Astroshamanic Theatre, Dance & Touch, 8-9; 10-13 July 2017, Merizzo (Italy)

8-9; 10-13 July 2017, Merizzo (Massa), Astroshamanic Theatre, Dance & Touch, training with Franco Santoro.

This training is part of the Foundation Training in Astroshamanism and represents a full initiation in astroshamanic healing arts, dance and astroshamanic touch as tools for soul retrieval and multidimensional awareness.

The training consists of two workshops:one introductory weekend (8-9 July 2017), which can be taken independently without attending the training workshops, and one training workshops (10-13 July 2017), which requires participation to the introductory weekend. It can also be preceded by the following training: 1-2; 3-6 July 2017, Merizzo (Massa), Astroshamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval, training with Franco Santoro, click here for details.

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For details on astroshamanic touch please click here.

Participants will experience advanced applications of Astroshamanic Soul Retrieval and Healing Touch, combined with Astroshamanic Theatre and Dance, in the beauty and warmth of the environment of Il Casale in Lunigiana (a natural pool is a four-minute walk from the house).

We will experience ways to realign with the sacredness of our nature, releasing wounds inherited by our ancestors and supporting the emergence of a planetary healing consciousness. We will learn various healing modalities in alignment with the astrological archetypes, developing trust both in giving and receiving. We will also experience the multidimensional features of relationships, employing techniques aimed at releasing grievances and intense feelings accumulated in our life, promoting forgiveness, transformation and unconditional love. The workshop is designed for people who intend to employ this work both for themselves and in their practice with others.

This workshop is also a first level certificate course in Astroshamanic Theatre & Dance.

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1-2; 3-6 July 2017, Merizzo (Massa), Astroshamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval, training with Franco Santoro, click here for details.


How to get to Il Casale:
By car: take A15 (Autostrada della Cisa) Parma/La Spezia, exit at Pontremoli if you come from the North, or Aulla if from the South. Continue to Villafranca in Lunigiana, then to Merizzo (5,20 km). Once in Merizzo, use as reference the Church of the Archangel Michael. 50 metres after the church turn left at the little parking square then take the only path to the left. After one km you will receive our parking.
By train: you can arrive to Villafranca/Bagnone railway station with the line Milan-Livorno or La Spezia-Parma. Let us know your time of arrival and we will pick you up.
By plane: the closest airport is Pisa’s Galileo Galilei. Also the airports of Florence and Genoa are close.