00logosnewct1Astroshamanism is a holistic system of healing aimed at expanding human awareness through the integration of shamanism, astrology, multidimensional arts, western and eastern spirituality and the contemporary developments in planetary consciousness.

The basic intent of this work is to enable individuals and groups to establish connections with holistic and spiritual sources of healing, releasing perceptions based on separation, promoting forgiveness and moving towards reconciliation, harmony and unity.

Astroshamanism is the result of guidance and studies developed by Franco Santoro since 1976, along with researches in the western, middle-eastern and eastern spiritual healing traditions, the contributions of shamans, seekers, groups and centres from every part of the world, the Osho Multiversity (India), and the teaching experience gained at the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) and the Provisional Institute. The Gnostic traditions, Sufism, A Course in Miracles, and other non-dualistic paths also represent a significant source of inspiration in the astroshamanic approach of our Institute.

Shamanism is the most ancient and widespread method of healing. In all parts of our planet throughout all ages we find evidence of shamanic practices. The distinctive feature of shamanism is the experience of expanded states of consciousness, luminous areas of awareness beyond our conditioned minds, where we can unveil our authentic nature and develop healing resources for the benefit of the environment and ourselves.

Astrology is the oldest holistic language, which in astroshamanism we use experientially through visions, movement, sound and situations aimed at expanding awareness and supporting significant transformational processes. This involves relating with the zodiac signs as archetypal core energies experiencing them in our body, emotions, mind and spirit, retrieving and restoring their healing power.

In ancient times the starry firmament constituted the major setting for wisdom and guidance, especially as regards the understanding of God’s will and the mysteries of life. The sky was the current equivalent of libraries, cinema, internet or television. It provided data concerning every aspect of existence, from the most mundane to the most sacred. This is why astrology is considered the oldest source of information, preceding any other method used by mankind to attain knowledge. Yet this does not mean that astrology per se provides knowledge. Similarly to the internet, it merely offers a structure, which can either be used to promote wisdom or ignorance, reality or illusion. This also applies to astroshamanism, which can be described as the experiential application of astrology and the most ancient operative attitude to pursue knowledge.

With astroshamanism the seeker establishes a direct connection with the information derived from astrology, verifying on the spot the territory described by the starry map. Astrology offers maps, while shamanism uses them experientially. And again, astrology and shamanism can sponsor wisdom or ignorance, light or darkness, depending on whether the intent of the seeker is based on separation or unity, fear or love. As a result, throughout history, astrology and shamanism have been used in most controversial ways. This is also the case for all religious and spiritual paths, philosophies and thought systems, modern and ancient, all originally stemming from astrology and shamanism, i.e. astroshamanism.

Astroshamanism is a way of acknowledging both the voyager and the map, and yet the way in which the map is used depends on the voyager and it is unrelated to the map itself.

Please be aware that in astroshamanism we do not offer any form of fortune telling, divination, future prediction, or astrological character analysis. Your personal horoscope shows what you are not, your separate self and its illusions. We employ astrology as a strategic map of the human psyche and as a method for determining the division of time.

Our intention is to be an inspiring and operative force aimed at supporting individuals, groups and communities in the discernment, acknowledgement and pragmatic expression of their authentic talents for the benefit of the whole. We are dedicated to serving others and the environment in alignment with the web of life, encompassing all polarities and beings, seen and unseen.

Astroshamanism covers a wide spectrum of modalities, employing many tools to support a deep inner and shamanic connection with God, clarity of intent and mastery of one’s creative potential, adapting the work to each individual and group.

Our live and online programmes focus on areas of transformation, identifying and promoting intentions and what truly motivates each participant, in an environment based on safety, respect and honourable agreements. This provides sound foundations for exploring deep dynamics, healing blocks and restoring fragmented parts.

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