Being in Love

10615506_10152597562398711_823405529373510358_nThere are many shamanic and spiritual practices. The most powerful, the easiest and also the most difficult is “Being in Love”. When we are in Love everything is possible.

This may sound rather simplistic, yet being in Love does not depend on finding the partner of your dreams. It does not depend on anyone or anything, for it is based only upon your choice. The choice to relate with The All-Loving.

Before the illusion of separation took over, it was very easy to connect with luminous realms and relate with The All-Loving. Then one would share this Love with people on earth. Being in Love was a choice, the choice to relate with The All-Loving, filling oneself with Love and sharing it with others.

Although this world is now filled with the illusion of separation, The All-Loving is always amongst us. Infinite luminous beings on earth and elsewhere are available to share Love. And being in Love still remains a choice, one you can take at any time, including now.

Franco Santoro