4.1x4/1 –Cancer/Aries
Binary Number: 37
Degrees: 22½-25°Cancer
Aspect: square
Moon Phase: last quarter
Handorian Reference: STATE OF QUALD: Nation of Qapraxa.
Binary Spirit: Quiu Kahe

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Cancer (4) and Moon in Aries (1) constitute Binary 4.1, or Binary number 37.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries combine Cardinal Water with Cardinal Fire, integrating Cancer’s tenacity and nurturing spirit with Aries’s pioneering call and courageous nature.

This binary incorporates major heroic beings, profoundly devoted to their homeland and tribal roots, aligned with the deepest source of ancestral expressions. They amazingly balance tenderness, protectiveness and the essence of the feminine archetype with warrior qualities and all the basic traits of the masculine.

Those blessed with the active awareness of their multi-dimensional nature are thoroughly determined souls, replenished of fourth-dimensional purpose, storing the juice of arcane memories, unbendingly prepared to defend their integrity, ready to launch into most bellicose enterprises, yet always preserving their utmost sensitive, tender and nurturing qualities.

These passionate beings take brave steps unknowingly, steered by an arcane calling, which propels them onto adventurous quests and radically reawakens the flame of the planetary pristine Intent. They stream the most genuine emotions, devoid of any complexity, crystal clear, intense, yet quick, easily released and gone.

Cancer and Aries are in a square (90°) aspect. They are both cardinal signs, holding the initial stage, basic intention and assertion of the direction, season and element they represent, South and East, Summer and Spring, Water and Fire respectively. They share the capacity to take initiatives, be brave and pioneering new paths, though their energy may work at cross-purposes and cause some friction. In ordinary terms these signs appear difficult to integrate due to the tension they generate, and yet this same tension can provide the best force for achieving most significant objectives.

Qualities: active sensitivity, tenaciousness, devotion, empathic action, commitment, courage.

Grievances: impatience, fanaticism, aggressiveness,

The Last Quarter or Waning Halfmoon lasts two days and occurs when the Sun and Moon are in square (90°). It is an active phase, a time to face commitments with others and take direct responsibility for your Intent. Grievances and blocks come easily to the surface and need ideally to be dealt with in accordance with what was established during New Moon. If this responsibility is avoided, postponed or diverted the collective lunar cycle itself is going to find its way to compensate the process. This development can easily bring frustration, pain, confusion and disconnection from the original Intent. Now it is the time to release anything that you perceive has caused grievances, emptying yourself fully, while allowing All That Is to hold you. At this stage, you can both complete the cycle by manifesting the final goal and let go of any block and grievance you have accumulated on the way, including your attachment to the final result. The question here is: “How do I complete and release?”

Astroshamanic Seal: an egg shape with a being within standing with hands on hips and elbows up. The vision involves a warrior tearing off his clothes.
Celebrities with 4.1

Bernard Buffet
Sharon den Adel (Dutch singer, composer)
Steve Albini (American singer)
Pamela Anderson (Canadian actress, 4.1.3)

Paul Thomas Anderson (American director) There Will Be Blood, Magnolia

Kevin Bacon (American actor)

Edna Ballard (co-founder of “The Mighty I Am” religion. 4.1.5)

Simone Beck (French cookbook author, 4.1.3, Neptune Power)

Walter Benjamin (German-Jewish philosopher) Illuminations

Uwe Boll (German low-budget film director) Rampage, Darfur, Postal

Michelle Branch (American singer, songwriter)
Bernard Buffet (French painter, 4.1.5, Pluto Power, Uranus Vessel)

Barbara Cartland (English author, 4.1.1, Saturn Flower) The Pink Collection

John Ciardi (American poet, translator of The Divine Comedy, Pluto Power)
Healing Pluto
Madame Claude (French procurer, 4.1.5, Pluto Power, Neptune Instrument, Chiron Vessel) Madame Claude

Hume Cronyn (Canadian actor, Neptune Power)

Benedict Cumberbatch (English actor) Sherlock

Donna Cunningham (American astrologer, 4.1.5, Pluto Instrument) Healing Pluto Problems, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness, Astrology and Vibrational Healing, Astrological and Spiritual Development, Moon Signs.

Frédéric Dard (French crime novels writer, 4.1.9, Pluto Power) San Antonio

Emmanuel Dongala (Congolese chemist, novelist) Little Boys Come from the Stars

Duffy (Welsh singer, songwriter)

Norbert Elias (German sociologist) The Society of Individuals

Oriana Fallaci (Italian journalist, author, 4.1.12, Uranus Vessel, Saturn Flower) The Rage and the Pride, The Force of Reason

Georgie Fame (British rhythm & blues, jazz singer)

Sandor Ferenczi (Hungarian psychoanalist)

Bob Fosse (American actor, dancer, 4.1.11)
Sidney Lumet
Richard Garriott (British video game developer) Tabula Rasa

Stefan George (German poet, 4.1.8, Uranus Power, Neptune Vessel)

Evelyn Glennie (Scottish virtuoso percussionist, 4.1.7)

Selena Gomez (American actress, 4.1.5)

Eva Green (French actress)

Greg Grunberg (American actor)

Arlo Guthrie (American folk singer, 4.1.5) Alice’s Restaurant

Henry VIII of England (4.1.6)

Hans Werner Henze (German composer, 4.1.11, Uranus Vessel, Pluto Power)

Daniel Jones (English musician, songwriter)

Charles Laughton (English-American actor, director, 4.1.5)

Sidney Lumet (American director, Pluto Power, Chiron Vessel) The Offence, Network, 12 Angry Men, Night Falls on Manhattan, Serpico, The Verdict.

Jane Lynch (American actress)

Cheb Mami (Algerian singer)

Jayma Mays (American actress, singer)
Giuseppe Mazzini (Italian politician)

Mary McAleese (8th President of Ireland, Uranus Power)

Murray McLauchlan (Canadian singer, songwriter, 4.1.5, Pluto Instrument)

Marisa Monte (Brazilian singer)

Miguel Angel Munoz (Spanish actor, singer)
Magali Noël (Turkish-French actress, singer, Uranus Vessel)

Pauline (French composer, singer, songwriter)

Susheela Raman (British Tamil musician)

Diana Rigg (English actress, 4.1.3, Pluto Power, Saturn Vessel) The Avengers
Erno Rubik (Hungarian inventor, architect)

George Sand (French novelist, 4.1.12, Pluto Instrument)

Nathalie Sarraute (Russian-Jewish author) You Don’t Love Yourself
Total Recall
Bobby Sherman (American singer, 4.1.7, Neptune Instrument)

Valentinian III (Western Roman Emperor)

Roberto Vecchioni (Italian singer, songwriter, 4.1.10, 25 June 1943)

Milo Ventimiglia (American actor)

Paul Verhoeven (Dutch director, Pluto Power) Soldier of Orange, Robocop, Basic Instinct, Total Recall

Jason Wade (American musician, vocalist) Lifehouse

Rufus Wainwright (American-Canadian singer, songwriter, 4.1.8)

Ricky Warwick (Northern Irish musician)

Andrew Wyeth (American painter, 4.1.3)

Cecily von Ziegesar (American author)
For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.


4.1 – The Nation of Qapraxa
The Nation of Qapraxa, whose capital is Diana, is the land of the original brave warriors who emerged on the surface of the planet, moving through the multi-dimensional gap of the Kallex Portal. They keep the memory of all the pandemonium and wretchedness of that pristine migration. They tacitly witnessed the agony and the screams of those who did not make it. They relentlessly struggled to get to the other side and eventually succeeded. And when they attained their goal, they found themselves solitary, with their beloved ones left behind, yet with the inheritance of the luminous seed to shelter and grow. Hence, Qapraxian are heroic warrior single mothers. Please be aware that these terms have multi-dimensional implications and do not necessarily refer to third-dimensional forms. Hence, a Qapraxian warrior single mother could also be a third-dimensional married mother, a woman with no children and even a man. Yet, some third-dimensional single mothers may find strong resonance with Qapraxa.
Qapraxa folks have a great heroic reputation in the multi-dimensional universe. They give birth no matter what. And in order to ensure this birth they can face all sorts of ordeals. Not only they manage to give birth in the most adverse circumstances, they are also capable of nurturing and taking care of their offspring regardless of danger and threat. They are masters in distributing and administering energy. As I said, they are those who, together with the Alpaherayd people (1.4) in the State of Akirwa, first emerged on the surface of Handor, holding the seed of the Sacred Cone and giving it birth in the most treacherous conditions. Not surprisingly, this maternal audacity, along with the blend of tender affection and impetuous forcefulness, make them one of the most powerful warrior folks in the multi-dimensional universe. The devotion to their offspring is such that none of them has ever been concerned to narrate their own myth. Hence, the pages of the Epic are almost blank when it comes to them. Alas, I do not have the time to honour their sanctity. Yet, I will take Kapraxian through my healing dance tonight. For I worship you as your son, lover and parent. And your dancing ambassador and sacred chronicler I am, there in the land of exile, joyfully awaiting the day of my return.
In these binary days, call upon Kahprax if there is a project and dream you are determined to give birth to. Cry out “Kahprax” four times, then pause, take a deep breath, and yell “Kaprax” one more time. As you do this, set firmly your Intent, let it spread through the sound of your voice until it reaches the portal of Kahprax warrior mothers. And remember, once the portal is reached, they will deliver. They will, though you may forget. Hence, be alert. Also relax, for they won’t expect anything in return. Yet, please, do give them all my love, and kiss them on the forehead. Do it for me!
The Trinities of Qapraxa have all a common deepest ancestral ardent focus and represent a thriving breeding setting for some of the most valiant defenders of the Handorian heritage. In Qapraxdefensa (4.1.1), and particularly in its head city, Don Delegacion, reside the Keepers of the Dorian Doorway, constantly open and alert to take action whenever the multidimensional security of the States is threatened.

The Trinities of Qapraxa

Code Trinity Head City
4.1.1  Qapraxdefensa  Don Delegacion
4.1.2  Defensor Pezon Danza Qampraxa
4.1.3 Delanterazustra Delanteranumina
4.1.4  Dama Dora
4.1.5 Delantera Diestra Dicha
4.1.6 Divina Domina
4.1.7 Diorama Quimera
4.1.8 Deueteron Diremana
4.1.9 Despedida Dandelion
4.1.10 Dimetrodon Dramadagan
4.1.11 Diverticula Qapraxpugna
4.1.12 Qaprax Dragon Dragondolina

Names: Divina, Diorama, Domina, Diana, Dramadagan, Quimera, Deueteron, Dimetrodon, Dora, Diremana, Danda (wand), Darpa (proud), Devaloka (heaven), Digambara (dressed of air, naked); Daan (giving), Dagdha (aflame), Daksha (intelligent), Dakshina (gift), Dalila (devise), Dara (heart of wisdom), Daricha (window), Dariya (ocean), Darpana (mirror), Darshan (seeing), Darshana (ability to see),  Darshita (one who has seen), Dassana (search for insight), Daya (compassion), Deepa (lamp), Deepta (luminosity), Deewana (madness), Deha (body), Dera (stop-over), Deshana (divine guidance), Deva (divine), Devadatta (given by the gods), Devagita (song of existence), Devamarga (divine way), Devananda (divine bliss), Devarupa (divine beauty), Devatara (divine star), Devika (godliness), Dhayria (patience), Dhan (treasure), Dheera (patience), Dhira (wisdom), Dhun (harmony), Dhyan-Dhyana (meditation), Digambara (naked), Diganta (horizon), Dilaran (comfort), Dipamala (illumination), Dipta (brilliant), Disha (dimension), Diya (lamp), Dyutima (brilliance).
Agent reports on journeys to Qapraxa
Quald, Qapraxa, Datura, Divina (4.1.6), 3.6.5, 030710, 1620,
To seek a rebirth of vitality in my physical body.
I arrived in Diana and discovered it consisted of very low flat-roofed buildings. It appeared deserted and I began to look around. A voice shouted out from one building ‘Follow the official procedure. Focus on your task.’ I returned to the entrance to the city and slipped in and out of awareness of the journey.
At some point, I became aware of a beautiful woman standing in front of me. The determination and look of endurance in her eyes was supreme. She introduced herself as Endurance and I understood she was the PDB Captain. I stated my intent and she told me she would accompany me to Datura.
We travelled along the Interstate Highway, using jet skates. As we neared Datura, she told me I would need to go on alone. She added that what I sought would be found in the settlement. When I arrived in the outskirts, I noticed all the buildings were triangular in shape. Once again, the area appeared deserted. I began to recite my intent as a mantra, repeating it over and over. I began to feel that nothing was going to happen and that perhaps the silence around me and apparent nothingness was what I was seeking. As I held this thought, a black snake appeared that was very angular in shape. It could only move up or down and side to side, not in curved or diagonal movements. I began to scratch my body all over and watched it dissolve until there was nothing left. The snake then wrapped itself around me and formed a cone shape with its body.
The PDB Captain appeared and led the snake to a nearby building. I could still see all that happening around me and in through a window I saw a woman lay on a bed giving birth. What she birthed was a kind of skin. We moved inside the building and the woman took the skin into her hands. She manipulated it so that it could be poured into the cone’s apex near the snake’s head. I felt the skin forming around my body. When it was complete the snake slithered away and I stood in front of the woman who had birthed the skin. She indicated that I was to lie next to her and as I did, she pulled me on top of her. We began making love and she began a chant of ‘Seed me’. She continued this chant until we reached a climax, after which she moaned it softly until coming to a stop with the word ‘Seeded’.
I left her once outside the building, received a massage from the PDB Captain. She paid particular attention to my chest and I felt my heart pulsing with a sense of depth. I felt extremely fragile yet supremely strong at the same time. We moved back along the highway and reached Diana. I began to feel very angry and experienced a sense of being destructive. The woman told me to give the anger to something nearby. A tree materialized and I clung to it, expressing the anger. As the anger was given away, I noticed fruits beginning to appear on the branches. The more anger I gave away, the more fruits appeared. The woman invited me to eat the fruits of my anger, which I did. The intense anger was rapidly transformed into a deep sense of stillness.
I thanked the PDB Captain by kissing her three times on the forehead and three times on the lips. She did the same to me and I completed the journey.
Obscurity / Rebirth / Anger
Peak: Expressing intense anger and rapidly experiencing a deep stillness.
Being massaged by the PDB Captain once I had received a new skin.
Quald, Qapraxa, Don Delegacion, Qapraxdefensa,  (4.1.1), 6.8.3, 050710, 07.30,
To give birth to my aim
I sit in a spacecraft and see the dash-board, voyage to Diana, here I get on a ship and sail to Don Delegacion. I’m waited by a delegation of man and woman warriors very beautiful, strong, high, proud, determinate, they hold with bands some children on their breasts or on the back. The cry out welcome and lead me in a Temple. I walk in a hallway with many rooms, the warriors enter one of them where people are training in combat and we join them. The warriors are fast and agile and move on the air flying, their bodies emit light and it moves alone as a new being. A warrior dresses me with leather protections and leads me to another rooms where people are chanting in a circle. I begin to chant “IMPAHALA” with the others and the chant becomes a being. The warrior drives me to the third room where is a great fire, he says me here I can prepare my “Body creating”. He continues saying every aim has own body of creation, it’s important to keep him in perfect health to give birth to the form of intent.
I’m conducted in front of the fire, I state my intent and the flames increase, I’m attracted to the fire and merge it. I begin to chant IMPAHALA and my inner fire join the big fire. I see two huge breasts and I suck them to receive nourishment then I’m expelled from the fire and I stand in the room with my arms open. From the Fire leaves a great chocolate egg and the Fire puts it on my hands. A voice says: “I give you the gift, it will nourish many people, remember to dispense it carefully.”
Peak: I begin to chant IMPAHALA and my inner fire join the big fire. I receive nourishment by breasts.
Provisional Territorial Unit:

REGION D4-1: SPAIN,  Extremadura
Kapraxa – Axarpak – Kapraxa, Cancer/Aries

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Pisces/Neptune
Duad Degree: 22½-25° Cancer
Stargate Link: 23°Cancer23’: Beta Geminorum, Pollux, Gemini.
Administrative Division: Extremadura is divided into two provinces (Cáceres and Badajoz), 26 comarcas, and 384 municipios. PTU Provinces for D4-1 are divided according to comarcas (given in brackets).
ProvOrdo Authority: Andalusie Samaya
D4-1: SPAIN, EXTREMADURA, Badajoz [Cc]: Mérida [Ccc] (5), Don Benito, La Serena, La Siberia (1), Zafra – Río Bodión (2), Campina Sur, Tentudia (3), Jerez de los Caballeros, Tierra de Barrios (4), Olivenza, Badajoz y Alburquerque (6); Cáceres: Caceres [Ccc], Plasencia [Cc] (8), Valencia de Alcántara, Alcántara (7), Sierra de Gata, Alagón, Las Hurdes (9), Ambroz, Granadilla, Jerte, La Vera, Los Ibores (10), Campo Arañuelo, Tierra de Trujillo (11), Las Villuercas (12).
22½-25°Cancer; Cancer/Aries; Pisces/Neptune; 23°Cancer23’: Beta Geminorum, Pollux.
Espanie Pradesia: Andalusie Samaya. QUALD, Qapraxa: Diana.

D4-1-1 Extremadura, Badajoz: (Don Benito, La Serena, La Siberia), ES-BA (EX)
D4-1-2 Extremadura, Badajoz: (Zafra – Río Bodión), ES-BA (EX), [Feria Internacional Ganadera (Zafra)]
D4-1-3 Extremadura, Badajoz: (Campina Sur, Tentudia),  ES-BA (EX)
D4-1-4 Extremadura, Badajoz: (Jerez de los Caballeros, Tierra de Barrios), ES-BA (EX)
D4-1-5 Extremadura, Badajoz: (Merida), ES-BA (EX)
D4-1-6 Extremadura, Badajoz: (Olivenza, Badajoz y Alburquerque), ES-BA (EX)
D4-1-7 Extremadura, Cáceres: (Valencia de Alcántara, Alcántara), ES-CC (EX)
D4-1-8 Extremadura, Cáceres: (Caceres), ES-CC (EX)
D4-1-9 Extremadura, Cáceres: : (Sierra de Gata, Alagón, Las Hurdes), ES-CC (EX)
D4-1-10 Extremadura, Cáceres: (Ambroz, Granadilla, Jerte, La Vera, Los Ibores), ES-CC (EX)
D4-1-11 Extremadura, Cáceres: (Campo Arañuelo, Tierra de Trujillo), ES-CC (EX), [Francisco Pizarro’s natal place (Trujillo)]
D4-1-12 Extremadura, Cáceres: (Las Villuercas), ES-CC (EX), [Santa Maria de Guadalupe – Black Madonna (Guadalupe)]