Astroshamanic Healing, 25-27 November 2016, Arafo, Tenerife (Spain)

With Franco Santoro.

Awakening your Multidimensional Self, Astroshamanic Healing Intensive, 25-27 November 2016.

During this workshop, participants are initiated to shamanic practices aimed at expanding consciousness and developing multidimensional awareness. Particular attention is given to identify and develop tools allowing each participant to connect with their authentic life purpose and inner source of empowering guidance. We also acknowledge areas of darkness and grievances, and employ healing practices of release and forgiveness, which participants can learn and use also on their own.

The workshop takes place in a superb holistic centre and natural area near Arafo, in the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). From Friday, 25 November, 6 pm, to Sunday, 27 November, 5 pm.

Venue: Asociación Manantial De Tara, Camino el Portugués nº42, 38550 Arafo. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España. Tel: +34 922 10 35 93, email:


Cost: Euro 250 (including accommodation for two nights and all meals).

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There are infinite dimensions and layers of reality. What we acknowledge as our human ordinary reality is for many shamanic traditions merely an arbitrary configuration populated by duplications of our true multidimensional self. Most human beings remain at the level of this separated reality, fixed in time and space, based on the cult of the ego and the denial of other realities. Astroshamanic healing aims at reawakening the awareness of our original nature, expanding beyond the limits of ordinary perception and experiencing the fluidity of time. The work involves establishing direct communication with the multidimensional self as well as with spirit beings abiding in other realms, yet deeply connected with the essence of our true nature.

This process is ultimately intended to heal our hallucinatory perception based on separation and unveil the authentic unity of the web of life. For this purpose Astroshamanism employs various techniques, all aligned with the common foundation of opening the unconditional loving “heart”.  This is not necessarily an easy enterprise. It entails moving into troubled personal and collective zones where the heart is blocked, unleashing grievances and restoring love.  Yet according to many shamans we are all here to venture into this journey, which once accepted, can become a most ecstatic dance, a blissful game.

During this workshop Franco Santoro will share advanced aspects of astroshamanic work through direct experiential work and inspiring insights.

The programme includes: time-space voyages, astroshamanic healing trance dance and touch, multi-dimensional release practices and rituals.

The workshop takes place in a superb natural area near Arafo, Camino El Portugués, 42, 38550 Arafo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (

From Friday, 25 November, 6 pm, to Sunday, 27 November, 5 pm.

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