Franco Santoro’s quotes

The recommended way to approach all quotes on this page is to read with an open mind what they say, as well as the exact opposite, while also considering what you would say, its opposite and ultimately the mystery of what cannot be said.


Aim Straight

Aim straight at the highest target

All relationships are multidimensional

Aloneness and All-Oneness


Being, doing and having

Best Time

Beyond polarities

Dance and Play

Difference between dreams and reality

Dreams are memories of future lives

Earth Training Centre

Emanation of the Void

Emotions and thoughts

The essence always remains the same


Gamble everything

Gestation process

Giving birth to yourself

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night!

Greatest conflict

Hanging by a thread

Healing Communication

Healing takes place

I hid my wounds under my clothes

Illusion and separation


In and Out



Just a dream

Last minute

Look for what you want

Love and Choice

Luminous Innocence

Matrix of Light

Navigating Time

Net of Comparisons

Obscure symptoms

Only the dreams you surrender to God are real

Pain and grief

Play your part!

In pain

Release training

Our relationships are simulations

Shadows in darkness

She abandoned me!



Something good


States of consciousness

Success in relationships

There is a strange region

Truth & Nothing

The Wall

Time we need to heal wounds

Tired of this show

True Love

Understand who you are

Whatever happens is the best that can occur

You cannot change what happens, yet you can change the way you respond to what happens.


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We are what we pretend to be


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