AREA D3 – Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

D3AREA D3 –Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

PTU Area D3, or Area of Tudro, corresponds to the State of Tudor and the Realm of Rodur in the Handorian States System Higher Earth and in the Rodnah Ierarkordo Lower Earth’s level of unary division respectively.

PTU Area D3 includes the European territories of five sovereign states (Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland).

The Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction for PTU Area D3 includes two distinct territories and types of jurisdiction. One comprises Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and is represented by the Nederlie Jambhe Upradesia and operated by the Nederlie Sinfaile Lodia, or Nederlandse Voorloge, which is directed by the Viri Exele Nederlie Venerande Acaria (Eerwaardig Meester), and supervised by the Adarniye Pradhan Reverenda Nederlie Pravardava. The territory of Switzerland is a corporate jurisdictional enclave pertaining to the Provise Shrutimate Iuropiorde Muruyala.

Nederlie Jambhe Upradesia is divided in 4 Districts, while the Nederlie Sinfaile Lodia consists of three societies: Brusele (Brussel), Amsterde (Amsterdam), Aindove (Eindhoven), Groninge (Groningen).


Location: Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany. At mouths of three major European rivers (Rhine, Maas or Meuse, and Schelde)

Geographical Centre: 52 30 N, 5 45 E

Area: 41,543 sq km

Terrain: mostly coastal lowland and reclaimed land (polders); some hills in southeast

Elevation extremes: Highest point: Lowest point: lowest point: Zuidplaspolder -7 m, highest point: Vaalserberg 322 m

Climate: temperate; marine; cool summers and mild winters

Natural Resources: natural gas, petroleum, peat, limestone, salt, sand and gravel, arable land


Population: 16,715,999 (July 2009 est.)

Growth Rate: 0.412% (2009 est.)

Ethnic Groups: Dutch 80.7%, EU 5%, Indonesian 2.4%, Turkish 2.2%, Surinamese 2%, Moroccan 2%, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba 0.8%, other 4.8% (2008 est.)

Religions: Roman Catholic 30%, Dutch Reformed 11%, Calvinist 6%, other Protestant 3%, Muslim 5.8%, other 2.2%, none 42% (2006)

Languages: Dutch (official), Frisian (official)


Type: constitutional monarchy

Capital: Amsterdam

Administrative Division: 12 provinces (provincies, singular – provincie); Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland (Fryslan), Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, Noord-Brabant (North Brabant), Noord-Holland (North Holland), Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland (Zealand), Zuid-Holland (South Holland)

Birth Code: 23 January 1579 (the northern provinces of the Low Countries conclude the Union of Utrecht breaking with Spain; on 26 July 1581 they formally declared their independence with an Act of Abjuration; however, it was not until 30 January 1648 and the Peace of Westphalia that Spain recognized this independence)

Flag: three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and blue; similar to the flag of Luxembourg, which uses a lighter blue and is longer; the colors were those of WILLIAM I, Prince of Orange, who led the Dutch Revolt against Spanish sovereignty in the latter half of the 16th century; originally the upper band was orange, but because it tended to fade to red over time, the red shade was eventually made the permanent color; the banner is perhaps the oldest tricolor in continuous use

The Netherlands is divided into 12 administrative provinces (provincie, provincies): Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland (Fryslan), Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, Noord-Brabant (North Brabant), Noord-Holland (North Holland), Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland (Zealand), Zuid-Holland (South Holland). All provinces are divided into municipalities (gemeenten), 458 in total. The country is also subdivided in 27 water districts having authority in matters concerning water management. The creation of water boards pre-dates that of the nation itself, the first appearing in 1196.

Just outside Amersfoort intersecting motorways come very close to marking the geographical centre of the Netherlands, a wood of large, old trees surrounds an old family estate. The earliest “castle” dates back to about 1410, but this was a significant distance from the current “chateau” which dates back to 1923. The foundation stone for the Gardens of Op de Haar, which are situated in the middle of the wood, was laid in 1958. The Belgen monument (near Amersfoort), dedicated to war victims, also claims to have been erected at the geographical centre of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are part of the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction of Nederlie Pradesia.

Belgium comprises three regions: the Flemish Region (Flanders) and the Walloon Region (Wallonia) each comprise five provinces; the third region, Brussels-Capital Region, is neither a province, nor does it contain any. Together Belgium comprises 589 municipalities, which in general consist of several sub-municipalities (which were independent municipalities before a municipal restructuring in early 1977).

Belgium of the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction of Nederlie Pradesia, within the Brusele Bhime Distria, operated by the Brusele Kirte Samaya (Gemeenschap Brussel).

The geographical centre or Belgium is identified by two places: the traditional centre, marked by two grinding stones in front of the city hall, is in Ittre; a more recent centre is in Nil-Saint-Vincent-Saint-Marti, in the commune of Walhain, in the Brabant province. It is marked by a small pyramidal monument. The exact geographic figures are: 50°38’28” latitude North and 04°40’05” longitude East.

Liechtenstein is divided into 11 municipalities and is part of the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction of Austrie Providia, operated by the Austrie Neinve Prasamaya (Oesterreicher Bruderschaft).

Luxembourg is divided into 3 districts (Diekirch, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg), which are further divided into 12 cantons and then 116 communes. Twelve of the communes have city status, of which the city of Luxembourg is the largest.

Luxembourg is part of the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction of Nederlie Pradesia, within the Brusele Bhime Distria, operated by the Brusele Kirte Samaya (Gemeenschap Brussel).

Ettelbrück is located near the geographic center of Luxembourg and is a busy commercial center. Ettelbrück City Hall was designed by Luxembourg architect Sosthène Weis and was built in 1906. The State Archives building is a former military hospital (built in 1857) that later accommodated the few military forces granted to Luxembourg by the Treaty of London in 1867. The building was going to be demolished in the 1960s, but it was finally decided to move the State Archives there in 1968.

Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons, which are each divided into district, and then into municipalities. Switzerland is a corporate jurisdictional enclave pertaining to the Provise Shrutimate Iuropiorde Muruyala.

The table below provide the geopolitical content of PTU Area D3, indicating its five sovereign states (Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland) with their respective ISO-code (first column), the area in km² (second column), the estimated population (third column), the amount of Sacred Cone Basic Implants (BI) in the fourth column, the estimated number of Sacred Cone Sites (SC) in the fifth column, the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction (sixth column), and the ordinary administrative capital (seventh column). The final row includes the total and the PTU Area Capital.

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Belgium, BE 30510 10274595 34   Nederlie Brussels
Liechtenstein, LI 160 32842   Austrie Vaduz
Luxembourg, LU 2586 448569 1   Nederlie Luxembourg
Netherlands, NL 41526 16318199 50   Nederlie Amsterdam
Switzerland, CH 41290 7507000 35   Muruyala Bern
Total D3 116072 34581205 120     Brussels

The tables below provide the geopolitical content of each PTU Region of PTU Area D3, indicating their geopolitical content with references to the corresponding provinces (for Belgium and the Netherlands) and cantons (for Luxembourg and Switzerland), and their ISO-codes (first column), the area in km² (second column), the estimated population (third column), the 2009 estimate amount of Sacred Cone Basic Implants (BI) in the fourth column and of Sacred Cone Sites (SC) in the fifth column, the Provisional Order (ProvO) Secondary Jurisdiction (sixth column), the capital or administrative HQ (seventh column). The final row includes the totals for each PTU Region, the PTU Region Capital and, when applicable, the Provisional Order emanation point.

Details about the PTU Provinces of each PTU Region are also given, with the indication of the ternary division. Each PTU province also contains its corresponding ISO-code. In some cases details of Sacred Cone prime sites are provided within square brackets with the indication of the related municipality in round brackets.

REGION D3-1: Gemini/Aries, Antwerp/Antwerpen/Anvers, West Flanders, East Flanders

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
West Flanders, BE-VWV (VLG) 3125 1130040 4     Bruges
East Flanders, BE-VOV (VLG) 2991 1398253 4     Ghent
Antwerp, BE-VAN (VLG) 2867 1682683 12     Antwerp
Limburg, BE-VLI (VLG) 2414 805786 4     Hasselt
Total D3-1     24      

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Aquarius/Uranus

Duad Degree: 25-27½° Gemini

Stargate Link: 26°Gemini34’: Beta Columbae, Wezn, Columba.

The province of Atwerp is divided into three administrative arrondissements (arrondissementen in Dutch) containing 70 municipalities.

The province of Limburg is divided into three administrative arrondissements with 44 municipalities.

The Province of West Flanders is divided into 8 administrative arrondissements.

East Flanders is divided into 6 administrative districts (arrondissementen in Dutch) containing 65 municipalities.

D3-1-1 Antwerp, Antwerp: Antwerp BE-VAN

D3-1-2 Antwerp,Turnhout: Turnhout, BE-VAN

D3-1-3 Limburg, Hasselt: Hasselt BE-VLI

D3-1-4 Limburg, Maaseik: Maaseik, BE-VLI

D3-1-5 Limburg, Tongeren: Tongeren, BE-VLI

D3-1-6 East Flanders, Ghent, Eeklo, Oudenaarde BE-VOV

D3-1-7 East Flanders, Aalst, Dendermonde, Sint-Niklaas BE-VOV

D3-1-8 West Flanders, Bruges BE-VWV

D3-1-9 West Flanders, Kortrijk, Ypres BE-VWV

D3-1-10 West Flanders, Veurne, Diksmuide BE-VWV

D3-1-11 West Flanders, Ostend, BE-VWV

D3-1-12 West Flanders, Roeselare, Tielt BE-VWV


REGION D3-2: Gemini/Taurus, Hainaut, Namur, Limburg, Liège, Luxembourg

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Liège, BE-WLG (WAL) 3844 1034000     Liège
Luxembourg, BE-WLX (WAL) 4443 256004     Arlon
Hainaut, BE-WHT (WAL) 3800 1283200     Mons
Namur, BE-WNA (WAL) 3664 455863 2     Namur
Total D3-2     2     Namur

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Aquarius/Uranus

Duad Degree: 27½-30° Gemini

Stargate Link: 28°Gemini54’: Alpha Orionis, Betelgeuse, Orion. 28°Gemini41’: Alpha Ursae Minoris, Polaris, Ursa Minor.

Namur is divided into three administrative districts (arrondissements in French) containing 38 municipalities. Hainaut is divided into seven administrative districts (French: arrondissements) containing 69 municipalities.

The Province of Liège is divided into 4 administrative arrondissements and 84 municipalities. Luxembourg province is divided into five administrative districts (arrondissements in French) containing 44 municipalities. The province also covers two regions (of Wallonia, one of the three actual official regions of Belgium) : the Ardennes on the north part and the Gaume on the south part.

D3-2-1 Namur, Dinant, Philippeville, BR-WNA

D3-2-2 Namur, Namur, BE-WNA

D3-2-3 Hainaut, Ath, Mons, Mouscron, BE-WHT

D3-2-4 Hainaut, Soignies, Thuin BE-WHT

D3-2-5 Hainaut, Charleroi: Charleroi BE-WHT

D3-2-6 Hainaut, Tournai, BE-WHT

D3-2-7 Liège, Liège: Liège, BE-WLG

D3-2-8 Liège, Waremme, BE-WLG

D3-2-9 Liège, Verviers, Huy, BE-WLG

D3-2-10 Luxembourg, Bastogne, Marche-en-Famenne, BE-WLX [A: Wéris, megaliths, 4500 BC, 50° 21′ 0″ N, 5° 28′ 0″ E (Durbuy)]

D3-2-11 Luxembourg, Arlon: Arlon, BE-WLX

D3-2-12 Luxembourg, Neufchâteau, Virton, BE-WLX


REGION D3-3: Gemini/Gemini, Brussels/Bruxelles/Brussel, Flemish Vrabant, Walloon Brabant

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Brussels, BE-BRU 161 1080790 6     Brussels
Flemish Brabant, BE-VBR (VLG) 2106 1037786 8     Leuven
Walloon Brabant, BE-WBR (WAL) 1093 347423     Wavre
Total D3-3 3360 2465999 14     Brussels

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini, Mercury

Duad Degree: 0-2½° Gemini

Stargate Link: 0°Gemini 9’: Alcyone, Pleiades, Taurus. Administrative Division:

The Brussels Region is divided into 19 municipalities, including the City of Brussels.

Flemish Brabant is divided into two administrative districts (arrondissementen in Dutch) containing 65 municipalities. Walloon Brabant contains only one administrative district (arrondissement in French), the Arrondissement of Nivelles, with 27 municipalities.

D3-3-1 Brussels: (Forest/Vorst, Saint-Gilles, Uccle), BE-BRU

D3-3-2 Brussels: (Evere, Schaerbeek, Woluwe-Saint Lambert, Saint Josse, Etterbeek), BE-BRU

D3-3-3 Brussels: City of Brussels, BE-BRU

D3-3-4 Brussels: (Watermael-Boitsfort, Auderghem, Woluwe-Saint Pierre, Ixelles), BE-BRU

D3-3-5 Brussels: (Anderlecht, Jette, Ganshoren, Berchem, Koekelberg, Molenbeek), BE-BRU

D3-3-6 Walloon Brabant, Nivelles: (Waterloo, La Hulpe), BE-WBR

D3-3-7 Walloon Brabant, Nivelles: Wavre (Wavre, Rixensart and all municipalities East of Genappe, excluded), BE-WBR

D3-3-8 Walloon Brabant, Nivelles: (Nivelles, Genappe and all municipalities West of Waterloo, excluded), BE-WBR

D3-3-9 Flemish Brabant, Leuven: Leuven, BE-VBR

D3-3-10 Flemish Brabant, Leuven: (all municipalities West of Lubeek, included, and Leuven, excluded), BE-VBR

D3-3-11 Flemish Brabant, Leuven: (all municipalities East of Lubeek, excluded), BE-VBR

D3-3-12 Flemish Brabant, Halle-Vilvoorde: BE-VBR


REGION D3-4: Gemini/Cancer, Luxembourg

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Luxembourg, LU 2586 448569 2     Luxembourg
Total D3-4 2586 448569 2      

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini/Mercury

Duad Degree: 2½-5° Gemini

Luxembourg is divided into 3 districts (Diekirch, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg), which are further divided into 12 cantons and then 116 communes. Twelve of the communes have city status, of which the city of Luxembourg is the largest.

D3-4-1 Grevenmacher, Echternach, LU-G

D3-4-2 Grevenmacher, Grevenmacher, LU-G

D3-4-3 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, LU-L

D3-4-4 Grevenmacher, Remich, LU-G

D3-4-5 Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU-L

D3-4-6 Luxembourg, Capellen, LU-L

D3-4-7 Luxembourg, Mesch, LU-L

D3-4-8 Diekirch, Redange, LU-D [A: Rindschleiden, 12th CE, church, well]

D3-4-9 Diekirch, Wiltz, LU-D

D3-4-10 Diekirch, Clervaux, LU-D

D3-4-11 Diekirch, Vlanden, LU-D

D3-4-12 Diekirch, Diekirch, LU-D


REGION D3-5: Gemini/Leo, Bern – Solothurn

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Aargau, CH-AG 1404 581562     Aarau
Nidwalden, CH-NW 276 40287     Stans
Obwalden, CH-OW 491 33997     Samen
Bern, CH-BE 5959 962982     Bern
Basel City, CH-BS 37 185227     Basel
Basel Country, CH-BL 518 269145     Liestal
Lucerne, CH-LU 1493 363475     Lucerne
Solothurn, CH-SO 791 250240     Solothurn
Total D3-5          

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini/Mercury

Duad Degree: 5-7½° Gemini

Aargau is divided into 11 districts.

Basel City (Basel Stadt) consists of 3 municipalities.

Basel Country (Basel-Landschaft) is divided into 5 Bezirke and 86 municipalities.

Bern is divided into 26 districts and 398 municipalities.

Lucerne is divided into 5 districts termed Ämter and 88 municipalities.

D3-5-1 Lucerne, Lucerne (Luzern, Hochdorf), CH-LU

D3-5-2 Lucerne (Entlebuch, Sursee, Willisau), CH-LU

D3-5-3 Nidwalden, Stans, CH-NW

D3-5-4 Obwalden, Samen, CH-OW

D3-5-5 Bern, Bern (all districts north-west of Bern), CH-BE

D3-5-6 Bern, (all districts north-east and south-east of Bern, excluding Thun), CH-BE

D3-5-7 Bern, (all districts south-west of Bern, including Thun), CH-BE

D3-5-8 Solothurn, Solothurn, CH-SO

D3-5-9 Basel Country, CH-BL

D3-5-10 Basel City, CH-BS

D3-5-11 Aargau, (Brugg, Baden, Laufenberg, Rheinfelden, Zurzach), CH-AG

D3-5-12 Aargau, Aarau (Aarau, Bremgarten, Lenzburg, Kulm, Muri, Zoflingen), CH-AG


REGION D3-6: Gemini/Virgo, Geneva, Jura, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Valais, Vaud

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Geneva, CH-GE 282 438177     Geneva
Jura, CH-JU 838 69555     Délemont
Fribourg, CH-FR 1671 263241     Fribourg
Neuchâtel, CH-NE 803 169782 Neuchâtel
Valais, CH-VS 5224 298580     Sion
Vaud, CH-VD 3212 672039     Lausanne
Total D3-6  

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini/Mercury

Duad Degree: 7½-10° Gemini

Stargate Link: 9°Gemini57’: Alpha Tauri, Aldebaran, Taurus.

Fribourg is divided into 7 districts.

Geneva is divided into 46 municipalities and does not have any district.

Jura is divided into 3 districts.

Neuchâtel is divided into 6 districts.

Valais is divided into 14 districts.

Vaud is divided into 10 districts

D3-6-1 Fribourg, Fribourg (Broye, Saane, See, Sense), CH-FR

D3-6-2 Fribourg, (Glane, Greyerz, Vivisbach), CH-FR

D3-6-3 Valais, (Brig, Goms, Leuk, Oestlich Raron, Visp, Westlich Raron), CH-VS

D3-6-4 Valais, Sion (Sion, Conthey, Entremont, Hérens, Martigny, Monthey, Saint-Maurice, Sierre), CH-VS

D3-6-5 Geneva, Geneva, CH-GE

D3-6-6 Geneva, (all municipalities except Geneva), CH-GE

D3-6-7 Vaud, (Aigle, Lavraux Oron, Pays d’Enhaut, Riviera), CH-VD

D3-6-8 Vaud, Lausanne (Lausanne, Ouest-Lausannois, Morges, Nyon), CH-VD

D3-6-9 Vaud, (Broye Builly, Gros de Vaud, Jura Nord Vaudois), CH-VD

D3-6-10 Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, (Neuchâtel, Boudry), CH-NE

D3-6-11 Neuchâtel (La Chaux de Fonds, Le Locle, Val de Ruz, Val de Travers), CH-NE

D3-6-12 Jura, Délemont, CH-JU


REGION D3-7: Gemini/Libra, Appenzell, Glarus, Basel, Schaffhausen, Uri, St Gallen, Thurgau, Schwyz, Liechtenstein, Zug, Zurich

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Appenzell Inner Rhodes, CH-AI 173 15471 Appenzell
Appenzell, CH-AR 243 52564     Herisau
Glarus, CH-GL 685 38237     Glarus
LIECHTENSTEIN, LI 160 32842     Vaduz
Schaffhausen, CH-SH 298 74527 Schaffhausen
Schwyz, CH-SZ 908 141024 Schwyz
St Gallen, CH-SG 2026 463937     St Gallen
Thurgau, CH-TG 991 238316     Frauenfeld
Uri, CH-UR 1077 34989 Altdorf
Zug, CH-ZG 239 109141 Zug
Zurich, CH-ZH 1729 1307567 Zurich
Total D3-7          

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Libra/Venus

Duad Degree: 10-12½° Gemini

Stargate Link: 12°Gemini4’: Pi Orionis, Tabit, Orion.

St Gallen is subdivided

into 8 constituencies (Wahlkreise) replacing the districts (Bezirke).

Glarus is divided into 25 municipalities

Schwyz is divided into six districts and 30 municipalities

D3-7-1 St Gallen, St Gallen (St Gallen, Rheintal, Rorschach, Wil), CH-SG

D3-7-2 Appenzell, Appenzell Inner Rhodes, CH-AR, CH-AI

D3-7-3 St Gallen, (all other constituencies, excluding 3-7-1), CH-SG

D3-7-4 Glarus, CH-GL

D3-7-5 Schwyz, CH-SZ

D3-7-6 Zug, CH-ZG

D3-7-7 Zurich, Zurich, CH-ZH

D3-7-8 Zurich, CH-ZH

D3-7-9 Schaffhausen, CH-SH

D3-7-10 Thurgau, CH-TG

D3-7-11 Uri, CH-UR



REGION D3-8: Gemini/Scorpio, Grisons, Ticino,

Country Km2 Popul. BI SC ProvO Capital
Grisons, CH-GR 7105 188762     Chur
Ticino, CH-TI 2812 328580     Bellinzona
Total D3-8          

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Libra/Venus

Duad Degree: 12½-15° Gemini

Graubünden is divided into 11 districts.

Ticino is divided into 8 districts.

D3-8-1 Grisons (Inn, Landquart, Praettigau-Davos), CH-GR

D3-8-2 Grisons Chur, CH-GR

D3-8-3 Grisons (Albula, Maloja, Bernina), CH-GR

D3-8-4 Grisons (Hinter-Rhein, Moesa, Surselva), CH-GR

D3-8-5 Grisons (Plessur, Imboden)

D3-8-6 Ticino (Blenio), CH-TI

D3-8-7 Ticino (Bellinzona), CH-TI

D3-8-8 Ticino Lugano (Lugano), CH-TI

D3-8-9 Ticino (Mendrisio), CH-TI

D3-8-10 Ticino (Locarno), CH-TI

D3-8-11 Ticino (Vallemaggia), CH-TI

D3-8-12 Ticino (Leventina), CH-TI


REGION D3-9: Gemini/Sagittarius, South Holland, Zeeland

Zeeland, NL-ZE 1788 380186 Middelburg
South Holland, NL-ZH 2818 3458875 The Hague

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Libra/Venus

Duad Degree: 15-17½° Gemini

Stargate Link: 15°Gemini26’: Libra/Venus; Beta Eridani, Cursa, Eridanus.

D3-9-1 Zeeland, Middelburg (Middelburg, Borsele, Goes, Kapelle, Noord-Beveland, Reimerswaal, Veere, Vlissingen), NL-ZE

D3-9-2 Zeeland, (Hulst, Sluis, Terneuzen), NL-ZE

D3-9-3 Zeeland, (Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen), NL-ZE

D3-9-4 South Holland, The Hague/Den Haag, NL-ZH

D3-9-5 South Holland, (Rotterdam), NL-ZH [Bombing Rotterdam 14/05/1940 (900)]

D3-9-6 South Holland, (Middelharnis), NL-ZH

D3-9-7 South Holland, (Alphe a/d Rijn), NL-ZH

D3-9-8 South Holland, (Leiden), NL-ZH

D3-9-9 South Holland, (Hellesvoetsluis-Sijkernisse, Oud Bijerland), NL-ZH

D3-9-10 South Holland, (Capelle-Albasserdam, Gouda, Dordrecht-Papendrecht, Leerdam-Gorinchen), NL-ZH

D3-9-11 South Holland, (Delft, Zoetermeer-Waddinxveen), NL-ZH

D3-9-12 South Holland, (Noordwijk-Lisse-Katwijk, Wassernaar), NL-ZH


REGION D3-10: Gemini/Capricorn, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel

Friesland, NL-FR 3349 642230 Leeuwarden
Groningen, NL-GR 2336 574042 Groningen
Drenthe, NL-DR 2642 484481 Assen
Overijssel, NL-OV 3327 1113529 Zwolle
Total D3-11      

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Libra/Venus

Duad Degree: 17½-20° Gemini

Friesland consists of 31 municipalities. Groningen consists of 23 municipalities.

Drenthe is divided into 12 municipalities. Overijssel is divided into 25 municipalities.

D3-10-1 Groningen, Groningen (Groningen, Haren) (Bedum, De Marne, Grootegast, Leek, Marum, Winsum, Zuidhorn) (Appingedam, Delfzij, Eemsmond, Loppersum, Ten Boer), NL-GR

D3-10-2 Groningen, (Menterwolde, Reiderland, Scheemda, Slochteren), (Bellingvedde, Hoogezand, Pekela, Staatskanal, Veendam, Vlagtvedde, Winschoten), NL-GR

D3-10-3 Friesland, Leeurwarden (Leeurwarden, Leeuvarderadeel), (Boarnsterhim, Heerenveen, Oostellingwerf, Opsterland, Westellingwerf), NL-FR

D3-10-4 Friesland, (Terschelling Vieland), (Ameland), (Schiermonnikoog), NL-FR

D3-10-5 Friesland, (Bolswart, Gaasterlan, Framekeradel, Harlingen, Het Bildt, Monaldumadeel, NL-FR Lemsterland, Littenseradeel, Nijefurd, Skarsterlan, Sneek, Wunseradiel, Wymbritseradiel), NL-FR

D3-10-6 Friesland, (Dantumadeel, Dongeradeel, Kollumerland, Ferweradiel, Achtkarspelen), NL-FR

D3-10-7 Overijssel, (Enschede, Haaksbergen, Borne, Hengelo, Hof van Twente, Dinkelland, Losser, Oldezaal, Tubbergen), NL-OV

D3-10-8 Overijssel, (Hellendoom, Rijssen-Holten, Twenterand, Wierden), NL-OV

D3-10-9 Overijssel, (Deventer, Oolst-Wijhe, Raalte), NL-OV

D3-10-10 Overijssel, Zwolle, Kampen, Steenwijkerland, Zwartewaterland, Staphorst, Dafsen, Hardenberg, Ommen) NL-OV

D3-10-11 Drenthe, (Aa en Hunze, Noordenveld, Tynaarlo, De Wolden, Hoogeveen, Meppel, Midden-Drenthe, Westerveld, Borger-Odoorm, Coevodern, Emmen), NL-DR

D3-10-12 Drenthe, Assen, NL-DR


REGION D3-11: Gemini/Aquarius, Gelderland, Limburg, North Brabant,

Gelderland, NL-GE 4975 1975704 Arnhem
Limburg, NL-LI 2153 1131938 Maastricht
North Brabant, NL-NB 4919 2415946 Eindhoven
Total D3-10      

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Aquarius/Uranus

Duad Degree: 20-22½° Gemini

Stargate Link: 21°Gemini6’: Gamma Orionis, Bellatrix, Orion. 22°Gemini: Alpha Aurigae, Capella, Alpha Auriga.

Limburg is divided into 40 municipalities. North Brabant is divided into 40 municipalities.

Gelderland is divided into 57 municipalities. Utrecht is divided into 29 municipalities.

Zeeland is divided into 13 municipalities. South Holland is divided into 77 municipalities.

D3-11-1 North Brabant, (Alphen-Chaam, Baarle-Nassau, Breda, Etten-Leur, Zundert) (Alburg, Haaren, Hertogenbosch, Heusden, Sint-Michiel, Walwijk, Zaltbommel) , (Berneheze, Boekel, Cijk, Grave, Landert, Millen, Oss, Lith, Sint-Anthonis, Veghel), NL-NB

D3-11-2 North Brabant, Eindhoven (Eindhoven) (Asten, Cranendock, Geldrop, Gemert-Bakel, Helmond, Laarbeek), NL-NB

D3-11-3 North Brabant, (Bergen op Zoom, Halderberge, Rucphen, Steenbergen, Woensdrecht) (Bergerijk, Eersel, Heeze-Leende, Waaire, Walkenswaard), NL-NB

D3-11-4 North Brabant, (Best, Dongen, Geertruidenberg, Gilze, Goirle, Hilvarenbeek, Oirschot, Oisterwijk, Reusel-de-Mierden, Tilburg), NL-NB

D3-11-5 Limburg, (Beesel, Leudal, Maasbree, Nederweert, Roemord, Weert), NL-LI

D3-11-6 Limburg, Maastricht – South Limburg (Maastricht, Eijsden, Gulpen-Wittem, Heerlen, Landgraaf, Kerkrade, Maerssen, Margraten, Simpelveld, Vaals, Voerendaal), NL-LI

D3-11-7 Limburg, North Limburg (Arcen, Gennep, Meerlo-Wanssum, Meijel, Mook, Venray) (Horst, Kessel, Sevenum, Venlo) (Beek, Brunssum, Echt, Onderbanken, Schinnen, Sittard, Stein), NL-LI

D3-11-8 Gelderland, (Aalten, Berkelland, Oost Gerle, Oude-Ijsselstreek, Wintorsijk), (Doetlinchem, Doesburg, Duiven, Montlerland, Rijnwarden, Zevenaar), NL-GE

D3-11-9 Gelderland, Western Betuwe (Epe, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hattem, Heerde, Nijkork, Nunspeet, Oldebroek, Putten), NL-GE

D3-11-10 Gelderland, Apeldoorn, Barnevold, Brummen, Rheden, Rozendaal, Vooret Ede, Renkum, Scherpenzeel, Wageningen), NL-GE

D3-11-11 Gelderland, Arnhem, NL-GE

D3-11-12 Gelderland, Nijmegen NL-GE


REGION D3-12: Gemini/Pisces, North Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht

Utrecht, NL-UT 1386 1180039 Utrecht
North Holland, NL-NH 2670 2606584 Haarlem
Flevoland, NL-FL 1419 370656 Lelystad
Total D3-7     Amsterdam

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Aquarius/Uranus

Duad Degree: 22½-25° Gemini

Stargate Link: 24°Gemini50’: Zeta Orionis, Alnitak, Orion.

North Holland is divided into 60 municipalities (local government) plus 3 future municipalities that have been offered annexation into the province. These 60 municipalities (plus the 3 future municipalities). North Holland has various regions that, for historical or other reasons, have their own identities. Some of these regions are unofficial, ill-defined and sometimes overlapping. Others are official and are part of regional groupings artificially created for various administrative purposes. These regions are not the same as the municipalities. Flevoland consists of 6 municipalities.

D3-12-1 Flevoland, (Noordoostpolder, Urk), NL-FL

D3-12-2 Flevoland, (Almere, Dronten, Lelystad, Zeewolde), NL-FL

D3-12-3 Utrecht, (Ijsselstein, Lopik, Montfort, Nieuwegein, Oudewater, Vianen, Woerden, (Bunnik, Houten, Wijk)

D3-12-4 Utrecht, Utrecht, NL-UT [A: Utrecht Cathedral, 1254, 52° 5′ 27″ N, 5° 7′ 18″ E]

D3-12-5 Utrecht, (Amersfoort, Baarn, Bunsch, Eemnes, Leusden, Rhenen, Rensw., Soest, Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Veenendaal, Woudenberg, Zeist), NL-UT

D3-12-6 Utrecht, (Abcoude, Breukelen, De Ronde Venen, Loenen, Woerden), NL-UT

D3-12-7 North Holland, (Weesp, Wijdenmeren, Hilversum, Laren, Huizen, Bussum, Naarden, Diemen), (Beemster, Waterland, Landsmeer, Oostzan, Wormerland, Purmerend, Edam-Volendam, Schermer, Zeevang), NL-NH

D3-12-8 North Holland, Amsterdam, NL-NH

D3-12-9 North Holland, Amstelland: (Amstelveen, Ouder-Amstel, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Nes aan de Amstel, Uithoorn), (Bergen, Castricum, Helloo, Uitgeest, Heemskerk), (Wieringermeer, Wieringeen), (Den Helder, Zijpe, Anna Paulowna), NL-NH

D3-12-10 North Holland, West Friesland (Alkmaar, Andijk, Drechterland, Enkhuizen, Harenkarspel, Heerhugowaard, Hoorn, Koggenland, Langedijk, Medemblik, Niedorp, Opmeer, Schagen, Stede Broec, Wervershoof), NL-NH

D3-12-11 North Holland, Harlem (Harlem, Haarlemmermeer, Heemstede, Bloemendaal, Zandvoort, Texel), NL-NH

D3-12-12 North Holland (Texel), NL-NH