A Course in Miracles

ACIMbookpageA Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a classic in modern spirituality and gnosticism. The primary focus of ACIM is undoing the perception of separation, and this is also the purpose of astroshamanism and of other spiritual disciplines. Please be aware that this does not imply that astroshamanism is based on or associated with ACIM. All the references to ACIM that appear in this website come from Franco Santoro’s understanding and are not necessarily endorsed by the copyright holders of ACIM.

Featured articles by Franco Santoro

Air of the Soul

Asking for help

Healing Relationships: Part 1 – Your Mind Holds the Key

Healing Relationships: Part 2 – My Body is not Me

Healing Relationships: Part 3 – The Mind is Free

Healing Relationships: Part 4 – All Forms are Provisional

Special Love Relationships: The Ego’s Most Boasted Gift

Sagittarius and Temperance

The Way of Twisted Forgiveness

Sacred Relationships and Scared Relationships



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