1 8 c copy1/8 – Aries/Scorpio

Binary Number: 8
Degrees: 17½-20° Aries

Aspect: Quincunx (150°)
Moon Phase: Full Moon
Handorian Reference: State of Akirwa, Nation of Akir Wayah
Binary Spirit: Kahe Harassah

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Aries (1) and Moon in Scorpio (8) constitute Binary 1.8, or Binary number 8.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio blend Cardinal Fire and Fixed Water, mixing Aries’s diurnal Martian assertive qualities with Scorpio’s intensity and nocturnal Martian features.

Powerful, passionate, forceful and charismatic, this binary has the ability to push through visions urged by a relentless drive for regeneration. It motivates most audacious pioneers, fascinated by the ardent desire to unveil the unseen and to cause deep changes.

This is the model of the shamanic warrior, walking on the edge between life and death, with the constant awareness of death tempering his being and promoting clarity of intention. Ruthless, patient, determined, resolute and impeccable in all he does, he operates with intense motivation tenaciously carrying out his healing goals.

This binary can be too intense for ordinary reality, unless its fiery and stormy passions find expression through arts, theatre, sports or any visible creative endeavour. For 1.8 life is an overt drama and when luminous dramatisation shines on its path and goals, accomplishment is guaranteed.

Aries and Scorpio are in quincunx aspect, an angle of 150°, which is five-twelfths of the 360°. This aspect tend to cause slides into parallel universes affecting what happens in everyday reality. With Aries and Scorpio the influence can be sporadic, yet rather intense and extremely passionate, causing instant arousals of fiery energies and emotions.

Qualities: charisma, commitment, courage, integrity, passion, power, regeneration, relentlessness, self-worth, sincerity, tenacity.

Grievances: cruelty, distrust, fanaticism, narcissism, vindictiveness.

The phase of Full Moon begins two days before and ends two days after exact Full Moon or opposition (180°) of Moon to Sun, hence it also encompasses the quincunx (150°) when the Sun is in Aries and the Moon in Scorpio. This is the final stage of the Full Moon leading to the next phase, the Disseminating Moon. The Full Moon is an active and highly charged moment. It represents the apex of the lunar cycle. Its function is to bring balance. The aim of the final part of the Full Moon as it moves in Scorpio, is to allow this balance to take place by deep and uncompromising release of pent-up emotions, especially in relation with the traditional themes of Scorpio, such as death, sex and whatever is hidden, known and unknown. It is essential at this stage to be aware that what is released is collective, ancestral energy, which can only be liberated if you let go of any personal identification. The ego personality cannot manage to hold this awareness and as a result constantly represses, denies or projects it. In this moment it is essential to involve the environment with your Intent and it would be ideal to practice such release with other like-minded people. Whatever happens in the visible world around you represents a reflection of the way you have dealt with your Intent. This is an invitation to be aware of what happens. The question is: “What can I do to create balance between the outer and the inner, myself and others, the Intent and the Function?”
After the Full Moon with eclipse the Moon moves into Scorpio at 16:20 GMT on 15 April till 21:44, 17 April 2014, while the Sun is in Aries.

The combination Aries/Scorpio is the model of spiritual warriors, walking on the edge, with the constant awareness of death tempering their being and giving clarity of intention. Living each day as if it were the last, they operate with intense motivation bravely carrying out all goals.

This couple can be too intense to manage in ordinary reality, yet when their stormy passions find expression through arts, or other creative and luminous endeavours, their healing force appears unlimited. Life here becomes a luminous dramatisation shining on whatever it meets.

Sun Aries and Moon Scorpio follow the apex of the Full Moon in Libra with eclipse. The aim at this stage is to find balance by releasing deep emotions, often related with Scorpio themes, such as jealousy, resentment, betrayal, sex and whatever is hidden and secret. It is essential here to be aware that what is released is collective, ancestral energy, which can only be liberated if we let go of personal identification.

Dealing with heavy emotions can be unpleasant, yet the healing work involves releasing them, without accusing anyone, including ourselves, burning them so as to bring light and warmth in the darkness. Letting go of negative emotions is a natural cycle just as our physiological functions, we only need to do the work at a suitable place and time. This lunar stage can be like an emotional laxative. It can cause some turbulence, yet later we will feel liberated.

“We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing new worlds are born. Today I know ‘THAT IS LIFE’!”

(Charlie Chaplin, born with Sun in Aries, and Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio)

Image: “Sorcieres autour du feu” by Paul Ranson, born with Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio, French painter.

Astroshamanic Seal: A vertical line with one triangle above and one below, pointing upward and downward, which is a spear, with an oblique double-cone. The vision involves a wild being emerging from a crater, yelling in rage, he raises his hands to the sky, sending out his shout of war. From the sky a spear descends, which he grabs. He flies with an eagle, reaching a sacred circle where he grounds the spear in the centre. From the centre he extracts which was pierced by the spear. It is a spiral, a galaxy, a black hole. He lifts and moves it clockwise . He masters the lower world and make it available to the middle world. The spear has two spirals, below and above, moving at high speed. This is the power operating in you, which you can use for the Intent. The Guide extracts a Graha and give it to the Wolf to eat.


Celebrities with 1.8:  


Paolo Abbate (1.8.10) born April 12, 1884 in Villa Rosa, Sicily, died in 1973, internationally renowned sculptor, museum curator of the Torrington Museum of Art, and also a teacher and author.

Fra Bartolomeo (1.8) Italian artist (Savignano di Prato, Italy, March 28, 1472 – October 6, 1517)

Marcello Dudovich, (1.8) Italian painter (1878-1962).

Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca, born 31 March 1858-1942, Italian painter.

Paul Ranson, born 29 March 1861-1909, French painter of spiritual themes



Alejandro Amenábar (born March 31, 1972) Spanish film director, screenwriter and composer of film scores, born in Santiago, Chile to a Spanish mother and Chilean father. He was awarded the Grand Prix of the Jury at the International Venice Film Festival in 2004 for Mar adentro (“The Sea Inside”), and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Warren Beatty (Henry Warren Beaty) (1.8.6) born March 30, 1937, Academy Award- and Golden Globe-winning American actor, producer, screenwriter, and director. He achieved critical acclaim and power as a producer and star of Bonnie and Clyde (1967), which with Easy Rider marked the beginning of the so-called New Hollywood era. Other films include McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), The Parallax View (1974), Shampoo (1975), Heaven Can Wait (1978), Reds (1981).

Yamina Benguigui (1.8.2, Saturn cjn Moon) born April 9, 1955, French-Algerian film director and politician.

James Caan (1.8.8.) born March 26, 1940, American Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated American film, stage and television actor, known for his role of Sonny Corleone in 1972’s The Godfather, for his role as Ed Deline on Las Vegas,  Rollerball, Harry And Walter Go To New York, A Bridge Too Far, Comes A Horseman and Chapter Two.

Léo Campion (1.8.1, Uranus cjn MC) born March 24, 1905 in Paris, died March 6, 1992 in Paris, French singer, caricaturist, actor and humorist.

Claudia Cardinale (1.8.2, Uranus cjn Asc) born April 15, 1938, Italian actress born in Tunis, Tunisia to Sicilian parents. She made her film debut in Goha (1958) and later that year had a role in I soliti ignoti. Her early career was largely managed by producer Franco Cristaldi. Throughout the 1960s she appeared in many Italian or Italian co-financed films including Luchino Visconti’s Il Gattopardo (The Leopard, 1963), Rocco e i suoi fratelli (1963), Federico Fellini’s and Sergio Leone’s epic Once Upon a Time in the West (1968).

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr. KBE (1.8.8, Saturn cjn MC) April 16, 1889 – December 25, 1977, better known as Charlie Chaplin, English comedy actor, becoming one of the most famous performers in the early to mid Hollywood cinema era, and also a notable director and musician, one of the finest mimes and clowns caught on film and has greatly influenced performers in this field. Chaplin’s high-profile public and private life encompassed highs and lows of both adulation and controversy. His principal character was “The Tramp” (known as “Charlot” in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Turkey).

Hayden Christensen (born April 19, 1981) Canadian actor, known for his role of Sam in Life as a House and the young adult Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars films.

Julie Christie (1.8.4, PLuto cjn Asc) born 14 April 1941 in Assam, India, Academy Award-winning English film actress and pop icon of the Swinging London era of the 1960s. Her major film roles were in Billy Liar (1963), Darling (1965), Doctor Zhivago (1965), Far from the Madding Crowd (1967), Petulia (1968), McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971), The Go-Between (1971), Don’t Look Now (1973), Shampoo (1975), Demon Seed (1977), Heaven Can Wait (1978), Afterglow (1997).

Francis Ford Coppola (1.8.10, Saturn cjn Sun) born April 7, 1939, five-time Academy Award winning American film director, producer, and screenwriter, vintner, magazine publisher, and hotelier, most renowned for directing the highly regarded Godfather trilogy (1972, 1974, 1990), The Conversation (1974) and the Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now (1979) and The Cotton Club (1984).

Marcia Cross (1.8.4) born March 25, 1962 in Newton, Massachusetts, Emmy (Bree Hodge, the “Perfect” Housewife on Desperate Housewives) and Golden Globe Award-nominated American actress.

Timothy Dalton (born March 21, 1946) English actor of stage and screen, best known for portraying James Bond in The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989) and in his roles in Shakespearean related films and plays.

Shannen Doherty (1.8.6, Pluto cjn Asc) born April 12, 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee, American film actress, best known for her work as Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills and as Prue Halliwell in Charmed.

Isabella Ferrari, (Neptune cjn Moon) born March 31, 1964 in Ponte dell’Olio, Italian actress.

Sir David Frost, OBE (1.8.4, Saturn cjn Sun, Pluto cjn Asc) 7 April 1939 – 31 August 2013, English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and television host.

Anthony Michael Hall (born April 14, 1968) American actor, producer and director who achieved stardom in several successful teen-oriented films of the 1980s (The Breakfast Club and Weird Science).

Michel Hazanavicius (1.8.12, Neptune cjn Moon, Saturn cjn Sun) born 29 March 1967, French film director, producer and screenwriter best known for his spy movie parodies OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies and OSS 117: Lost in Rio, The Artist.

Leslie Howard (1.8.4, Uranus cjn Moon) April 3, 1893 – June 1, 1943, English stage and Academy Award nominated film actor, best known by international audiences as Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind.

Christine Lahti (born April 4, 1950) American actress and Academy Award-winning film director. Her main movies are …And Justice for All (1979), Swing Shift (1984), Chicago Hope. She won an Academy Award for Best Short Film, Live Action for Lieberman in Love (1995), which she starred in and directed.

Dudley Moore, CBE (1.8.7, Uranus cjn Sun, Pluto cjn MC) April 19, 1935 – March 27, 2002, Academy-Award nominated and Golden Globe-winning English actor, comedian and musician, known for his role in 10 with Bo Derek and Arthur.

Jon Cryer (Jonathan Niven) (born April 16, 1965) American actor, screenwriter and film producer. He made his motion picture debut in 1984 with the romantic comedy No Small Affair, and gained greater fame with Pretty in Pink (1984).

Edward “Eddie” Regan Murphy (1.8.5, Neptune cjn Moon, Uranus cjn Asc) born April 3, 1961, Brooklyn, New York City) Academy Award nominated, 2007 Golden Globe Award-winning (Dreamgirls) American actor and comedian, one of the most popular cast members in the history of Saturday Night Live. Murphy has received Golden Globe nominations for best actor in a comedy or musical for his performances in Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, and The Nutty Professor.

Umberto Orsini (1.8.2) born April 2, 1934 in Novara, Italian actor.

Alan Jay Pakula (April 7, 1928 – November 19, 1998) American film director, writer and producer noted for his contributions to the conspiracy thriller genre.

Alessandro Preziosi (born 19 April 1973 in Naples, Campania) Italian film and television actor.

Edith Sedgwick (1.8.3) April 20, 1943 – November 15, 1971, American actress, socialite, and heiress who starred in many of Andy Warhol’s short films in the 1960s.

Dianne Wiest (born March 28, 1948) double Academy Award-winning, Golden Globe Award-winning, Emmy Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated American actress. Her main films are Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), The Lost Boys (1987), Parenthood, Bullets Over Broadway.



Pierre Alféri (Neptune cjn Moon) born April 10, 1963 in Paris, French novelist and poet.

John Davidson (1.8.6, Uranus cjn MC) 11 April 1857 – 23 March 1909) Scottish poet and playwright, best known for his ballads.

Linda Goodman (Mary Alice Kemery) (1.8.1, Saturn cjn Moon) April 9, 1925 – October 21, 1995, New York Times bestselling American astrologer and poet. She is notable as the author of the first astrology book to make The New York Times Best Seller list.

Henry James, O.M. (1.8.6, Pluto cjn Sun) April 15, 1843(1843-04-15) – February 28, 1916, American-born British author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction, primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Europe. His plots centered on personal relationships, the proper exercise of power in such relationships, and other moral questions.

Louis L’Amour (1.8.4, Neptune cjn Asc, Saturn cjn Sun) (March 22, 1908 – June 10, 1988) American author, one of the world’s most popular writers”. “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.”

Vincenzo Rabito, born 31 March 1899, Italian writer († 1981). “Se all’uomo in questa vita non ci incontro aventure, non ave niente darracontare.”

Teresa Carniani, born 28 March 1785, (1.8) Italian writer and poet († 1859)

Superba in sua beltà sorge la rosa,
Narciso al rio si specchia e s’innamora,
Langue la mammoletta vergognosa,
4Vagheggia Adon la Dea; giacinto implora.
Ma pago di sua candida e vezzosa
Forma il ligustro, ogni altro discolora,
Soletto e umil tra selve si riposa,
8E inculte siepi vagamente infiora.
Oh immagin di virtù, che tanto puoi
In gentil cuore! a te sia mite il gelo,
11E ognor t’avvivi il sol co’ raggi suoi.
Anzi risplendi nuova stella in cielo,
E di te canti il vate, onde tra noi
14Più non s’invidia l’aurea cuna a Delo.



Agnetha Åse Fältskog (1.8.5, PLuto cjn Asc) Swedish pop singer, member of the Swedish pop group ABBA.

Anita Bryant (1.8.5, Uranus cjn MC) born March 25, 1940, in Barnsdall, Oklahoma, American singer.

Nathalie Cardone (1.8.7, Neptune cjn Moon, Saturn cjn Sun) born 29 March 1967, French actress and singer from Pau in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, born to a Sicilian father and a Spanish mother. Her top singles are “Populaire”, “Mon Ange” and most famously “Hasta Siempre”.

Mariah Carey (1.8.2, Neptune cjn Moon) born March 27, 1969 or 1970, American singer, songwriter, and actress born and raised on Long Island, New York. She came to prominence after releasing her self-titled debut studio album in 1990. She continued booking success with followup albums Emotions (1991), Music Box (1993), Merry Christmas (1994). Daydream (1995), which made music history when its single “One Sweet Day”. She returned to the top of music charts with The Emancipation of Mimi (2005) and its single “We Belong Together”. Throughout her career, Carey has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. With the release of “Touch My Body” (2008), Carey gained her 18th number-one single in the United States, more than any other solo artist. In 2012, Carey was ranked second on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Women in Music”. Aside from her commercial accomplishments, Carey has won five Grammy Awards, 19 World Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards, and 31 Billboard Music Awards. Referred to as the “songbird supreme” by the Guinness World Records, she is famed for her five-octave vocal range, power, melismatic style and signature use of the whistle register.

Tracy Chapman (Neptune cjn Moon) born March 30, 1964, American singer-songwriter, best known for her singles, “Fast Car,” “Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution,” “Baby Can I Hold You,” and “Give Me One Reason.” She is a multi-platinum and multi-Grammy Award-winning artist.

Eric Clapton CBE (1.8.7, Pluto cjn MC) born 30 March 1945, Grammy Award winning British guitarist, singer and composer, one of the most successful musicians of the 20th century, garnering an unprecedented three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Often viewed as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and 4th in Rolling Stone’s list of The Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) (1.8.3?, Pluto cjn Moon) born March 28, 1986 in New York, American recording artist. Her debut album The Fame (2008) achieved critical and commercial success with its two singles, “Just Dance” and “Poker Face,” becoming international number one hits. Fashion is an essential component to her songwriting and performances. She is very supportive of the gay community, crediting them for her early mainstream success.

Wayne Newton (1.8.2) born April 3, 1942, in Norfolk, Virginia, American singer and entertainer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He performed over 30,000 solo shows in Las Vegas over a period of over 40 years, earning him the nickname Mr. Las Vegas. His best known songs include the kitschy “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast” (1972), “Years” (1980), and his signature song, “Danke Schoen” (1963).

Nicoletta (Nicole Chappuis-Grisoni) (1.8.7) born April 11, 1944 in Vongy, Thonon-les-Bains, French singer.

Nilla Pizzi (16 April 1919 – 12 March 2011) Italian singer.

Michèle Torr, born April 7, 1947 in Pertuis, Vaucluse, French singer.

Arturo Toscanini (1.8.10, Saturn cjn Moon, Neptune cjn Sun) (March 25, 1867, Parma – January 16, 1957, Italian musician, one of the greatest conductors of all time.

Steven Tyler (1.8.9) born March 26, 1948 in New York) American musician and songwriter, best known for his work as the lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith.



Blessed Elena Aiello (April 10, 1895 – June 19, 1961) Italian Catholic nun and stigmatic. She started experiencing visions of the Virgin Mary in 1947 and made predictions of future events following these visions. She founded a new order, the Sister Minims of The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, officially approved in 1949.

Saint Francis of Paola, O.M. (27 March 1416 – 2 April 1507)Italian mendicant friar and the founder of the Roman Catholic Order of Minims. Unlike the majority of founders of men’s religious orders, and like his patron saint, Francis was never ordained a priest.

Therese Neumann (1.8.9) 8 April 1898 –18 September 1962, German Catholic mystic and stigmatic.



This nation has a large variety of landscapes, including green valleys and planes, deserts, mountains and plateaux, lakes and coasts. The capital is Attah, which hosts the main activating sites of the Sacred Cone. It is an extremely militarized and warrior nation, playing a crucial role in the Handorian Attack System. The State hero, Akir, established its main seasonal camps in North Akir Wayah. It has dominance over Sicilia and Syria.
Akirwayan Names: Attah, Apu, Alpidrah, Assiah, Anneah, Azoth, Amaranth, Adderah, Akash (sky), Abhilash (desire), Abhiruch (delighted), Adarsh (ideal), Alakh (invisible), Amaresh (immortality), Ambu (water), Animish (always alert), Anju (blessing), Ansu (sun), Anu (atom), Anugrah (kindness), Aparigrah (non possessive) Arju (desire), Arzu (wish), Ashu (quicly), Atush (supreme lord), Nandu (joyous), Nitash (cheerful), Nivesh (sky).
Journeys to Akir Wayah:
I registered my intent in the Spirit Circle and travelled to Al Kirware Proport. It was night time and the whole place was deserted. A beautiful orange moon was hanging in the sky.I met the same PDB Captain as on the previous journey and set a restore point. An Agent approached me and told me he would accompany me throughout the journey. We got into a silver hover car and began the journey to Azureyth. Leewer [the PDB Captain] as me not to speak and we travelled there in silence. It was utterly dark and I had no idea what the terrain was like we were moving through.
The destination was reached and I saw a circle of large bare trees lit up by hidden spotlights. Leewer told me all had been prepared and that I was enter the circle, state my name and intent and proceed with holding the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone. I understood the location to be called the Sacred Cone Dedication Centre.I moved into the centre of the circle and did as I had been asked. As the first stage began, first one then many kangaroos moved into the light. They were soon joined by old men in white robes with white beards and then by a mass of different human figures all wearing bright clothing. I drummed and the crowd began to dance. A large snake appeared and moved through the mass of bodies. It seemed to be an honour to be knocked over by it. I began to feel very breathless and invited the snake to help me. It came at me with speed, reared up and sank its fangs into my chest, each one puncturing a lung. A cloud of gas poured out through the holes and I experienced some kind of relief. The snake disappeared into the shadows. One of the human figures rubbed a paste into my chest.As the second stage began, the circle cleared and I was left alone with Leewer. I slipped into a powerful chant which continued until the end of the stage. We stood at opposite sides and began to run around the inside. We ran so fast that sparks were flying up off our feet. A groove in the soil was created and we sank down to about 2 metres. I felt much expanded and experienced a blissful feeling that was also painful and made me feel sick all over my body. Leewer caught me up and pulled a zip at the back of my neck. I noticed she now had my own face, complete with a healthy beard. My human skin fell away and I saw that I now wore a skin tight blue material. I had also become completely transparent.  As we began to move again the sides of the groove began to light up with millions of blue capillaries. I understood the energy being created was feeding the local landscape. When Leewer caught me up again, she disappeared inside me and I experienced a deepening of the painful bliss. I felt afraid yet heard Leewer’s voice encouraging me to endure and develop the quality of discipline through acknowledgement. I was then joined by the rest of the group. We began running around the groove skipping with joy and laughter. I felt such loving support and was grateful for the presence of such friends. Everyone apart from Franco then also disappeared inside me. Franco was joined by a number of small figures who were wearing conical hats and bright colourful clothing. They too eventually moved inside me.As the third stage began, I returned to the surface of the circle and the groove disappeared. I became restless and then saw Leewer again. She told me to be patient and to allow the quality of patience to flourish within. The crowd came back out of the shadows and one by one, touched me on the head, or brushed against me with their bodies. I felt a deep connection with them and laughed out loud with gratitude. I understood that I was The One – the one who could live the challenge of my own life. A spirit of the trees, made of bark and leaves, appeared over me, shaking a rattle. He told me I was fully entitled to the gather the strength needed for this work and feel supported with my endeavours. I moved amongst the crowd and each person I touched became luminous for a few seconds. Leewer than advised me to move out of the circle, into the surrounding landscape, to share what I was experiencing. I understood I would run all the way back to Al Kirware Proport. As I ran through the night, the darkness was total. At one point, I sensed I was standing over a deep pit which I shouted into.As I reached the Proport, Leewer came beside me and told me she would always be available as a source of support. I thanked her and we embraced. On returning to the Spirit Circle, I connected with the Guide and moved to hug the Great Tree. I offered whatever was in excess within me to the Centre and then concluded the journey. (DM)
ITALY, Sicily
Pahai Akri Waha
Nation of Akir Wayah
Hayaw Rika fo Noitan

D1-8: ITALY, SICILY, Palermo [Cc]: Cefalù [Cc], Monreale [Cc], Piana Albanesi [Cc] (2); Agrigento [Cc] (11): Lampedusa, Linosa (12); Caltanissetta [Cc] (1); Catania [Cc]: Aciereale [Cc], Scordia (7); Enna [Cc]: Nicosia [Cc], Piazza Armerina [Cc] (6); Messina [Cc]: Francavilla [gs], Patti [Cc/T], S.Lucia Mela [Ccc], Taormina [Cc/gs] (5): Eolie, Lipari [Ccc]: (8); Trapani [Cc]: Marsala, Mazara Vallo [Cc] (10): Pantelleria (3); Ragusa [Cc] (4); Siracusa [Cc]:  Avola, Ferla, Lentini, Noto [Cc] (9).
17½-20°Aries; Aries/Scorpio; Leo/Sun.
Italie Pradesia, Sicilie Samaya. AKIRWA, Akir Wayah: Attah.