4.5x4/5 –Cancer/Leo
Binary Number: 41
Degrees: 2½-5° Cancer
Aspect: Semi-sextile
Moon Phase: crescent
Handorian Reference: STATE OF QUALD: Domain Charlonsmere.
Binary Spirit: Quiu Surahim.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Cancer (4) and Moon in Leo (5) constitute Binary 4.5, or Binary number 41.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo blend Cardinal Water with Fixed Fire. This combination allows the basic sensitive and withdrawn traits of Sector 4 (Cancer) to be projected in the limelight and shine in their full power. A harmonic response to this binary produces a deep sense of confidence, respect, pride and openness towards one’s traditions, ancestors, spiritual lineage and inherited talents.

Folks with prominent 4.5 traits easily blend female and male energy, expressing a great amount of power and leadership, and still being sensitive, compassionate and caring. They can effortlessly get what they want, while making others feel that they also get what they want.

Sun in  Cancer  and Moon in Leo form a semi-sextile (30°) aspect, connecting two consecutive signs, which are most different energies, yet closely linked. The signs involved can work well together as long as they keep their integrity. The Sun sign, in this case Cancer, sets the process in motion, and the Moon sign (Leo) follows. If Cancer’s sensitivity, affection and resoluteness provide the focus, Leo’s warmth and generosity orchestrate major blessings.

Qualities: compassion, dedication, art, sensibility, intuition, trust, reliability, magnetism, hospitality, dignity.

Grievances: clannishness, arrogance, vanity, arrogance, dominance.

Two days after exact New Moon we enter into the phase of Crescent Moon, or Sowing Moon. Here the Moon becomes visible westwards after sunset and is 30° to 60° from the Sun, with exact Crescent Moon occurring when the Sun and the Moon are 45° apart  (Sun sextile Moon). The first details of the potential of the previous phase begin to emerge. This is a receptive phase, aimed at gathering information and getting ready to take action according to the Intent established or perceived during New Moon. At this stage the multidimensional Intent gently comes to terms with the ordinary reality. The question here is: “How can I translate my Intent into a goal understandable in the third-dimensional reality?” The major impulse for third-dimensional initiation is produced in this phase, which is therefore ideal for clearly identifying and sowing the Intent. This is also a time of digestion, analysis and planning.

Astroshamanic Seal: a “V” shape surmounted by a vertical line, a small circle and horizontal bar. The vision shows a sword held by the right hand and emerging from a mouth. The mouth closes and the sword remains inside, then the mouth opens and the holder of the sword moves cautiously in the darkness, hiding the sword with a mantel. He reaches the sacred circle in the wood, then he approaches a tree and takes out the sword. The sword shines in the darkness, and it is possible to see everyone and everything. What was not visible before now can be fully seen.


Celebrities with 4.5

Claudio Abbado (Italian Conductor, 4.5.2, Pluto Root)
Kris Allen (American singer, songwriter)
Giorgio Almirante (Italian politician, 4.5.6, Pluto Power)
Maria Conchita Alonso (Cuban-Venezuelan singer, actress, Uranus Vessel)
Rudolf Arnheim (German author)
Richard Axel (American neuroscientist)
Richard Bach (American writer, 4.5.7,  23 June 1936) Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Giacomo Balla (Italian painter, 4.5.2, Uranus Power)
Amel Bent (French singer, 4.5.8, Pluto Instrument)
Mauro Bolognini (Italian director, Pluto Power, Neptune Vessel)
Bernie Bonvoisin (French singer, director, Uranus Vessel)
Bryan Brown (Australian actor, 4.5.4)
Cali (French singer, songwriter, 4.5.3)
Giuliano Carmignola (Italian violinist, Pluto Vessel)
Alexis Carrel (French surgeon, biologist, 4.5.12)
Charles VIII of France (4.5.3)
Chidvilasananda (guru of the Siddha Yoga, 4.5.6, Pluto Power, June 24, 1955) Sadhana of the Heart
Peter Cincotti (American singer, songwriter)
Eleanor Clark (American writer, 4.5.5
Tom Cruise (American actor, 4.5.6)
Glenn Danzig (American singer, songwriter, Pluto Vessel)
Rick Davies (English musician, founder of Supertramp)
William Dieterle (German actor, director, 4.5.12, Neptune Root) Portrait of Jennie
Robert Evans (American film producer)
Kenza Farah (French R&B singer)
Gébé (French cartoonist, 4.5.3, Pluto Power)
Gotlib (French comics artist, 4.5.7, Pluto Power)
Sabina Guzzanti (Italian actress, 4.5.3, Saturn Flower)
Jessica Hahn (American model, church secretary, 4.5.8);
Tom Hanks (American actor, 4.5.6, Uranus Vessel)
Hassan II of Morocco (4.5.8, Pluto Power, Neptune Vessel)
David Hockney (English painter, Pluto Vessel)
Irma (Cameroon singer, songwriter)
James I of England (4.5.6)
Jim Kerr (Scottish singer, Simple Minds, 4.5.6, Pluto Instrument)
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Polish director, Pluto Vessel,  27 June 1941 – 13 March 1996) Dekalog, No End, The Three Colours, Three Colours Blue, Three Colours Red, Three Colours White, The Double Life of Veronique, A Short Film About Love
Lil Kim (American rapper, Saturn Power)
Kris Kristofferson (American musician, actor, writer, 4.5.8)
Jerome Lawrence (American playwright, author, 4.5.1)
Jena Lee (French singer)
Herbert Marcuse (German philosopher, sociologist, July 19, 1898 – July 29, 1979) One-Dimensional Man, Eros and Civilization
Yann Martel (Canadian author, Uranus Vessel) Beatrice and Virgil.
Michael Mayer (American director, Uranus Vessel) Flicka
George Michael (English singer, songwriter, 4.5.4)
Milva (Italian singer, 4.5.1, Pluto Power)
Isa Miranda (Italian actress, Neptune Power)
Edgar Morin (French philosopher, sociologist, 4.5.4, Neptune Vessel, Pluto Instrument) On Complexity
Nicholas I of Russia (4.5.6, Uranus Instrument)
Silvio Orlando (Italian actor)
Edmund Phelps (American economist)
Alberto Rabagliati (Italian singer, 4.5.9)
Nancy Reagan (US First Lady, 4.5.7, Pluto Power)
Erich Maria Remarque (German author, 4.5.9, Neptune Power, 22 June 1898 – 25 September 1970) All Quiet on the Western Front, The Road Back, The Black Obelisk, Shadows in Paradise, A Time to Love and a Time to Die
Robbie Robertson (Canadian singer, songwriter)
Michael Rosenbaum (American actor, director)
Ken Russell (English director, 4.5.12, Pluto Power, Neptune Vessel, 3 July 1927 – 27 November 2011) The Devils, Gothic, Lisztomania, Women in Love
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (French writer, 4.5.6, 29 June 1900 – 31 July 1944) The Little Prince
Carlos Santana (Mexican musician, 4.5.2, Saturn-Pluto Root,  July 20, 1947) Supernatural, Shape Shifter, Shaman, Abraxas
Tony Scott (English director, Pluto Vessel) Enemy of the State, Spy Game
Ron Silver (American actor, director, 4.5.8)
Phoebe Snow (American singer. songwriter, 4.5.4, Pluto Vessel)
Ringo Starr (English musician, 4.5.12)
Bartolomeo Vanzetti (Italian-American anarchist, 4.5.9)
Simon Vinkenoog (Dutch poet, writer, 4.5.6)
Forest Whitaker (American actor, director, 4.5.6, Uranus Vessel)
Patrick Wilson (American actor, singer)
Florian Zeller (French novelist, playwright)


4.5 – Domain Charlonsmere

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Provisional Territorial Unit:

REGION D4-5: SPAIN, Comunidad de Madrid
Domain Charlosmere – Eremsolrahc Naimod, Cancer/Leo

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Cancer/Moon
Duad Degree: 2½-5° Cancer
Administrative Division: The Comunidad de Madrid is administratively divided into 23 municipios (Madrid, Alcobendas, Alcorcón, Boadilla del Monte, Brunete, Colmenar Viejo, Coslada, Getafe, Leganés, Las Rozas, Majadahonda, Mejorada del Campo, Paracuellos del Jarama, Pinto, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, San Fernando de Henares, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Torrejón de Ardoz, Velilla de San Antonio, Villanueva de la Cañada, Villanueva del Pardillo, Villaviciosa de Odón) and nine comarcas with no legal status defined in the Guía de Turismo Rural y Activo.  PTU Provinces for D4-5 refer to comarcas and municipio (in brackets).
Madrid, the capital of Spain, is one of the few capitals truly located in the geographical centre of a country. The Puerta del Sol, “Gate of the Sun”, (40°25’1.25″N;   3°42’12.61″W) traditionally constitutes the centre and Km 0 of the radial network of Spanish roads. The area also contains the clock whose bells mark the shift of the year and were the eating of the Twelve Grapes takes place. This involves eating a grape with each bell strike at midnight on 31 December, with each grape being eaten with each beat of the bell.
ProvOrdo Authority: Madride Prasamaya.
D4-5: SPAIN, MADRID, Madrid [Cc] (5), Cuenca del Henares: Rivas-Vaciamadrid (1), Área metropolitana de Madrid Sur: Getafe [Cc] (2), Comarca de Las Vegas: Aranjuez (3), Comarca Sur: Valdemoro (4), Área metropolitana de Madrid Norte (6), Sierra Oeste: San Martín de Valdeiglesias (7), Cuenca del Guadarrama: Collado Villalba (8), Cuenca Alta del Manzanares: Colmenar Viejo (9), Sierra Norte: Torrelaguna (10), Cuenca del Medio Jarama: Algete (11), Corredor del Henares, Alcalà [Cc] (12).
2½-5°Cancer; Cancer/Leo; Cancer/Moon.
Espanie Pradesia: Madride Samaya. QUALD, Domain Charlonsmere: Charlonsmer.

D4-5-1 Madrid, Cuenca del Henares (Rivas-Vaciamadrid), ES-M
D4-5-2 Madrid, Área metropolitana de Madrid Sur, ES-M
D4-5-3 Madrid, Comarca de Las Vegas (Aranjuez), ES-M
D4-5-4 Madrid, Comarca Sur (Valdemoro), ES-M
D4-5-5 Madrid, Madrid, ES-M, Gate of Europe
D4-5-6 Madrid, Área metropolitana de Madrid Norte, ES-M
D4-5-7 Madrid, Sierra Oeste (San Martín de Valdeiglesias), ES-M
D4-5-8 Madrid, Cuenca del Guadarrama (Collado Villalba), ES-M
D4-5-9 Madrid, Cuenca Alta del Manzanares (Colmenar Viejo), ES-M
D4-5-10 Madrid, Sierra Norte (Torrelaguna), ES-M
D4-5-11 Madrid, Cuenca del Medio Jarama (Algete), ES-M
D4-5-12 Madrid, Corredor del Henares, ES-M