Astrology & Shamanism

00logosnewct1In ancient times the starry firmament was the major setting for wisdom, guidance and information, the equivalent of libraries, cinema, internet or television. It provided data concerning every aspect of existence, from the most mundane to the most sacred.

This is why astrology is considered the oldest source of information, preceding any other method used by mankind to attain knowledge. This does not mean that astrology per se provides knowledge. Similarly to the internet, it merely offers a structure, which can either be used to promote wisdom or ignorance, reality or illusion. This also applies to astroshamanism, the experiential application of astrology and the most ancient operative attitude to pursue knowledge.

Astrology offers maps, while shamanism uses them experientially. Astrology and shamanism can promote wisdom or ignorance, light or darkness, depending on whether the intent of the seeker is based on separation or unity, fear or love.

As a result, throughout history, astrology and shamanism have been used in most controversial ways. This is also the case for all religious and spiritual paths, philosophies and thought systems, modern and ancient, all originally stemming from astrology and shamanism, i.e. astroshamanism.

Astroshamanism is a way of acknowledging both the voyager and the map, and yet the way in which the map is used depends on the voyager and it is unrelated to the map itself.

Franco Santoro