Astroshamanic Encounters – The Healing Path of the Warrior

astrocover212 March 2016

Astroshamanic short workshop with Franco Santoro.

Astroshamanic Encounters is a cycle of experiential sessions aimed at creating a bridge between inner and outer worlds so as to bring true perception and fulfil our functions in daily life.

On this event we explore the path of the warrior from a spiritual healing perspective and its astroshamanic association with Mars and Aries.

During the workshop we employ simple astroshamanic journeying techniques, which participants can continue to practice on their own in their daily and dream life. We explore the shamanic cosmology of dreaming, charting new territories and setting strategic maps so as to unveil the healing powers of our dream world.

Each event is in alignment with a specific seasonal and lunation cycle, exploring the astrological signs from a shamanic and spiritual perspective.

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Each workshop starts at 2 pm and ends at 5 pm.
By donation: suggested £ 20 (conc. £ 15). No booking is needed, just turn up!

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The events take place at:
Sunshine Room, East Whins House (EWH), 505 East Whins, The Park, Findhorn, IV36 3TH

Astroshamanism is a spiritual system of healing that employs the basic principles of shamanism combined with the original wisdom of astrology and other esoteric teachings. It works with the signs of the Zodiac laid out as an astrological Medicine Wheel and employs inner journeys, trance dances, postures, rituals, divination, chanting, astrodramas, council, sacred idioms and other techniques which support a direct connection with the Inner Guide. In this context the energies of planets, stars, spirit animals, angels, devas, or other loving and nourishing beings or dimensions, reveal themselves and release ancient memories which gradually demanifest the blocks to our natural unity with Spirit. Each session will be devoted to the exploration of a specific zodiacal sign in accordance with the time of the year.