Astroshamanic Trance Dance & Theatre, 25-26 March 2017, Wakefield (England)

25-26 March 2017, Wakefield (England), Astroshamanic Healing Trance Dance & Theatre, with Franco Santoro

A visionary, down to earth and empowering workshop, providing participants with a direct experience on how to use astrology, shamanism, traditional and alternative spiritualities, dance and drama for deeply healing and transformational purposes.

In this workshop, Franco invites you to join him on an empowering and healing journey through dance, drama, touch, movement and stillness.

During the workshop we delve into trance dance and drama according to astrological and natural cycles, using a large variety of sounds, creating sacred space, establishing connections with spirit powers, directing and redeploying energies and using them to support major transformational processes.

The workshop is based on the sounds of ecstatic rhythms from Celtic and Mediterranean traditions.

The workshop is designed for newcomers as well as for those who wish to consolidate previous experiences with astroshamanic trance dance and theatre.

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Schedule: Saturday 25th March: 11am – 7pm, Sunday 26th March: 11am – 5pm

Nostell Village Hall
Swine Lane
West Yorkshire

Cost: £ 120, conc. £ 95. We are aware that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others: please apply for financial support if you require further concessions. We also welcome contributions to our bursary fund.