Astroshamanic Samhain Intensive

28 October – 1 November 2017, Atlanta, Georgia (United States), Astroshamanic Samhain Intensive, with Franco Santoro.

This time of the year is associated with the shadow aspects of life, including the esoteric and deep features of our passions and desires, death, ancestors and our relationship with unseen realities, which profoundly affect our everyday life.

The workshop explores the theme of relationship from a multidimensional perspective, which includes the traditional theme of this seasons cycle, death, passion, rebirth. We will use advanced practices of astroshamanic soul retrieval, exploring shadow aspects and the rapport with our ancestors.

We will use the astrological chart as a living field to explore experientially the key elements of our passion, how to activate and direct it towards what we consciously choose to create in life. The event takes place during the Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween or All Saints’ Eve.

The workshop consists of one weekend (28-29 October 2017 ), followed by an advanced workshop (30 October – 1 November 2017).

When we address our ancestors we relate with the most ancient parts of ourself. Ancestors, besides giving us support and guidance, can also hold major grievances and pass down destructive models of behaviour or belief systems. Such grievances constitute the root cause of all our current, as well as collective, problems in life.

When strong conflicts develop among couples, lovers, friends, relatives, colleagues or people casually met, what actually happens is that the same conditions that once engendered separation and pain are being reproduced in the present for correction.

These situations are momentous for healing as they allow to face the opportunity to invert the trend of separation, to forgive and open up portals in my conscience.

We will employ the astrological chart as a map to identify and explore experientially and shamanically the healing dynamics of our relationship

The workshop involves a deep process of recapitulation and energy assessment of our human interactions, with the aim of gaining empowerment and wholeness, supporting and implementing righteous relationships aligned with our authentic soul purpose.

Participants will learn to use healing tools that allow them to continue the healing work autonomously after the workshop, providing a solid basis for more advanced practices.

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28 October – 1 November 2017, Atlanta, Georgia (United States), Astroshamanic Samhain Intensive, with Franco Santoro.

The workshop takes place at the Shambala Meditation Centre, 1447 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030, USA (+1 404-370-9650),