Astroshamanic Healing in Morocco, 1-4 May 2016

ouzoud falls smallWith Franco Santoro

(this workshop is still to be confirmed)

An astroshamanic healing retreat in a most spectacular and mystic Berber area in Morocco, by the Ouzoud waterfalls at Camping Sunshine.

This workshop promotes expanded awareness and planetary healing through deep astroshamanic healing practices and the connection with the superb energy field of the Ouzoud waterfalls. We will alternate periods of silence and dialogue, stillness and movement, touch and contact, relaxation and activity, bringing careful attention to our inner and outer world, in deep resonance with the healing traditions of Morocco.

The programme also includes a Gnawa ritual celebration with elders at the Berber village, visits to the waterfalls, the caves and the spring. It is possible to stay on and visit amazing nearby areas, including the desert.

Ouzoud waterfalls (110 m high) are one of the 20 most spectacular falls in the world. Both the bottom and the summit of the falls are accessible through shaded paths of olive and carob trees, with monkeys all around. It is possible to swim, navigate through the river, explore caves and take long walks in a most dramatic landscape. The retreat will take place at a tent camp (Sunshine) and kasbah, 10 minutes walk to the falls.

Ouzoud, 150 km from Marrakesh, is part of a Berber province. The Berbers or Amazighs (meaning “free men”) are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa. Trance music and dance are a feature of their daily life, and their ecstatic and sensual chants have been integrated within the Islamic tradition.

The retreat takes place at Camping Sunshine and Kasbah, Tabiouin, (telephone: +212 616-044248), ten minutes walk from the waterfalls.

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