Astrological Consultation

AstrologosAstrological Consultation

Astrology provides a complete map of all the basic elements and dynamics of our life, together with the opportunity of identifying its blocks and potentials, including the direction they take through time and space. This consultation offers a complete exploration of your astrological chart based on your current life cycles and intentions. The aim is to support the alignment with your life purpose, tapping into the inner knowledge of your being, acknowledging strengths, gifts, and finding effective ways to deal with challenges and grievances. Also the consultation is organised to suit your questions, intentions and needs, working on specific areas, such as relationship, work, creativity, manifestation, prosperity, sexuality, healing and spirituality. Our consultations are both experiential and theoretical, empowering and supporting the client’s intention, focusing on self-knowledge, life potentials, purposes and directions, while abstaining from predictions about the future. Astrological references are common to all our sessions.

In our sessions there is no fortune-telling or future prediction. We believe that the stars and planets do not have any influence on people and events. We employ astrology only as a strategic map of the psyche aimed at providing guidance regarding our life purpose.


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