Astroshamanic Healing Touch Intensive, 24-25; 26-27 September 2016, Merizzo (Massa, Italy)

Astroshamanic Healing Touch is a shamanic bodywork application of astroshamanism. Its aim is to explore the body’s spontaneous energies of ecstasy, uncovering and directing their healing potentials with integrity and clarity of intention.

Drawing from the practices of ancient mystery schools and the astrological wisdom, Astroshamanic Touch works on the multidimensional body, through the empowering use of shamanic trance, according to clear boundaries and in alignment with planetary rhythms.

The horoscope is grounded on the physical body, allowing the richness of the astrological archetype to become alive and provide pragmatic awareness of their nature

The physical body is a dynamic vortex continually relating with a multidimensional field of energy. Yet what we humanly perceive about the body is mainly the product of belief systems based on separation and the denial of our holistic nature. When we are open to release these belief systems and forms of conditioning, new and much more exciting configurations emerge. Once these are consciously and pragmatically experienced, they can be gradually integrated into everyday reality, healing the fragmented self and reconnecting it to its original source.

During this workshop we explore ways of employing the physical body to foster expanded states of consciousness, retrieve soul parts, reawaken healing talents and allow these to integrate into everyday life.

The intent is to release blocks that hinder our potentials, celebrating the sacredness of our multidimensional body in alignment with the healing flow of energy.

With deep trance bodywork, we share ways of channelling profound passions, transforming and merging them in accordance with our life purpose.

The workshop consists of one weekend (24-25 September 2016), followed by an optional advanced workshop (26-27 September 2016). The weekend workshop starts at around 10:30 on Saturday and ends at 18 on Sunday.


The event takes place at:
Casale in Lunigiana, Ronco
località Merizzo
Villafranca in Lunigiana 54028 (Massa, Italy)
Tel. 0187420736

Cost for weekend workshop (24-25 September 2016), Euro 130.

Cost for advanced workshop (26-27 September 2016): Euro 120.

The cost does not include accommodation and board, which is Euro 40 per day/night. Bursaries are available. It is possible to stay extra days.

For booking and information please click here or write to

How to get to Il Casale:
By car: take A15 (Autostrada della Cisa) Parma/La Spezia, exit at Pontremoli if you come from the North, or Aulla if from the South. Continue to Villafranca in Lunigiana, then to Merizzo (5,20 km). Once in Merizzo, use as reference the Church of the Archangel Michael. 50 metres after the church turn left at the little parking square then take the only path to the left. After one km you will receive our parking. See: Map
By train: you can arrive to Villafranca/Bagnone railway station with the line Milan-Livorno or La Spezia-Parma. Let us know your time of arrival and we will pick you up.
By plane: the closest airport is Pisa’s Galileo Galilei. Also the airports of Florence and Genoa are close.