Astroshamanic Quest for Manifestation, 11-17 March 2017, Findhorn (Scotland)

Astroshamanic Quest for Manifestation

: Shining your Talents in the World
Sat 11 March 2017 (7 days)
with Franco Santoro

This workshop is for those who wish to take a decisive leap into the discovery and manifestation of their unique potentials and talents, to provide benefits to themselves and the whole environment.

Drawing from his shamanic and holistic skills, Franco will guide you into a pragmatic and shamanic journey of discernment aimed at unveiling your true calling and gaining clarity on how you can best express yourself in the world.

The workshop also aims at showing how apparently insurmountable obstacles and crises can be used to give shape to most ambitious dreams. We also unveil how in every moment of life, dark times included, we are never alone and there are immense forces available to provide support.

The astroshamanic circle and the sacred landscape at Cluny Hill will be employed to map your experiences and receive further guidance on your potentials and their connections with the web of life.

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