1011766_10201276639748440_2015350644_nIf for long you have waited before finding the opportunity to shine into the world and share your beauty, I repeat BEAUTY, please don’t wait any longer, do it today!

Your beauty is a gift, and a gift is wasted if it is not given.

And you are most beautiful!

You are most beautiful especially if you think you are not. When you think that you are not beautiful this is very selfish, an extreme form of avarice and greed.

You hide and refuse to be seen in the world, you don’t show your beauty and talents, spending time envying those who do, being miserable, shy and using your creativity to invent issues that justify your withdrawal. Yet this is just a strategy to cover up your avidity and greediness, to keep your beauty only for yourself.

What a waste for mankind and the world!

Then, stop it! Be generous, show yourself, wear a daring dress, sing, dance, play, be visible with whatever you like to do. Do it especially if you fear the judgment of other people, if you believe they don’t like you.

As a matter of fact, you are the only one that can judge and dislike you. Your beauty, I repeat, your BEAUTY is your hostage, and waits for your consent to be released and showed to the world.

And you are most beautiful!


© Franco Santoro