone through Lhanne and always be with a PDB agent.

What you see and feel during the Sacred Cone Game contest will be crucial for you to report since it represents crucial information for the whole group. You are invited to ask the following to the PDB agent before the contest starts:

What typology of Sacred Cone Game are they going to play? (Hear bear in mind that there are three major typologies of Sacred Cone Game in Handor)

Is any of the following squads playing: Haning, Tudors, Han Capitals, Lenning City?

The agent may either respond to your question or not, yet take note of whatever he says or does following your question.

Please be aware that during a contest, for reasons which are too complicated to explain, you are requested to be silent, though you may say something before or after. The attention of the audience during a contest is totally drawn by what the players are doing, in a way which involves a total participation at all levels. There is no separation between players and spectators. Talking, or diverting attention from the contest can cause major troubles. As a visitor you are not requested to get as involved as the native people, yet you are asked not to interfere with them.

During the contest, depending on the typology of the Game, you may see players involved in extremely disturbing or attractive behaviours that can cause you to feel strong emotions. Whatever happens, please stay where you are until the end of the contest and be silent.

The Game will last a minimum of 5 minutes (Earth time), which in Yukal terms correspond to about 4 hours, excluding the breaks. Then you will be invited to enter the arena, where you will join all the other agents. Together you are going to offer a performance. You are meant to operate with freedom during the performance, you can play whatever you like and, I stress it again, feel totally free to do whatever you want.

All performances, including contests, start with a dive from one of the numerous Hannarena trampolines. It is a dive in the void, with players leaping in the air and then landing on the stage or field. This may be probably the most challenging and ecstatic part of your performance. The dive honours the motto of Han City: “You can dive in Han!”.

Please bear in mind that in Lhanne it is considered highly offensive, as stated previously, if you put yourself down and don’t express with freedom when you have the attention of other beings. If you are invited to perform, it is insulting not to respond to such an invitatio. As a matter of fact, this would be inconceivable, and may create serious concern. If you feel a bit embarrassed or intimidated at the very beginning, this will not create troubles. On the contrary, since it is an unusual behaviour, it may draw a lot of interest and even regarded as a most effective feature of your prologue.

The prologue is the introductory part of the performance, which does not last more than two Earth minutes and does not necessarily fit with the way you are going to operate during the performance. Therefore if you are shy and confused for the first two minutes this is fine, as long as this does not exceed two minutes.

Please be again aware that during the performance you are free to express whatever you wish, and if you decide that you want to express embarrassment, confusion, or lack of freedom this is also acceptable, as long as you freely decide to do so. What is considered an offense, which could lead you into serious trouble, is to feel that way as a result of you truly believing that you are not free or as a result of somebody else limiting you, for this will imply that there is somebody else doing so, which is a major taboo in Yukalian terms.

As said, you can be free to express whatever you wish during the performance, as long as you assume that you are free about it. The only obligation on your part is to respect the duration of the workshop (minimum 12 Earth minutes), and pay your respect to the Flag and Seal of Lhanne at the beginning and end of the performance. Paying respect to the Flag and Seal of Lhanne involves taking a moment of solemn silence standing in front of the flag and seal, followed by a few words of praise, such as “Abundant praise be to the luminous Flag of Lhanne and its sumptuous Seal!”

The Flag and Seal are prominent in every public space, yet if you don’t see them, tell your agent to allow them to emerge for you wish to pay your respect, and you will surely impressed him/her/it.

Wish you a powerful voyage, 6.8.8.

Handorian Names: Lahar (wave), Yasir (to be rich, Ar.)


map_of_swedenProvisional Territorial Units:

Pahai Lhaenn – Nation of Lhanne – Ennahl fo Noitan
Binary 125 – Uriah Surahim
15-17½° Aquarius; Gemini/Mercury.
Skandie Pradesia:Stokolme Samaya. YUKAL, Lhanne

D11-5: SWEDEN, Västmanland: Västerås (1); Norberg; Sala; Skinnskatteberg (2). STOCKHOLM: Stockholm (5); Haninge; Nykvarn; Nynäshamn; Södertälje (3); Norrtälje; Sigtuna; Vallentuna (4). DALARNA: Falun (7); Avesta; Ludvika; Smedjebacken (6); Älvdalen; Malung; Mora; Orsa (8). UPPSALA: Uppsala (9); Heby; Östhammar; Tierp (10). Gävleborg: Gävle (11); Hudiksvall; Ljusdal; Nordanstig (12).
15-17½°Aquarius; Aquarius/Leo; Gemini/Mercury.
Skandie Pradesia: Stokolme Samaya.YUKAL, Lhanne.

index11-5-1 SWEDEN, Västmanland County, Västerås

11-5-2 SWEDEN, Västmanland County, Norberg; Sala; Skinnskatteberg

11-5-3 SWEDEN, Stockholm County, Haninge; Nykvarn; Nynäshamn; Södertälje

11-5-4 SWEDEN, Stockholm County, Norrtälje; Sigtuna; Vallentuna

11-5-5 SWEDEN, Stockholm County, Stockholm, SCP

11-5-6 SWEDEN, Dalarna County, Avesta; Ludvika; Smedjebacken

11-5-7 SWEDEN, Dalarna County, Falun

11-5-8 SWEDEN, Dalarna County, Älvdalen; Malung; Mora; Orsa

11-5-9 SWEDEN, Uppsala County, Uppsala

11-5-10 SWEDEN, Uppsala County, Heby; Östhammar; Tierp

11-5-11 SWEDEN, Gävleborg County, Gävle

11-5-12 SWEDEN, Gävleborg County, Hudiksvall; Ljusdal; Nordanstig


Binary Programme 1 – Pahekarubhe 1: 11.5 –
In Quiumakai the sand is blown by the wind towards the area of Sector 11. I drink the potion and then I am carried by angels on a very high location. From there I can see myself and all my connections in the universe, including Handor and Rodnah. It is incredible to acknowledge how immense all that is. My intent is to move all through the Gate of the Sacred Cone. This is the Function. I am aware that I am part of a huge network, which I unconditionally embrace. In 11-5 whatever is unexpressed can be expressed, the capital of 11-5, Han City is a place of maximum attraction and magnetism. Its motto is: “You can dive in Han!”.

In Quiumakai c’è sabbia che viene sospinta dal vento nell’area del Settore 11. Presso l’albero del Settore 11 c’è un’energia sublime. Ieri nel rituale insieme ai miei compagni di Cerchio abbiamo chiesto la connessione tra il nostro Intento e tutte le forze che lo sostengono. Sento che il mio Intento è ora connesso. I raggi del Sole sono visibili ovunque. Dopo la pozione, che mi viene data da un gruppo di angeli, vengo trasportato in un luogo altissimo. Da qui vedo me stesso e tutte le mie connessioni nella città, nel paese, nel continente e nel globo, anche con altri pianeti e galassie, con Handor e Rodnah. E’ incredibile osservare quanta energia esiste. Il mio Intento è di portare tutto ciò attraverso la Porta del Sacro Cono, il buco della serratura a forma di cono, simile a quello che uso per entrare nel Sacro Cerchio interno. Questa è la Funzione. Vedo che tutto ciò che sento fa parte di un grande sistema. Sto operando insieme come parte di un Tutto. Riconosco questa connessione e la metto in atto. Agisco per sinergia. Questa è la via. Il sigillo è un cono con sopra una galassia. Codesta è la terra dove divampa la passione inespressa, il luogo della bellissima capitale nazionale, uno tra i siti di maggiore attrazione e irresistibile magnetismo. Quale sublime luogo è Han! Nella città campeggia lo slogan “In Han ti ci puoi tuffare!”.