Azaherai 1-9


Azaherai is a glorious archipelago of warrior navigators and explorers. Alabhai, the capital, is the second largest centre, after the State capital Al Kirware, and one of the major multi-dimensional non-HAC emergency ports. Azaherai is renowned for the mystery of its national banner depicting a red spear (Azaheroha), which is the supreme spirit medicine of the State of Kirway. The original Azaheroha is sheltered in Azaheroi Aw located in the northern island (Azaralaj). This island is the largest territory of the archipelago and includes the centres of Navallalow and Agapei Nebuli. The southern island (Aziaruri) hosts the southern defence forces of the Handorian States System. The national hero is Alabhan, to whom the capital is dedicated. Aruhai is an additional saint hero, from whom the third large island of the archipelago takes its name.

Azaheraian Names: Alabhai, Agapei, Amaretti, Alnivai, Aruhai, Aj, Aliesi, Azaheroi, Nautili; Abhiraj (brilliant), Abhirati (delighted), Aboli (silent), Abrati (delighted), Adi (primary), Adri (mountain), Ahuti (offering), Ali (powerful), Ami (nectar), Amiti (boundless), Amodi (happy), Amrati (immortal), Anadi (with no beginning), Anurati (devotion), Anusati (quest), Apti (fulfilment), Atimati (very wise), Avrati (always new), Namazi (prayerful), Nazni (graceful), Neti (endless).