4.10x4/10 – Cancer/Capricorn
Binary Number: 46
Degrees: 15-17½° Cancer
Aspect: opposition
Moon Phase: full moon
Handorian Reference: STATE OF QUALD: Domain Haragox.
Binary Spirit: Quiu Sauter.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Cancer (4) and Moon in Capricorn (10) constitute Binary 4.10, or Binary number 46.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn is the Full Moon binary, blending cardinal water and cardinal earth. Cardinal signs are placed at the four cardinal points of the compass and indicate the start of each season. They represent the active and leading temperament, what sets the sense of direction. Hence, the urge for action and expression is furthermore emphasized in this Full Moon.

Those who resonate with this binary can easily hold positions of authority and public responsibility. They possess a natural sense of discipline, the capacity to employ emotional resources for the manifestation of ambitious results, and the skills to bring about decisive shifts in the human cellular system.

The Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn form an aspect of opposition (180°), combining two cardinal signs opposing each other. This brings about a major capacity of initiative between two natures operating in distinct fields, which can either cause extreme tension or manifest amazing creative achievements.

Qualities: discipline, determination, patience, responsibility, reliability, effective management, care, organisation, humour, nourishment.

Grievances: control, moodiness, manipulation, rigidity.

This is a Full Moon Binary, with the Moon being on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The Full Moon is the culmination of the intentions set on the preceding New Moon (Binary 4.4). The qualities of both Cancer and Capricorn build up, gathering and concentrating energy aimed at prompt creative expression. The Cancer part promotes protection, care and security while the Capricorn element emphasises responsibility, discipline, ambition and the implementation of pragmatic intentions.

Astroshamanic Seal: the seal portrays a high peak, which is the Snow Mountain, from where Kuranda’s ecstatic songs emanate.

Celebrities with 4.10

Jodi Albert (English actress, singer, Neptune Vessel)

Alsou (Russian singer)

Jean Anouilh (French dramatist, 4.10.1, Pluto Power)

Ingeborg Bachmann (Austrian poet, author, 4.10.10)

Patrice Bart-Williams (Afro-German reggae artist)

Ambrose Bierce (American journalist, writer, 4.10.6)

Karen Black (American actress, 4.10.4)

Rebecca Black (American pop singer, dancer)

Massimo Boldi (Italian actor, 4.10.5)

George Borrow (English author, 4.10.7, Uranus Instrument, Chiron Vessel)

João Bosco (Brazilian singer, song-writer, 4.10.3, Saturn Power)

Tim Brooke-Taylor (English comic actor, 4.10.6, Neptune Instument)

Vanessa Bruno (French stylist)

Julius Caesar (Roman leader, 4.10.9, Uranus Vessel)

Rebecca Cartwright (Australian actress, singer)

Michael Connelly (American author, Uranus Power) The Fifth Witness
Tristan Corbière (French poet)

Hart Crane (American poet, 4.10.12, Saturn Flower, Neptune-Pluto Root)

Gregory Dark (American director)

Edward I of England (4.10.12)
Marty Feldman (English comedy writer, actor, Pluto Power) At Last the 1948 Show, Marty, Young Frankenstein.

Max Fleischer (American animator) Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, Popeye, Superman

Garou (Quebec singer)

Natalia Ginzburg (Italian author, Saturn Power)

John Glenn (American astronaut, politician, 4.10.9, Saturn Flower)

Stanislav Grof (transpersonal psychologist, 4.10.9, Uranus Root, July 1, 1931) When the Impossible Happens, Holotropic Breathwork, Stormy Search for the Self, Books of the Dead.
Bill Haley (American rock&roll musician, 4.10.8, Pluto Power, Neptune Flower, Saturn Instrument)
Ernest Hemingway (American novelist, writer, 4.10.6, Uranus Root, July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961)  For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms,

Hector Hetherington (Scottish philosopher, 4.10.4)

Katherine Jenkins (Welsh mezzo-soprano, classic, pop singer)

Indra (Swedish singer)
Georges Lemaître (Belgian priest, astronomer, 4.10.9, Uranus Flower)

Giacomo Leopardi (Italian poet, 4.10.10, Saturn Power, Neptune Flower)

John Quincy Adams (6th US president, 4.10.5, Pluto Vessel)
Quino (Argentine cartoonist, Pluto Power) Mafalda

Vincent Pastore (Italian-American actor, Saturn Power) Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero on The Sopranos.

Jean Raspail (French author, explorer, 4.10.6, Pluto Power)
Joshua Reynolds (English painter, 4.10.6, Pluto Instrument)

Rupert Sheldrake (British biologist, author, 4.10.8,  28 June 1942) The Science Delusion, Morphic Resonance and the Memory of Nature, Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness, The Physics of Angels
Vonda Shepard (American singer, 4.10.3, Saturn Flower, Uranus Root)

William Thomas Stead (English journalist, 4.10.6)

Mélanie Thierry (French actress) Babylon A.D. (2008) as Aurora

John Toland (American author, 4.10.6)

Liv Tyler (American actress, 4.10.4)
Marianne Williamson (American spiritual activist, author, 4.10.3, Uranus Power, July 8, 1952) A Return to Love, The Age of Miracles, The Gift of Change, Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships, A Woman’s Worth.

Ferdinand von Zeppelin (German aircraft manufacturer, 4.10.6)
Cesare Zavattini (Italian screenwriter, 4.10.10, Saturn Vessel)

For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.

4.10 – Domain Haragox
The Domain of Haragox lies in the western front Kallex and is renowned for its both glorious and notorious legendary Dark Rock of Kallex. This is the training and departing point of the Pioneers of the Sacred Cone (The Developers). The area is one of the most spectacular of HSS, though it is mainly out of bound and restricted. It was here that a selected team of Handorians prepared themselves and then moved into the 3rd-dimensional universe, as this is forlornly described in the Abridged Compendium.[iv]
Another major feature of Haragox is the Quiu Lake and the adjacent Don Nevrax (also known as Snow Mountain), a crucial pilgrimage location of many Kurandah’s devotees.[v] This is the legendary lake were Kurandah composed his song, the supreme place of nourishment and healing, especially with regards to human arbitrary configuration. Due to the enormous amount of pilgrims visiting the area and the exacting access regulations it is not possible for HAC folks to visit or even see Quiu Lake and Don Nevrax themselves. It is however possible to move to nearby zones and hear the potent echo of Kurandah’s Song. These zones are Dome Qusasa and Paheka Quisau (open to HAC pilgrims only on a Capricorn Full Moon), or the mount and valley of Dux Aragox, though the latter is more distant. Please be aware that in order to have access to the above zones you need to receive two permits, one at the Kurandah Temple in the national capital Doctor Haragox, the other at the Kurandian Sites Deanery of Dominatrix (4.10.10), where you also need to offer a substantial donation or service, which will be decided following your request.

The Trinities of Domain Haragox

Code Trinity Head City
4.10.1  Duque Haragox  Duque Haragox
4.10.2  Dernier Frontex Doctor Haragox
4.10.3 Dictum Haragox Dictum Haragox
4.10.4  Duck Dirk
4.10.5 Quirk Queux
4.10.6 Dragox Dragox
4.10.7 Derrick Drumdux
4.10.8 Deadlock Quincunx
4.10.9 Drumstick Drumsdock
4.10.10 Devakallex Dominatrix
4.10.11 Domain Deck Diamondkeek
4.10.12 Descentragox Double Helix


Names: Quirk, Devakallex, Dirk, Dragix, Drumdux, Dominatrix; Deepak (light), Dyulok (paradise)
Agent reports on journeys to Haragox
Quald, Domain Haragox, Devakallex, D. Qusasa (4.10.10), 6.8.3, 260610, 00.00,
To hear the Kurandah’s song to heal
4.10 – D. Haragox:  I put a red band around the waist and voyage through the tube. I arrive in a small village with huts, there is nobody and I feel emptiness. I walk and meet a woman, I ask of Kurandah and the D. Qusasa, she indicates me the greenwood not far and suggests me to try there. The forest is very dark and dense and I don’t want to go there. I walk for a long time than I see a strange big dome. It has a spiral form and seems a shell. I don’t see the entry. I find a small opening along the circumference, I approach it, watch my permits and proclaim my intent. I enter a tunnel, it’s a spiral and I can choose to go up or down. I go down. Some people sit near the wall with their hands on the ears. I walk along the spiral path without finding the end. I stop and put my hands on the ears. I hear nothing sound, I’m disappointed, a breeze moves around me, I repeat:”it’s only the wind”. I see a child sit on the ground with the head on his knees, I approach him and ask if he needs help. He doesn’t answer and I feel disappointed. I sit behind him wrapping in embrace and lean my head on his. I become he, I can hear distant words: Kahesha Opa, Kahesha Opa.
Everything disappear and remains the empty. I float in the void by listening to the wind. I feel deep peace and nothing is necessary. No thought no desire.
I remain here until the bells ring and return.
Peak: I see a child sit on the ground with the head on his knees, I approach him and ask if he needs help. He doesn’t answer and I feel disappointed. I sit behind him wrapping in embrace and lean my head on his. I become he, I can hear distant words: Kahesha Opa, Kahesha Opa.
No thought no desire/ nothing is necessary
Quald, Haragox, Dome Qusasa, Devakallex (4.10.10), 3.6.5, 260610, 17.40,
To seek supreme healing and nourishment for my physical body
I travelled into the centre of the Earth to reach the HSS and approached Quald by skimming across the surface of the sea. The PDB Captain in Doctor Haragox was a being who had a human torso, arms and head on a snake’s body. He told me he supported my intent and journey and accompanied me to Kurandah Temple. We moved through the city and, arriving at the Kurandah Temple I saw that it had many steps and columns at its entrance. Inside were many people singing what sounded like a devotional hymn. There was a circular clearing in centre, which I moved into. I stated my intent with sincerity, authenticity and restrained passion and given an ovation by the crowd. I was granted permission to visit Dome Qusasa by a man in turban who handed me a sheet of metal paper with K written on it.
I moved to Dominatrix and outside the settlement met an old man who was wearing black conical hat and grey robes. I shared my intent and he told me he would accompany me to Dome Qusasa. We first moved to a dusty office in the settlement whose houses were made of mud. The issue of a service or donation needed to be decided. The old man told me it was up to me to decide what was appropriate. I eventually felt clear about what this should be – to sing the name Kurandah for 20 minutes every day until the end of the period of Cancer.
We went on donkeys, up into the highlands. I could see a snow-capped mountain in the distance. We moved down onto a smooth domed hill of exposed rock, where there were two seats carved into the rock. We sat in them and I waited for some time to hear the song and became aware of my expectations. I became restless and uncomfortable. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to hear the song and that the journey would end in failure. Two women in white robes then appeared and came to me. One lay down and I lay on top of her. The other lay on top of me and I was sandwiched between them. They told me to let go, to relax my body and surrender any tension. I briefly made love with the one on top and then we all stood up. They stood with me for a while then left.
I continued standing and began to experience a deepening of energy and realised I was beginning to experience the song. It registered not in my ears but in the whole of my physical body. I couldn’t actually hear anything. I sensed that my cells were being changed and the song was altering my systems circuits. The peak came when I felt deeply expanded as the song came as a breeze over the top of the Dome.
When we left the Dome and returned to Dominatrix, the man told me that the song was now part of me and was working away inside. The 20 minute singing practice would serve to accelerate and intensify its effect.
Patience / scepticism / gratitude / alteration
Quald, Domain Haragox, Devakallex, D. Qusasa (4.10.10),  3.6.5, 270610, 14.05,
To hear the Kurandah’s song to heal
I fall through a crack in the Earth until I reach an earth floor. I fall through it and fall through space. The earth makes a huge dome above me. I continue to fall and land outside the Dome Qusasa. I am met by the PDB 1st Officer, an androgynous being who confirms my permits are valid. I state my intent and move inside the Dome. I travel down a spiral path. I see others holding their ears. They speak to me yet I hear nothing. As they continue to try to speak, a song begins to rise inside me. It is beautiful and I plunge into bliss.
I continue moving and see a young boy. I move towards him and he opens his arms to embrace me. I hold him tight and gently stroke his hair. He smiles and laughs and I know he hears the song.
My attention is attracted to a lake that I can see nearby. A large man with a grey beard is standing just in the water. He is brushing it with a broom and I become fascinated with the patterns being made in the water. He invites me over and I join him. The child leaps into the water and begins swimming. He is enjoying himself most deeply. I have a fear that this is a sacred lake to which I don’t have access. The man reads my thought and tells me it is not the lake I am thinking of, yet it does carry an element of Kurandah’s Song. He invites me into the water and I walk in. The water is instantly soothing and I experience a deep relaxation. My breathing is effortless and I enter a place of peace. I experience many scenes all rapidly changing. I understand that the song penetrates all things, on all levels of existence, just as the warmth of the water is penetrating my body.
I leave with the child and we move back to the area surrounding the Dome. I begin to say goodbye to him when he suddenly walks inside my body. I feel him enter and my energy deepens and increases.
I thank the 1st Officer and complete the journey.
Quald, Haragox, Devakallex (4.10.10), 6.12.8, 270610, 21.00,
To hear the Kurandah’s song to heal
I fly to Devakallex there are mountains in the distance and I am in grassland. I see a tree with a door in it. I am looking for the little boy. I know I must enter the tree. I go through the door and down into the earth. I am in a place of darkness like an underground room. I see a boy in the corner with his head on his knees. I put my hand to my ear and hear ‘go and help him’. I walk across and kneel down beside him. I feel a pain in my heart. I put my arms around him and hold him, I find a blanket and wrap him in that and stroke his hair. I sing very softly and gently a lullaby into his ear, it is in another language. After a while he lifts his head and looks at me. He has tears in his eyes and I feel a pain in my heart. I ask why he is crying and he tells me he is sad. I hold him. Then I start to playfully tickle him and he tickles me back. We begin to laugh. I ask him if he wants to go outside to play and he does.
We go outside through a door into the sunshine. We play lots of games and we are laughing and having fun. Then we see the old man coming towards us. He wraps us both in his embrace and I am filled with the most beautiful feeling of unconditional love. He begins to sing a lullaby in another language. His voice is rich and deep, yet soft and gentle. He tells us we are safe and no harm can come to us. It has become night time and there is a full moon in the sky. The energy of the moon is shining down on us. It is a beautiful feminine energy. The moon begins to sing a lullaby to us in the most beautiful angelic voice. The three of us lie down on the floor and receive the energy of the moon. The silver white energy enters our solar plexus and the old man tells us this is how we can fill up with the energy of the moon. We sit up and I ask the old man about the intent to hear Kurandah’s song to heal us. He tells me ‘listen for it in the silence his song is everywhere.’ I thank him. I go to the little boy and embrace him. I kiss his cheek and wave bye-bye and return.
Peaks: The old man’s embrace and singing a lullaby. The moon shining her energy down into the solar plexus and singing a lullaby.
Quald, Haragox, Devakallex Dome Qusasa (4.10.10), 6.12.8, 280610, 9.00,
To hear the Kurandah’s song to heal
I travelled to Dome Qusasa, I saw the dome in front of me and I went up to the guard giving him the permits, he let me in. I entered the dome it was a circular room with a tiled floor. I began to be filled with the most beautiful energy. I saw the young boy and went over to him and lifted him up, kissing his cheek. We went to a swing and sat together swinging. I then stood up and danced around the room, beating a drum and saying I intend to hear Kurandah’s song. A tube of light appeared in the centre of the room and out the top of the dome. I sat in front of it. I wanted to go inside it. After a while I entered the tube and travelled upwards and entered into nothingness. The energy was beautiful. I felt Kurandah’s song was everywhere in this silence. I faintly heard in the distance a sweet melody. I heard ‘let everything go simply be’. I rested in this feeling of peace, floating, nothing.
I travelled back down the tube and into the dome. The little boy and myself started celebrating that we had heard Kurandah’s song. We were holding hands, skipping and dancing round. I was filled with an immense feeling of joy. I enjoyed this celebration. It was time to go. I waved bye to the little boy and exited. When I left the dome I looked around and had an intense feeling that I was so glad I had visited the dome today. My whole body was filled with the most beautiful energy.
Peaks: Entering the dome and feeling the beautiful energy.
Exiting the light tube into nothingness and feeling Kurnandah’s song was everywhere
Exiting the dome with joy and feeling so glad I had visited the dome.

Provisional Territorial Unit:

REGION D4-10: SPAIN, Castilla y León, La Rioja
Domain Haragox – Xogarah Naimod, Cancer/Capricorn
Decanate Sign/Ruler: Scorpio/Pluto
Duad Degree: 15-17½° Cancer
Stargate Link: 15°Cancer7°: Alpha Carinae, Canopus.
Administrative Division: Castile and León is divided into nine provinces, all represented by one PTU Province, with the exception of León, with two PTU Provinces. La Rioja is traditionally divided into three regions, and is represented by two PTU Provinces.
ProvOrdo Authority: Madride Prasamaya.

D4-10: SPAIN, CASTILLA Y LEÓN, Soria: Burgo de Osma [Cc] (1), Segovia (4); Valladolid (5); Ávila (6); Salamanca (7); Palencia [Cc] (8); Zamora (9); León: El Bierzo (10), all municipios except El Bierzo (11); Burgos [Cc] (12). LA RIOJA, Logroño (2), all municipios except Logroño (3).
15-17½°Cancer; Cancer/Capricorn; Scorpio/Pluto; 15°Cancer7°: Alpha Carinae, Canopus.
Espanie Pradesia: Madride Samaya. QUALD, Domain Haragox: Doctor Haragox.

D4-10-1 Castilla y León, Soria, ES-SO (CL)
D4-10-2 La Rioja: Logroño, ES-LO
D4-10-3 La Rioja: (all municipios except Logroño), ES-LO
D4-10-4 Castilla y León, Segovia, ES-SG /CL)
D4-10-5 Castilla y León, Valladolid, ES-VA (CL)
D4-10-6 Castilla y León, Ávila, ES-AV (CL)
D4-10-7 Castilla y León, Salamanca, ES-SA (CL)
D4-10-8 Castilla y León, Palencia, ES-P (CL)
D4-10-9 Castilla y León, Zamora, ES-ZA (CL)
D4-10-10 Castilla y León, León: (El Bierzo), ES-LE (CL)
D4-10-11 Castilla y León, León (except El Bierzo), ES-LE (CL)
D4-10-12 Castilla y León, Burgos, ES-BU (CL)